Eminem Shouldn't Respond To MGK's "Rap Devil" According To O.T. Genasis

In case you’ve been in hiding for the last week without access to the internet, Eminem released an album out the blue and dissed most the people you can think . If you weren’t a victim his wrath, you can consider yourself lucky. Only one man has been brave enough to stand up for himself by replying through a diss record his own and that’s Machine Gun Kelly. “Rap Devil” dropped on Monday and since then, we’ve all been crossing our fingers tightly for an Eminem response. However, in O.T. Genasis’ opinion, the Detroit artist shouldn’t even entertain the idea snapping back.

“Stop the white-on-white crime,” joked Genasis before revealing that he hadn’t heard the entire version “Rap Devil” yet. TMZ cameras had run up on him at the airport when he said MGK was definitely not in the wrong by going after a legend as hard as he did. The “Cut It” artist then goes on to claim Eminem is the greatest all time and confidently says that he’s too great to respond with another diss track.

With Machine Gun Kelly’s newfound notoriety, he seems to be relishing his role as the “Rap Devil.” Hopefully, he’s been staying in the studio because this feels like the perfect time to drop a mixtape.