Russell Westbrook "Progressing" But Not Yet Cleared For "Full Contact"

Russell Westbrook is ng in on a return from damage in keeping with Oklahoma City’s head coach Billy Donovan. The former MVP’s standing is unclear for the Thunder’s 2018-2019 NBA season opener. Westbrook has but to partake in a single full-contact apply however is nonetheless been across the group in a number of different capacities.

“Every day for him, he feels higher and higher,” stated coach Donovan. “I do not need to say (whether or not he’ll be prepared). I do know you guys need to know that, however that is too far out and there can be lots issues that may go into that call.”

Westbrook underwent arthroscopic surgical procedure on his proper knee within the second week September. The Thunder guard has a historical past choosing up nagging knee accidents that require surgical procedure, starting within the 2013 Western Conference Finals when he collided with then-Rockets’ guard Patrick Beverly. From that time onward, Russell Westbrook has undergone a collection periodic spot checks. Curiously, each time Russell Westbrook rehabs one his ailing physique components, it comes again even stronger.

Luckily, if Russell Westbrook is unfit to swimsuit up throughout OKC’s preliminary highway journey, Dennis Schroder acquired within the fseason, can fill his sneakers momentarily. We’ll preserve you up to the mark on his standing heading into subsequent Tuesday’s matchup in opposition to the Golden State Warriors.  

Nuggets' Michael Porter Jr. Says He Hopes To Be Ready For NBA Season Opener

The Denver Nuggets’ first rounder Michael Porter Jr has a real shot at being the most impactful player the 2018 draft class, if he recovers from his spinal injuries. The Nuggets were in a position to roll the dice on him because A) their roster is positionally set B) the risk/reward with MPJ C) there weren’t too many impact players below him by pick. 14.

In July it was announced Porter Jr would undergo his 2nd back surgery in 8 months to repair two bulging disks in his back. Although Denver were cautious not to announce a timetable for his return, reports from the player himself seem to indicate he is recovering nicely. Porter shared his recovery goals with ESPN, who were in attendance during the NBA’s annual rookie photo shoot.”I finally feel, like, good,” said Porter. He also drew a mid-October date for his return. I guess Michael Porter Jr is really striving to suit up on opening day, against all odds.

“I don’t have a date but I’m hoping to be back for the beginning the year. Gotta heal up, but I feel great,” Porter said. “They’re really taking it easy with me, being patient with me.” 

Outside his recovery, Porter Jr. has partaken in the NBA Rookie rhetoric almost unintentionally, when he “liked” an Instagram post that spoke fellow rookie Luka Doncic as “overrated.” In all honesty, we should wait until November before erected the NBA rookie ladder. Here’s to hoping MPJ recovers as planned.

Kevin Durant Bullies C.J. McCollum Into Submission On His Own Podcast

Kevin Durant recently flew to New York to partake in fellow C.J. McCollum’s podcast Pull Up with CJ McCollum. The Portland Trail Blazers star uses the podcast as a keep busy-operative to pursue his passion outside basketball: journalism. Don’t be surprised if several years down the road, when his career is well and over, to see C.J. McCollum working as a personality within the realm sports media.

On the latest episode  Pull Up with CJ McCollum, Kevin Durant sensed it was the right occasion to quell any tension over the DeMarcus Cousins’ signing. McCollum has been an outspoken critic “SuperTeam”-building experiments, and reached to Cousins following his move to voice his displeasure, personally. The exchange began as McCollum said, “You know how I felt, bruh, I was hot.”

Durant tried to level things with rhetorical statements, a frustrating turn in conversation for his Western Conference counterpart. C.J. placed himself in the shoes a bored NBA fan by stating that a lack parity in the NBA is hurting the product. At this point that Kevin Durant lost his friendly demeanor and started serving notice to the 8th seed. The exchange went a little like this: 

Durant: “You know you guys aren’t gonna win a championship.”

McCollum: “We have the team, we have the capabilities, anything is possible. We can win a championship bro.”

Durant: “I mean let’s be honest. I like ya’ll two (McCollum and Damian Lillard), you’re hard to step. But I mean, come on. You can’t be upset about this.”

As soon as Kevin singled out both Lillard and McCollum as the only two catalysts on the Blazer’s squad, C.J. brought the discussion back to his sour feelings about DeMarcus Cousins. McCollum and Lillard have been as active as any two players in the NBA, in their recruitment potential free agents. Incidentally, the sour note proved costly, as Durant would eventually have the last laugh in telling C.J. to “get out your feelings” and not “worry about what goes on at the top things.”

The NBA Championship passes through Golden State until further notice.

Kobe Bryant Thinks Magic Deserves 2nd Statue For Pulling Off LeBron Signing

Kobe Bryant still awaits his bronze cast statue in front the Staple Center, it’s really only a matter time. That didn’t stop the Black Mamba from deeming Magic Johnson worthy a second statue, all because he pulled f the signing LeBron James. Hyperbole aside, Magic has done a good job managing all the egos taking up space with the Lakers’ nation, mostly by diminishing his own sense pride.

While Magic Johnson’s business is still up for question in the Basketball world, by signing LeBron James, he has certainly givien himself a probable chance “getting it right.” Kobe spoke kindly his Lakers’ brethren as a guest on The Stephen A. Smith Show, even he idolized Magic like no other, even his own father Joe Bryant.

The Lakers transformed themselves into contenders in one stroke by signing LeBron. Whether he demonstrates the aptitude or not, it goes without saying that having a revered person like Magic on board, adds an air respectability to the franchise. Lakers’ fans could always count Kobe as one their own. The question Kobe leaving the Lakers presented itself a few times over his career, but I’d argue his status was never in doubt. If he said otherwise it was only to threaten management to get their ducks in order, the same way LeBron has jockeyed for position.



NBA Says Proposed 1-16 Playoff Seeding Could Pose Travel Headache

Calls to revamp the playf seeding format were reignited this week when LeBron James took his talents to Los Angeles. Many believe the disparity between Western and Eastern conference talent is too wide. The proposed idea would see 16 best regular season records advance regardless division. League ficials have been testing out the logistics  the plan since it first entered conversation. Adam Silver spoke his early findings at the All-Star break:

“I think, as I’ve said in the past, the obstacle is travel, and it’s not tradition in my mind, at least, it’s that as we’ve added an extra week to the regular season, as we’ve tried to reduce the number back-to-backs, that we are concerned about teams crisscrossing the country in the first round, for example. We are just concerned about the overall travel that we would have in the top 16 teams.”

The league has since published its numerical observations on the matter, stating that NBA teams average 90,000 miles travel in the postseason, but the number could rise to 130,000 if they were to implement the new playf seeding format. There is precedent for a change in formatting, as the WNBA changed its playf format to factor in the top 8 teams regardless conference. Within the NBA, the fact still remains that elite teams in the Eastern Conference still benefit from playing lighter schedules in the East, as teams generally only travel East/West twice a year.