Rihanna Looked Like A Queen At Her Best Friend's Wedding

Rihanna stepped down from her throne this past weekend to give her best friend the seat for her beautiful wedding in Barbados. The 30-year-old singer suited up in a royal blue gown to be Sonita Alexander’s bridesmaid, and all the photos the event look like Riri was having a blast.

Apparently, Sonita and Rihanna have been best friend’s since they were 11-years-old, which makes the wedding extravaganza even more special. 

In other Rihanna news, the “Stay” singer has an upcoming documentary on her life set to drop this fall. “I think she’s an extraordinary young woman. It really is kind a pretty comprehensive prile what goes into making her this talent that she is,” director Peter Berg said the project. He added: “The movie will be out in about a month and a half, two months we’ll be able to start showing it.”