Wiz Khalifa Gives Tour Of His $4.6 Million Home: "I don't bring people to my house"

Wiz Khalifa gave an exclusive tour his home when he allowed Architectural Digest to enter his spot in Los Angeles. Although the rapper claims he doesn’t share his space with many guests, he pays a hefty price for his crib. He is currently renting the Mediterranean-style residence for $16 000 per month. The ultimate value the property is $4.6 million.

The rapper shares his 6-bedroom home with his 5-year-old son, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, who is clearly the focus the household.

Wiz, who is an avid weed smoker and entrepreneur, made sure to make room for mary jane too. His weed bar is a jewel, highlighted with a custom-made “High Life” neon sign paired with the rapper’s glass accessories. Wiz is proud the bar’s functionality: “Anybody who smokes pot has a little section their house that looks like that.” Still, this isn’t an open invitation:”I don’t bring people to my house.”