Cardi B & Chance The Rapper Have Opposite Reactions To Their "Mean Tweets"

Twitter never fails to shock anyone when it comes to the number wild tweets that hit the platform nearly every second. The reaction round-ups we do for any given controversy amount in tons wild responses and it’s clearly for that reason why Jimmy Kimmel coined his Mean Tweets segment for his self-titled talk show. 

Cardi B & Chance The Rapper Have Opposite Reactions To Their "Mean Tweets"
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The latest episode the fensive tweets is a music edition with acts like Billie Eilish, Midland, Luke Bryan, Perry Farrell, Green Day, Leon Bridges and more reading some (admittedly) funny mean tweets. Cardi B and Chance The Rapper joined in on the episode and had opposite reactions to their personalized tweets. 

“I just watched a muted performance Cardi B and that bitch just looks loud without any sound on. Like no thank you,” Cardi’s mean tweet read, prompting her to respond: “How do I look loud? How do I look loud? I’m loud? I don’t even think I’m like loud. Suck my ass.”

Chance The Rapper’s tweet was a little more deep spirited. “Chance the Rapper? More like Chance the worthless spineless dickless soulless purposeless virtueless sellout. Nice Doritos commercial, you piece shit.” The “Hot Shower” rapper laughed it f, asking: “There’s people that don’t like me?”

Watch in full below.

Boosie Badazz Drops ‘Talk Dat Shit’ Album

Boosie Badazz is celebrating his birthday by giving a gift to fans. The Baton Rouge-bred rapper has released Talk Dat Shit, a follow-up to his Bad Azz Zay collaboration with Zaytoven.

Talk Dat Shit is Boosie’s first solo release since March’s Badazz 3.5. The LP is comprised of 18 tracks.

Check out Boosie’s Talk Dat Shit stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Boosie Badazz Drops 'Talk Dat Shit' Album

1. Intro
2. Put Em Up
3. Suck a Dick
4. Nasty Nasty
5. Southside Baby
6. Str8 Goon Soft Heart Tho
7. Anythang
8. The Ones I Know
9. Burden on My Heart
10. Dreams to Reality
11. Yes U Are
12. Another Chance
13. Weed Head X4
14. Raindrops
15. Wonderland
16. Murder
17. Louisiana
18. Dreams Come True

Tory Lanez Roasts Drake’s Poolside Photoshoot & "Duckface" Habits

While breakfast is said to be the most important meal the day, Tory Lanez has adapted an alternative lifestyle. As he tells those tuning into his recent “Men’s Health” interview, the secret to his boundless morning energy is simple: weed. His glossy red eyes reveal the truth. With Chixtape 5 around the corner, Tory Lanez took to the corners the internet to field a few comments on some pure class clown energy. When asked how he manages to stay in shape, Tory refers to a blunt-smoking, McDonalds-toting picture as his “final form.”

Tory Lanez Roasts Drake's Poolside Photoshoot & "Duckface" Habits

Frazer Harrison/Getty s 

“I eat tons food but every night I go on stage and do like 60-70 minutes cardio,” he explains, citing his forays into the 60-thousand-plus crowd as the ultimate in resistance training. “I’m making my way to the top like Hercules in that bitch,” he says. Next up, Tory revisits the time Drake roasted his “Gene Simmons Kiss Ass shoes,” his “Goth Babe Hot Topic Ass shoes.” Tory retorts as any man should – by roasting in retaliation. “Boy, if you don’t get your kissy-lips at the camera,” laughs Tory. “Your ‘my body looks good today I’ma take one in the pool-head-ass! Your lemme post five pictures like this! You my brother so I’ll leave you alone.” 

He also correlates the consumption weed and junk food to his receding hairline. “I was like fuck this, I’m going bald,” says Tory. “Then one day my assistant’s little sister was like ‘I like Tory’s music but ever since he cut his hair he looks like he’s forty or fifty years old.” He chuckles. “I met Tyga, I said ‘Tyga you didn’t have all that hair at that time and now you do. That shit is boomin. Let’s go. Got Tyga’s doctor on the phone, got my edges back.” All it cost him was free features for life. Check out the hilarious Tory Lanez interview below. 

Bobby Brown’s Alleged Abuse Against Whitney Houston Detailed In Memoir

The unlikely relationship between Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown may have confused some, but for a time, the couple were happy and in love. There were a few bizarre antics that played out for reality television cameras on Being Bobby Brown, but according to Whitney’s best friend Robyn Crawford, there was much more unfolding behind the scenes.

Bobby Brown's Alleged Abuse Against Whitney Houston Detailed In Memoir
Diane Freed/Getty s

In Robyn’s memoir A Song For You: My Life With Whitney Houston that was released on Tuesday, Robyn detailed the alleged physical abuse Bobby exacted on his wife. “A few days into the honeymoon in 1992], I heard talk around the fice about an altercation between Whitney and Bobby,” Robyn wrote in her book. “Someone on the yacht had placed a call to Whitney’s father] John Houston telling him that something had gone down, and when the lovebirds returned, Whitney had a visible scar on the side her face. The cut was at least three inches, running in a straight line from the top her cheek down to the jaw.”

Robyn said Whitney fered up this excuse: “We had a disagreement. I threw a glass, the glass hit the wall, shattered, and that’s how the cut happened. Couples argue all the time and it’s never a big deal. Except when it’s me.” The singer’s friend thought Whitney was lying. “I did not believe her because it was a straight line and it took forever for Roxanna Floyd, who was her makeup artist at that time, to cover it up,” Crawford said. “And that scar stayed with her. So no, I didn’t believe that.”

While Whitney was married to Bobby, Robyn said the singer became isolated. “I saw and heard him speak to her in ways that were demeaning and talked] down to her. That would] not make me feel good if someone was talking to me that way,” Robyn wrote. She also shared a story Bobby spitting in Whitney’s face and cursing at her at a luxury hotel.

Meanwhile, over the years Bobby has adamantly denied that he was violent with Whitney, however, he did share in his 2016 memoir Every Little Step and in an interview with Robin Robins that there were times when he physically assaulted the singer.

Snoop Dogg’s Weed Grinder & Tupac’s Personal Photos Can Be Purchased Here

If ever you’ve wanted to own a major piece music memorabilia, you’ve got your chance. We previously reported on how Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk socks are expected to fetch over a million dollars in the Gotta Have Rock and Roll Auction and now, we can inform you about a number other highly-valuable items that are up for sale.

As reported by HipHopDX, there are a bunch insanely rare collector’s products available in the auction, which isn’t only exclusive to the King Pop. There are tons MJ-related things that you can buy but, if you’re more a hip-hop fan — if you’re reading this, you probably are — then Snoop Dogg, Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G’s loot is probably tempting you to spend some serious cash. In addition to all the crazy Jackson belongings that could be yours, Snoop Dogg’s weed grinder is up for auction with Biggie’s last-autographed copy “Hyptonize” and Tupac’s personal Polaroid photos. 

Snoop Dogg's Weed Grinder & Tupac's Personal Photos Can Be Purchased Here
Ron Galella Collection Getty s

Among the Tupac items, signed photos and poems are available but the coolest picture is one him and his Outlawz messing around with handguns, which should go for around $3,000. As for Snoop’s grinder, he hilariously smokes so much weed that he used a cfee grinder to get his bud ready for consumption. After handing over the grinder to a friend, it’s now up for sale and should fetch up to $2,500. Biggie’s autographed disk is worth approximately $45,000.

Take a look at the full collection here and let us know if you plan on entering a bid!

Snoop Dogg’s Weed Grinder & 2Pac’s Personal Polaroids Go Up For Sale

The Gotta Have Rock and Roll Auctions has kicked off the nine-day online auction sale of its Hip Hop Collection. Bidding opened at 9 a.m. EST on Wednesday (November 13) and closes on Friday (November 22).

The Hip Hop portion of the auction consists of over 100 pieces of memorabilia — ranging from handwritten lyrics and autographed items to Snoop Dogg’s personal weed grinder.

Highlights from the collection include the D-O-Double-G’s weed grinder, which was acquired from a good friend of his. According to Dylan Kosinski of Gotta Have Rock and Roll Auctions, “Snoop smoked so much weed and had so much weed that he sometimes used a coffee grinder. Snoop would take handfuls of weed and grind it with this grinder.”

Snoop Dogg's Weed Grinder & 2Pac's Personal Polaroids Go Up For Sale

The West Coast legend allegedly gave this grinder to his friend and it’s now available for sale. Estimated cost is between $1,500 and $2,500.

Up for grabs is also Biggie’s last known autographed copy of “Hypnotize,” signed at the California radio station KYLD WILD 107.7 FM on March 5, 1997, four days before his death. It’s expected to fetch between $40,000-$50,000.

Finally, there are a couple of 2Pac items. One is a personal polaroid with annotations, while the other is a never-been-seen personal polaroid of ‘Pac and his entourage holding several guns, including handguns, submachine guns and what looks like an assault rifle.

Check them out below and put in a bid here. 

Snoop Dogg's Weed Grinder & 2Pac's Personal Polaroids Go Up For Sale
Snoop Dogg's Weed Grinder & 2Pac's Personal Polaroids Go Up For Sale

YG Asked His 3-Year-Old To Smell Bag Of Weed & Twitter Is Not Pleased

Celebrities are ten roasted by the masses for poor parenting choices, just ask T.I. What usually starts f as someone innocently posting content their kids on social media can result in Twitter aggressively pointing out where the parent went wrong. While parenting styles can vary, people take some truths to be self-evident, such as, “Thou shalt not allow your child to be near narcotics.” 

YG is receiving some criticism for allowing his daughter to smell his massive bag weed. In a video that the Compton rapper posted on his IG story, his 3-year-old daughter, Harmony, seems to stumble upon daddy’s kush stash in a drawer. YG picks it up and Harmony begins gleefully inspecting it. She hypothesizes that it’s broccoli after he asks her to identify the bag’s contents. He then encourages her to smell it to see whether the stench would change her mind, but she remains firm in her conviction that it’s alotta brocolli.  

While some tweets chastised Kehlani’s boyfriend for exposing his little girl to drugs, others thought the joke was harmless. It appears YG didn’t feel the need to defend his actions because when The Shade Room posted some the Twitter reactions, he simply commented, “That was the MARATHON OG,” shouting out the strain engineered by his late friend, Nipsey Hussle

In other YG news, he brought out Stormy Daniels during his performance at Camp Flog Gnaw this past weekend

Berner Drops ‘La Plaza’ Album

Berner has released La Plaza, his second solo album of 2019. The LP is his fourth project to drop this year and serves as the follow-up to July’s Pheno Grigio, a collaboration with Curren$y.

The West Coast rapper’s latest album features 21 tracks. Guests include Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Cypress Hill, Mozzy, OMB Peezy, Fat Joe, Chris Brown, OMB Peezy and Nef The Pharaoh, among others.

Check out Berner’s La Plaza stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Berner Drops 'La Plaza' Album

1. Intro
2. La Plaza f. Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Dogg
3. Crows On the Line f. T3r Elemento & Oscar Cortez
4. Level Up f. Cozmo
5. Art of War f. Cozmo
6. My Spot f. De La Ghetto
7. Going Out Like That f. Fat Joe & De La Ghetto
8. Side Bust
9. Weed Man
10. Same Time
11. Every Night f. Chris Brown & Wiz Khalifa
12. Somebody’s Girl f. T3r Elemento
13. Can’t Keep My Eyes Open f. T3r Elemento, OMB Peezy & Nef The Pharaoh
14. No Borders f. Eladio Carrión
15. Mi No f. Jon Z & Alemán
16. Get It f. Ñengo Flow
17. 3 Deep f. Mozzy
18. Box Boy f. Pablo Chill-E
19. Kings of the Contraband f. Cypress Hill
20. Dying Slow
21. Nonsense f. Lil Pete

Faith Evans Recalls A Time She & Biggie Smoked Weed With Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston may be gone but she’s surely not forgotten since some her friends have recalled some memorable moments with the beloved singer from years ago. The latest to do it is Faith Evans who recently recalled a time that she and her ex-husband Biggie Smalls would hang out with Whitney and Bobby Brown. 

Faith Evans Recalls A Time She & Biggie Smoked Weed With Whitney Houston
Kevin Mazur/Wire/Getty

“Whitney and Bobby Brown] used to live in the same country club as me and my ex-husband and one day they came to our house,” Faith told Page Six. “We were drinking wine, smoking joints, and they had this thing where they would] dance and curse at each other.” Apparently Whitney suggested to Faith that they should do a reality show. “And I said, ‘Girl y’all just did the first episode right here,” she added. 

Faith further explained how she and Whitney got really close when Biggie passed away. “One the first places she invited me was Donatella Versace’s house in ’97 … I was like, ‘Girl I don’t have no outfit.’ So she brought me one… It was a dinner party… and men with no shirts were] serving platters,” she said. 

Check out more Faith’s stories on her former friend below.

"Weeds" Sequel Series Is "In Active Development"

According to Variety, a sequel to the dark comedy, Weeds, is in the making. Airing on Starz, the new show will follow the Botwin family 10 years after the events the original series. It’s currently being referred to as “Weeds 4.20,” by Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer.

"Weeds" Sequel Series Is "In Active Development"Frazer Harrison / Getty s

“As excited as we are about our new series, I want to remind everyone that ‘the old is also new,’ and we’re pleased to be bringing two the most acclaimed shows in television history, ‘Mad Men’ and ‘Weeds,’ to the global syndication marketplace next year,” Feltheimer said. “We will be launching the marketing campaign for ‘Mad Men,’ winner 16 Emmys and five Golden Globes during its eight-year run, later this month. And we’re thrilled to be back in business with series star and producer Mary Louise Parker on what we’re calling ‘Weeds 4.20,’ already in active development at Starz, as we prepare a comprehensive and integrated rollout for one television’s most beloved properties.”

Weeds originally ran for eight seasons from 2005 to 2012, raking in 20 Emmy nominations during that time. Original star, Mary-Louise Parker, who was nominated for best actress in a comedy during her time on Weeds, is set to star in the follow-up.

South Carolina Man Finds Weed In McDonald’s Sweet Tea & Gets "High As A Kite"

A 24-year-old man from South Carolina got far more than he bargained for when he made a trip to McDonald’s for some grub. According to Fox News, Parrish Brown went to the Hilton Head Island McDonald’s and placed an order for a double cheeseburger, 10-piece chicken McNuggets and sweet tea with light ice and extra lemon.

South Carolina Man Finds Weed In McDonald's Sweet Tea & Gets "High As A Kite"
Scott Olson/Getty s

Looking back, Parrish believes asking for “extra lemon” was taken as a code word for a marijuana infusion since he claims to have gotten “high as a kite” after he found three bags weed in his cup. “Well, I was high and panicking and at work, so I called my dad,” he explained. “I didn’t want to get in trouble for this.”

Because he’s never dabbled in cannabis he didn’t recognize an f-taste. “I have never had weed a day in my life, so immediately after I started drinking it, I started to feel weird and it didn’t taste like something I recognized,” he explained. 

An investigation is underway to find out how weed made its way in Parrish’s cup whether on accident or on purpose. “Our biggest priority is always the safety and well-being our customers. We are fully cooperating with law enforcement on the validity this claim,” a rep for McDonald’s told the publication.  

Drake Launches Cannabis Company More Life

The secret is out.

After teasing a mysterious new venture earlier in the week, Drake has officially announced his More Life Growth Company. The rapper has partnered with Canopy Growth Corporation to launch the cannabis wellness company, a fully-licensed producer of cannabis based out of his hometown of Toronto.

“When we first began talks with Drake we were extremely inspired by and aligned with his vision to bring best-in-class cannabis products to the world,” said Mark Zekulin, CEO, Canopy Growth Corporation. “Drake’s perspective as a culture leader and entrepreneur combined with Canopy Growth’s breadth of cannabis knowledge will allow our new company to bring an unmatched cannabis experience to global markets.”

Added Drake, “The opportunity to partner with a world-class company like Canopy Growth on a global scale is really exciting. The idea of being able to build something special in an industry that is ever growing has been inspiring. More Life and More Blessing.”

According to a press release, More Life is “centered around wellness, discovery, and overall personal growth with the hope of facilitating connections and shared experiences across the globe.” Drake holds 60% ownership in More Life, while Canopy Growth retains a 40% stake.

Earlier in the week, Drake teased the announcement by delivering flowers across Toronto. “Breakfast Television” host Dina Pugliese was among those who received the bouquet during a live TV broadcast.

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A trademark was filed in Canada for More Life Growth Company, which lists cannabis-related products including herb teas, hookahs, vaporizers, and rolling papers. The trademark was filed on Oct. 21 and the applicant is listed as Dream Crew IP in West Hollywood, Calif.

More Life is the latest addition to Drake’s growing business empire. The 6 God, whose estimated net worth is $150 million, also has investments in Virginia Black whiskey and e-sports organization 100 Thieves.

Chris Brown Fan Finds Weed Inside Yard Sale Hoodie

Chris Brown is really out here choppin’ on the low. The recording artist is doing something nice for his fans, inviting them over to his house for a special yard sale, selling designer clothing from brands like Balenciaga, Supreme, Gucci, and more for heavily-discounted prices. It’s not like Breezy needs the extra money — his Indigo album sold pretty well at the end the day — but it gives him a chance to meet some the people that are most passionate about his art. And it also gives the fans an opportunity to own some merchandise that was once hanging in CB’s closet. Win-win. One woman ended up leaving the Tarzana residence with a new hoodie but, once she checked the pockets, she realized that she was making out with more than she bargained for.

As reported by TMZ, a woman who purchased a “Tumbleweed” hoodie from the sale ended up finding a pill bottle filled with marijuana in the pocket. Weed is legal for recreational use in California but it’s still pretty funny that Brown and his staff forgot to check the pockets to see if any their stash remained. The canister is reportedly labelled “Panda Smoke.”

For the most part, the sale has been an absolute success with many Chris’ fans walking f with thousands dollars goodies for cheap prices. It’s still going on today. The line-up is probably out control though. Maybe you’ll get lucky and you won’t need to stop by the dispensary on the way home!

For more weed-related content, peep the latest episode How To Roll here.

Drake Steps Into The Cannabis Industry With More Life Growth Co.

Drake has a champagne company, a whiskey company, and serves as the executive producer  Top Boy and Eurphoria. His latest business venture is now in the cannabis industry. Reuters reports that Drake just launched More Life Growth Co. which is a fully-licensed joint venture in Toronto to grow and distribute weed. The rapper claimed a 60% stake in a subsidiary Canopy Growth on the stock market. The company produces cannabis just outside Toronto, in Scarborough.

“The opportunity to partner with a world-class company like Canopy Growth on a global scale is really exciting,” Drake said. “The idea being able to build something special in an industry that is ever-growing has been inspiring. More Life and More Blessing.”

With the legalization cannabis in Canada, Drake’s banking in on something that a few Americans have already invested in. Both Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart have teamed up with Canopy in the past.

Drake began teasing More Life Growth Co. earlier this week on Instagram, although no one was entirely sure what he was up to. Ahead his post, Drake had members the More Life Growth Co. family pass out bouquets flowers around the Toronto area. A few people shared pictures it on Twitter but clearly, it’s another type flower he’s pushing. 

Drake Trolled By Carnage For Weed Industry Move: "Fyre Fest Making A Comeback"

Drake and DJ Carnage have one our favorite bromantic relationships in the entire music business. The two have seemingly built quite the bond, making fun one another on social media all the time and popping up at parties together. The two have gotten into play flights about the rumors Drizzy got fake abdominal implants and the producer also clowned Drake by saying that he and DJ Khaled “have the same stylist.” Now, Carnage is coming after his buddy for his latest move into the cannabis industry.

After mysteriously sending flowers to different sources across his native Toronto, it was revealed that Drake would be working on the More Life Growth Co., marking his first move into the cannabis industry. In the comments to his first tease job, Carnage could be found already calling for this venture to end in failure, comparing the launch to that Fyre Festival. “FYRE FEST making a comeback,” wrote the beatmaker, laughing at Drake. “You the goat emoji,]” he added. 

While this is all in good fun, it doesn’t appear as though Carnage thinks this will be a successful run for Drake. Nevertheless, this marks yet another notch on the 6ix God’s business belt, inching him closer and closer to mogul status.

Drake Trolled By Carnage For Weed Industry Move: "Fyre Fest Making A Comeback"