50 Cent Posts Up As Jet-Setting "Rap Tycoon": "Who The F*ck Said I Can't Rap?"

50 Cent ten uses his social media platforms to comment on hot topics or troll his haters. When he isn’t up to those kinds antics, his following can ten catch the rapper flexing. 

His latest post depicts the entertainer as a boss. Fifty uploaded a photoset himself posing on a jet landing in black and white gear, mixing casual style with affluent taste. His caption isn’t about his next destination. It reflects the bigger picture instead: the entrepreneur was on, has been on and will always be on.

He doesn’t specify who “they” are, but he might be referring to those who bashed his last single. After a hiatus spent away from the production original music for his personal projects, the rap veteran came through with “Get The Strap.” Some fans were second-guessing his choice collaborators.

Either way, there is no doubt the dude is doing well for himself. At this point, he’s more than a triple-threat. 

Mo'nique Claps Back At Charlamagne Tha God On Breakfast Club

Charlamagne tha God did spare Mo’nique washed-up status on an earlier broadcast  the Breakfast Club. He was kind enough to honor the comedienne in the past tense, but her recent boycott Netflix landed her the unenble “Donkey the Day” title, Charlamagne’s way placing celebrities in the losing column for their questionable antics. Her “Donkey the Day” title comes as a reaction to her boycott Netflix over their apparent lowball fers to people color in the industry.

Charlamagne’s call it like he sees fit approach continues to generate massive interest, and create situations conflict like the one that arose on Thursday’s live showdown between Mo’ and the Breakfast Club host.

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The tense encounter included a moment in which the famous comedienne derided the host for not respecting women or elders.

“And then you give me a title Donkey the Day … Is your mother still alive? And you’re from what city in South Carolina? Moncks Corner, South Carolina. And if I was to call your mother or your grandmother would they tell me stories inequality that they had to deal with? … So would your mother be a donkey? Would your grandmother be a donkey?” 

The actress was clearly fended and felt misidentified, even go as far as ironically refer to Charlamagne as the “guru black culture.”

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Charlamagne ultimately feels, no matter the circumstances, that you can’t “negotiate f your old resume”. He goes to explain the difference between race and gender bias and bias against black women, empathizing with issues oppression while simultaneously criticizing her supporting arguments.

“We believe Mo’Nique is a legend too” he affirms. Charlamagne may not be able to fully tap into the experiences women in the entertainment industry, but he does understand market value, inasmuch as “topical” and “trending” factor into his own routine.