Where Is Danny Brown? Tracking His Movements Since "Atrocity Exhibition"

Unlike the present wave Soundcloud rappers making headlines with radio-friendly Billboard hits and cringe-worthy social media beefs, Danny Brown does not want cheesy viral advertising ploys to solidify his spot within the music business. Long hailed as a hero the underground hip-hop scene for his effortlessly ingenious rhymes, clear storytelling and distinctive supply, it is no secret that the Detroit-bred rapper has the expertise and work ethic essential to churn out a gradual stream content material for years to return.

Unfortunately, for the followers that bump to Brown’s lyrical circulation and uncooked, emotional cuts, years ten cross earlier than he releases his subsequent studio-length assortment. After dropping his debut solo album The Hybrid again in 2010, Brown adopted up with a disarmingly intimate trilogy cataloging numerous emotional traumas that he ten fsets with medicine and alcohol XXX (2011), Old (2013), and Atrocity Exhibition (2016). 

After reaching each vital and industrial success in the course of the launch these albums, Brown made it clear that fame and identify recognition would do little to vary his artistic course of. Proving again and again that he is persistently prepared to take dangers within the identify inventive integrity, Brown’s dedication to his craft ten signifies that the years in between studio releases are peppered with situations the “Really Doe” rapper slipping out and in the limelight. 

“Since the discharge XXX] individuals acknowledge what I already knew, so it’s probably not like a giant deal to me,” Brown mentioned to Complex. “If individuals like, ‘He’s loopy!’ I already knew that my entire life. I already been wanting to do that shit. To me this feels just like the tip the iceberg. This ain’t nowhere near what I’m gonna do musically. To me it’s simply one other step to get to the highest.”

Wondering what Brown has been as much as since dropping 70ok to clear the samples for Atrocity Exhibition? Check out how the 37-year-old has stored busy beneath.


Where Is Joey Bada$$? Tracking His Movements Since "All-Amerikkkan Badass"

As the poster little one the Brooklyn hip-hop collective Pro Era, Joey Bada$$ has greater than made a reputation for himself by merging a compulsion for perfection along with his plain expertise behind the mic. Hailing from the identical Bed-Stuy streets that gave delivery to business legends like Biggie and Hov, Bada$$’ penchant for selecting to spit over gritty boom-bap beats as an alternative slick, autotuned hooks led to his debut mixtape 1999 making severe waves far past his hometown. 

Delivering principally self-reflective bars on his debut studio size album B4.DA.$$, Joey Bada$$ finalized his evolution from a up-and-coming teenager spitting rhymes in his bed room to an authorized rising star. An enigmatic mix brand-new supply alongside a rock stable homage to hip-hop’s early roots, Bada$$ shortly turned New York’s finest competitors in opposition to a slew “Beast Coast” hitmakers. 

True to the precociousness that set him other than his Pro Era collaborators, Bada$$ set his sights on the political injustices plaguing each his neighborhood and the nation at giant for his sophomore studio effort, All-Amerikkkan Badass. “I believe my lyrical prime was most likely once I was 17 or 18, however at the moment, I didn’t actually care if you happen to couldn’t decipher what I used to be saying; I believed it was cool that it might take you years to determine it out,” mentioned Bada$$ his current need to decide on mainstream supply over intelligent lyricism. “But now I need you to get me. I need you to really feel the place I’m coming from.”

“It’s extra in regards to the efficiency the road than about it having essentially the most insane wordplay,” he continued. “Now I perceive who my listeners are, and I wish to present them issues that I’ve realized. I wish to report back to them. My final album was influenced by experiences I’ve had, nevertheless it’s not nearly me. It’s about us. My life is about. Now I wish to assist different folks with their lives, or assist them perceive what’s proper or unsuitable, or what’s simply human.”

Wondering what Bada$$ is as much as over a yr after he dropped his final studio challenge? Track his actions put up All-Amerikkan Badass under. 

Where Is Pusha T? Tracking His Movement’s Since "Darkest Before Dawn"

When King Push – Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude dropped at the end 2015 it was met with almost universal acclaim. The production was magnificent and the raps were brick heavy and full bombast. It was a concise, nearly perfect album, and the addition “The Prelude” served as an ominous warning that the main course had yet to even arrive. Yet years passed and the “real” album has still yet to arrive. Ever busy, Pusha T instead entered the political sphere, stepped into greater responsibility as president G.O.O.D Music, and has pushed to open dialogues about the tenuous racial climate in America.

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Honestly Pusha T is so cool that I didn’t even know what to write about. He’s probably wearing ostrich or stepping out a Saint Laurent helicopter right now. Although it’s been just over two years since we last had an album from Push, he’s remained more active in almost every industry than most people will ever be. Art, fashion, music: if you like it, King Push was probably there first. After all Kanye said it best, “Pusha T is Everything”. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BxCDysoSxg) His long awaited third album, King Push, is slated to finally drop this year so in honor one rap’s elder statesmen here’s a glimpse (some ) what Blobama has been up to since his last album.