Get Inspired By These 10 Times Your Favorite Celebs Gave Back

The holidays are a time for giving but ten times we tend to forget that. It’s also forgotten how ten rappers, athletes and other celebrities give back to those in need. To refresh your memory, here are 10 times your favorite celebrities lent a helping hand.


Not long after giving birth to twins, Beyonce, in the wake Hurricane Harvey, rushed down to her hometown Houston, TX to help serve hot meals to those displaced.

5 Reasons Why You Should Help Feed Those In Need This Holiday

The holiday season is always so busy and hectic that people tend to get caught up in frivolous things and forget what’s important.

There are people who don’t have a family eat with this Thanksgiving or a ro over their head this Christmas. But one the easiest ways to spread some holiday cheer this time year is by taking the time out to feed those in need.


Besides the fact that you’ll seem like a good person just because you did so, check out these five reasons why should feed those in need this holiday season.