Offset Is "Very Concerned" About Cardi B and Kulture After Being Arrested

Offset, Migos, was arrested last night and has been charged with the crimes that many a rapper have been stuck with: possession a weapon by a convicted felon and possession weapon during the commission a crime (the crime being the possession marijuana and an illegal lane change). After much speculation, Offset’s lawyer, Drew Findling has finally come out to address the public (through an interview with People magazine) and get the rapper’s side things heard. The lawyer said the charges: “He did not commit any traffic fense and he certainly was not in possession any weapons. This was an improper arrest and I believe in his innocence” and said also that Offset is “holding up as best he can considering the circumstances and knows he has not broken any laws. He is going to have his day in court.”

The arrest is very bad timing for the rapper, who just had a child, named Kulture Kiari, with his wife Cardi B. Offset’s lawyer shared a message concerning Offset and his feelings toward his family outside: “he is concerned, very concerned, about Cardi B]” and “ course his new baby is his top priority as well as his other children.”

Offset will likely be released Sunday morning, since his jail has been posted already. He was expected to be released on Saturday morning, but there was a power outage in the jail. 


Offset Reportedly Arrested For Gun Possession

Offset and the Migos have been having an amazing year so far with the release Culture II and their individual success with feature spots. In fact, the group has shaped the culture so much that Set decided to immortalize their influence with his daughter’s name, giving his and Cardi B’s daughter the name Kulture. Unfortunately, the recording artist suffered a little bit a setback today as he was reportedly arrested for possession a firearm in Georgia, just outside Atlanta.

TMZ is reporting that the rapper was nabbed after being pulled over for tinted windows. What is usually a minor infraction or a warning ended up bringing Offset to jail as the cops discovered at least one gun inside the vehicle. As a convicted felon who is currently on probation, this is a pretty bad violation for Offset. The publication is stating that he is still behind bars in the state and there is no current information about possible bail or a timeline on when he will be released. According to TMZ, neither Cardi or baby Kulture were in the SUV at the time his arrest.

Offset had just performed the other day at Dana White’s son’s birthday party. They say bad things come in threes, which appears to be the case with Migos as both Takef and Quavo reportedly owe the state Georgia thousands dollars in taxes. Hopefully, everything is cleared up for Offset soon. As details emerge, we will update you.

Juelz Santana Will Remain In Jail Until His Hearing For Weapons Charges

Late last week, Juelz Santana was caught at the airport with an unconcealed firearm, breaking a New Jersey law stating that airplane passengers must have the weapon concealed in a hard case that is specifically made for the gun. After he realized his mistake, Juelz fled the scene, allegedly leaving behind his passport and luggage as he raced away. The rapper turned himself in yesterday and new reports suggest that, following his arrest, he will be jailed until his preliminary hearing on March 26. 

A local New Jersey newscast has confirmed that Santana will remain in federal custody pending a hearing on his weapons charges. They gave slightly more insight on the situation at the airport, informing that “an FBI task force ficer wrote in a criminal complaint] that Juelz Santana] had been waiting to board a flight from Newark to San Francisco on Friday when security personnel discovered a .38-caliber derringer pistol in his carry-on bag.” Santana has been formally charged with attempting to bring a handgun on an aircraft as well as possession a firearm as a convicted felon.

Juelz has been ordered to remain in jail until at least March 26, when a hearing will be held to determine the consequences his actions. The hearing is currently scheduled for 2 pm.