Janet Jackson's First ASMR Experience: Whispers About SZA, Bruno Mars & More

Meditative media has been around for many generations and has taken on a variety forms. The most recent kind that has sparked a trend on social media relates to ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response). Youtube is flooded with this type  video, which is meant to sooth the consumer, while vocal ASMR performers create some the most popular content. Janet Jackson is giving them all a run for their money in her latest interview with Kiss FM.

The star’s first dabbling with ASMR was filmed by the production as they asked her questions about music. The video is available after the jump.

Janet recited her favorite lyrics from her latest collaboration with Daddy Yankee “Made For Now.” The singer explains why she loved working with him.

She continues the whispering by naming all her favorite up and comers. 

Jackson also reveals that she longs to collaborate with Bruno Mars.