Eminem Shouldn't Respond To MGK's "Rap Devil" According To O.T. Genasis

In case you’ve been in hiding for the last week without access to the internet, Eminem released an album out the blue and dissed most the people you can think . If you weren’t a victim his wrath, you can consider yourself lucky. Only one man has been brave enough to stand up for himself by replying through a diss record his own and that’s Machine Gun Kelly. “Rap Devil” dropped on Monday and since then, we’ve all been crossing our fingers tightly for an Eminem response. However, in O.T. Genasis’ opinion, the Detroit artist shouldn’t even entertain the idea snapping back.

“Stop the white-on-white crime,” joked Genasis before revealing that he hadn’t heard the entire version “Rap Devil” yet. TMZ cameras had run up on him at the airport when he said MGK was definitely not in the wrong by going after a legend as hard as he did. The “Cut It” artist then goes on to claim Eminem is the greatest all time and confidently says that he’s too great to respond with another diss track.

With Machine Gun Kelly’s newfound notoriety, he seems to be relishing his role as the “Rap Devil.” Hopefully, he’s been staying in the studio because this feels like the perfect time to drop a mixtape.

LeBron James On His Upbringing: "I Ain't F*cking With No White People"

Last night’s episode The Shop gave audiences access to a candid conversation between LeBron James and other celebs, including Jon Stewart, Odell Beckham Jr., and Vince Staples. It got real when James opened up about his initial rejection white people, a stance that changed eventually.

The basketball star explains how his upbringing had engrained the distrust white people in his psyche. His focus while attending school was, therefore, to succeed at playing ball. Befriending his white classmates was not part the plan.

Although it might have taken him a while, he got around to making new connections. His longtime friend, Maverick Carter, says that everyone was rocking the same parties, regardless race, by the end the year.

Racist White People Getting What They Deserve: A Thread

Twitter user @OkayCornell collected all the viral videos racist Wypipo getting what they deserve and put it into one master thread for your enjoyment.

You’ve definitely seen a few these sliding up and down your timeline over the years.

Now, you can revisit them whenever White Supremacy is on your last nerve.

Violence won’t solve any problem permanently; But maybe this collection videos will teach some mayo-nated folks about the potential consequences racist actions.

Touch the hijab, catch these jabs.

This Bizarre Gender Reveal Will Have You Questioning Your Respect For Humans

Gender reveal parties use to be a cute thing that expectant parents do to share the news with the immediate family, but once those videos starting going viral, the competition for the most outrageous gender reveal was on.

Just like most things that become popular, White people took it and made it into something wacky and bizarre. Like Mike Kleibert, also known as T-Mike the Gator King, who used an alligator to reveal the gender his and his girlfriend’s baby.

Is it just us, or is the gator a wee bit much to have around a pregnant woman and family?

Looks like Louisiana Man is trying to give Florida Man a run for his money.

White People Swear All Black People Look Alike, But…

White people have ten mistaken one Black person for another, suggesting that they think we all look alike.

There’s never a day that goes by where something like this doesn’t happen:

Or this:

Let’s not forget that one woman finessed an entire airline by pretending to be Quavo the Migos, all because they think all Black people are the same. But what about all their vanilla-ness confusing people color for centuries:

First all:


Hit the flip for more White people looking like other White people.