Joyner Lucas Isn't Down With Tory Lanez' Nonstop Declarations Of Victory

Tory Lanez is beginning to really feel just like the man who shit-talks throughout a PS4 session, to the purpose the place controllers get lobbed. Still, that hasn’t stopped the Canadian from partaking in a post-Joyner Lucas beef “victory tour” types, which included a current cease on Everyday Struggle. During the dialog, Lanez was his standard assured self, doubling down on his place because the feud’s winner.

The thought was given additional gas by his new pal Akademiks, sporting a brand new hairline  Tory’s personal design. Lanez proceeded to boost a glass and toast to “the Joyner Kid,” doling out an L to the Grammy-nominated rapper; although Ak fortunately acquiesced in elevating his cup, it must be famous that Wayno and Nadeska didn’t take part. In any case, Joyner bought wind the spectacle, and had just a few phrases for Tory. 

“I believe the docs put one thing inside his head when he bought his new hairline substitute,” wrote Joyner, IG. While the clapback is considerably innocent, we are able to solely hope that Tory’s nonstop upsetting is akin to bear-poking. Should Joyner determine to drop one other observe, nonetheless, he higher guarantee that his A-Game is introduced, and nothing much less. Nobody desires the PS4 shit-talker to reign supreme perpetually. The karma police’ll getcha.

Drake Submitted "Going Bad" Verse A Few Hours Before "Championships" Dropped

The story behind Meek Mill’s reconciliation effort with Drake is riddled with lovely imperfections. The underlying message “Going Bad” f Meek’s new album is, like I stated earlier than, one reconciliation. But in accordance with an insider whom you realize all too nicely, “Going Bad” virtually by no means occurred, as a result of Drake’s alleged sluggishness on deadline day.

Apparently, Wayno Complex’s Everyday Struggle went to Meek’s album launch get together happening the night time its launch, and in doing so he discovered some anecdotal info that may be curiosity to hip-hop followers. First f, he was instructed Drake solely submitted his verse at 5 pm Thursday, a mere seven hours earlier than the drop, just like his tardiness on the Astroworld undertaking for his “Sicko Mode” submissions. 

Wayno admits to not giving the album hearty pay attention, resulting from a busy workload, however he does go into some element relating to Jay-Z’ verse on “What’s Free” which he considers the very pinnacle lyricism in 2019. It duly , he has just a few extra anecdotes to share, however none fairly as compelling as listening to Drake’s 5 pm rush.

There is motive to imagine Wayno is telling the reality. For one, Drake was late to the Raptors’ recreation Thursday night time. Secondly, Wayno would not threat his fame over info so insignificant. Last however not least, Wayno is one Meek Mill’s closest confidantes. All to say: in order for you a Drake verse, you might need to play by his guidelines.

Akademiks Reflects On 6ix9ine's RICO Charges & Arrest

Strange tidings have surrounded Tekashi 6ix9ine for a minute now. For one, the rapper beforehand reduce ties with the “Treyway” trigger; you would possibly bear in mind the Treyway title via 6ix9ine’s varied impassioned cries. Later, he appeared on The Breakfast Club to offer his perspective, accusing promoters extortion amongst different doubtful actions. Now, he’s dealing with a doubtlessly career-derailing racketeering cost, which discovered the rainbow rapper being taken into federal custody. As now, we’re unsure what is going on on in 6ix9ine’s camp, given the absence any actual allies in his nook.

Yet there may be Akademiks, who has cultivated a friendship types with the younger rapper. In reality, Ak has ten performed considerably a mentorship position from afar, with some even speculating that he was vying for a managerial position in his personal proper. In any case, many anticipated listening to what the hip-hop journalist and media persona needed to say on the scenario at hand, particularly given his friendship with Tekashi. In reality, immediately’s episode Everyday Struggle largely centered round Tekashi, with the dialog getting heated. 

From the leap, Ak appears to allude to the chance that 6ix9ine has been over his head, citing the notorious kidnapping, which occurred internally. “The individuals who had been behind him, and no matter he says they had been rocking with,” says Akademiks. “People obtained reduce f. There’s been segments them, and course, individuals get disgruntled and shit occurs.” 

Co-host Wayno is not satisfied, claiming 6ix9ine is considerably a boy-who-cried-wolf. “Everytime one thing occurs, we now have to query if it is actual or not,” he says. “He wanted to come back out and say he was a parody to start with. I do not suppose he ever cared about being a rapper.”

Akademiks feels that 6ix9ine has develop into very distrustful in current months, claiming “he would not discuss to no person.” Wayno vehemently disagrees, likening the rainbow-wonder to Keyser Soze from The Usual Suspects. “He the child who cried gangsta,” says Wayno. “There’s sure methods to get into gangs. There’s no manner he obtained into gangs the orthodox manner. They blessed him and let him rock as a result of he is earning profits. At the sure level you making all this cash, it’s important to feed the wolves my n***a.” 

Ak continues to debate 6ix9ine’s mentality about enterprise and his profession, and ultimately the dialog shifts to the RICO cost. “They went in his crib and located a gun. He admitted that the feds been exterior his home for the final couple months. Obviously one thing is happening. Hopefully it is not one thing too loopy.”

“His gangsta bout to get examined,” says Wayno. “You wish to know should you a gangsta or not? The feds gon’ take a look at your gangsta.”  Ak jumps f that time, saying “everybody is aware of his affiliations helped get him huge. The similar mattress you make, you gon’ should lie in it.” 

For extra on 6ix9ine, peep Everyday Struggle beneath.

YBN Cordae & Akademiks Bump Heads In Recent "Everyday Struggle"

The newest episode  Everyday Struggle discovered hosts Akademiks, Wayno, and Nadeska conversing with the YBN Boys, Cordae, Almighty Jay, and Nahmir. Set in entrance a reside studio viewers, the dialog spanned throughout all kinds subjects earlier than taking an ungainly flip within the climactic levels. 

The stress begins to simmer after Ak speaks to Cordae, claiming he is heard extra about him than he is heard precise music from him. Co-host Wayno appears irritated by Ak’s query, calling him out for an absence correct analysis. Meanwhile, Nadeska laughs to herself, presumably dying a bit of inside. “He’s drunk!” says Cordae, alluding to Ak’s self-admitted “Henny on deck.” Perhaps emboldened by the sauce, Ak proceeds to drag the identical factor 6ix9ine pulled on Vic Mensa, inviting the gang to call 5 YBN Cordae songs. Naturally, the transfer clearly makes the YBN boys uncomfortable, as Cordae accuses Ak “hyping him up simply to tear him down.” “You hating on my mans,” says Jay. “I ain’t gonna sit right here and allow you to hate on my mans.”

Cordae, clearly set on resolving his unfinished enterprise with Ak, ignores the query. Instead, he poses his personal. “Why’d you begin rapping? Don’t you might have a music out?” he asks Akademiks, referring to his “Blues Clues” music video. “What made you need to provide you with that?” Akademiks responds, drawing a parallel between his satirical music and Cordae’s J. Cole “1985” flip. Essentially, Ak felt that all the pieces surrounding the rise mumble rap was “a caricature inside itself.” 

Cordae just isn’t satisfied. “I do not get it,” he deadpans, earlier than explaining that he and his groupmates lack an understanding “mumble rap.” It’s visibly tense, as evidenced by the physique language every events: Almighty Jay appears tense, probably pissed at Ak for disrespecting Cordae, Nahmir looks as if he’d fairly be the rest, and Cordae appears desperate to steer the dialog into an brazenly hostile territory. 

Wayno holds it down, explaining that many older listeners are fast to dole out the “mumble rap” label onto something they do not perceive. Wayno attracts a comparability between Nahmir and Eazy-E, largely partially to the supply “Rubbin Off The Paint.” 

Peep the total video under. The awkward second kicks in across the twenty-five minute mark.

T.I. Prescribes Kanye West "Soul Food, Homeboys, & Information"

With The Dime Trap on the best way, T.I. graced the Everyday Struggle crew along with his presence. While Tip’s tenth studio album was actually coated, the present occasions nature the collection meant Kanye West speak was inevitably on the horizon. As at all times, T.I. broached the topic with poise, remaining goal but decidedly towards the notion “cancel tradition.” 

“He’s extraordinarily formidable,” says Tip. “I believe that cancelling individuals is counterproductive. As people, we’re all fallible. We all fall brief at occasions. I simply do not suppose throwing individuals or issues away is the reply to our issues. However, I believe Kanye gotta be conscious some the issues he say, though what I believe do not matter. He gon’ do what he gon’ do anyway. Everything that come to his thoughts haven’t got to return out his mouth.” 

Tip goes on to recommend that TMZ brings out the worst in Yeezy, and the crew ponder why Kanye constantly visits the media outlet. Tip does defend some “Alien Ye’s” latest claims, describing his thirteenth modification commentary as “poignant.” He goes additional, explaining that Ye will “discover a small blurb info after which he’ll like, be so impressed and so captivated with it, he’ll go and create a whole subject material over the following course every week or two, over one thing that he solely learn a blurb about.”

T.I. additionally displays on Ye’s “smug ambition,” significantly as regards to his want to unite Donald Trump and Colin Kaepernick. Yet he is not fairly able to low cost Yeezy’s sheer pressure will. “I am unable to inform him what he cannot do,” laughs Tip, “I am the identical one who informed him ‘Jesus Walks’ was loopy.” He does, nonetheless, recommend a doable answer: “my brother simply wants some soul meals, some homeboys, and a few info.” 

Peep the complete video beneath, and be sure you hold a watch out for The Dime Trap, dropping this Friday.

Nick Cannon Provides His Side Of The Azealia Banks "Wild N' Out" Story

Today’s episode Everyday Struggle found Nick Cannon holding it down as a guest host. While the conversation was wide-reaching, eventually, Cannon opens up about the whole Azealia Banks debacle, in which she accused Wild N’ Out  being “anti-black” among other dubious claims. As there are generally two sides to every story, Nick provided his own insight into what went down. To be fair, Nick alludes that while Banks was far from the best guest on set, she was much better afterward. 

“It’s funny because she actually broke down. And I was like, ‘Yo, anything you don’t want to air, let me know and we won’t do it,’” Cannon explained. “She said it right there, she was like ‘That’s very anti-black.’ I was like, ‘yo that’s not what I’m about, but if you feel that way, I’ll take it out.’” Eventually, he decides to drop some insight as an armchair psychologist, speculating that Banks’ comments stemmed from a place insecurity. “In her community, cause she always talks about dating white men, she’s probably not looked at as beautiful to your other peers,” he says. “So when she hears DC Young Fly say ‘with yo ugly ass…’ He darker than her, and he uglier than her!”

He does reiterate that her and her team were properly prepared for the games on set, and that her affirmations otherwise were the result embarrassment. He proceeds to explain that he’s open to hearing f-topic subjects, using Rick Ross as an example. “No ficer Ricky shit,” he explains, “no fat jokes.” As Banks never set any boundaries, he felt everything was fair game. However, that all changed when he spoke about her breakdown.

For the full interview, be sure to check out Everyday Struggle below. Azealia Banks talk starts around the eight minute mark. 

G Herbo Says Chance The Rapper's Done More For Chicago Than Kanye West

Chance The Rapper’s constantly put Chicago on his back with everything he does. Since breaking into the game with Acid Rap, he’s used his platform to help others in his hometown, especially the kids. Chance is only 25 years old and the things he’s accomplished within a short period, some might not be able to do within a lifetime. In a recent interview, G Herbo said that Chance has done more for Chicago than Kanye West or Michael Jordan.

G Herbo recently appeared on Everyday Struggle during his promo run for his upcoming project Swervo. The rapper spoke up about Chance The Rapper’s influence in Chicago, along with his own and Vic Mensa. Herbo praised Chance for the positive things he’s done in his career to give back to the city.

“Chance] done stuff for Chicago that nobody done. That Kanye, Jordan, nobody’s done for Chicago what Chance done.” He said, “Things that we never seen done. Just to be part anything that he apart already is a blessing alone.”

G Herbo added that people are trying to get Chance The Rapper to run for Mayor right now.

Earlier in the month, Chance The Rapper released four new songs including “I Might Need Security” where he revealed that he bought out the publication, The Chicagoist “just to run you racist bitches outta business.”

Keep your eyes peeled for G Herbo and Southside’s Swervo project dropping tonight.

Russ Breaks Down The Reason Why He Wore The Infamous Anti-Drug Shirt

Russ is a polarizing figure in the rap game. While many applaud his music and his business practices, he rubs people wrong with some his commentary hip hop and society. Last year, the rapper faced a whole lot backlash after he shared a photo himself wearing a shirt that read, “How much xans and lean do you have to do before you realize you’re a fucking loser.” The rapper had good intentions but the comments came across as insensitive. Nearly a year later, the rapper clarified exactly what he meant when he wore that shirt.

Russ joined the cast “Everyday Struggle” yesterday and spoke more in-depth about the infamous anti-drug shirt that caused an uproar on the internet. The “Sore Losers” rapper explained that the message he wasn’t aimed towards people who use drugs to cope with mental health issues but rather white kids who think it’s cool to indulge in the same drugs they hear in rap lyrics.

“A lot times my message, I be thinkin’ that the ones I’m talkin’ to, they know I’m talking to them so it’s like a misunderstanding,” he said. “Who I was talking to was the white kids who don’t really be having any real problems. They be doing that shit recreationally… I grew up with a lot kids who’d be doing that shit because at the party, you be thinkin’ that’s the cool shit to do and next thing you know, you’re addicted because you heard that shit in a song.”

He added, “That’s who I was talking to. I wasn’t talking to people who have] PTSD.”

Check the clip below with Russ’ bit on the shirt starting at the 27:25 mark.