Jon Hamm Offers A Remedy To "White Thoughts" In Surreal HBO Infomercial

If you haven’t had a chance to check out HBO’s Random Acts Flyness yet, it’s time to catch up. You can catch the first episode the series on HBO’s YouTube channel. Directed by Terence Nance, Random Acts Flyness is a revolutionary series that dives into political, socio-economic, and racial issues in an artful yet comedic way. Mad Men star Jon Hamm featured on the series in a brief segment that targets “white thoughts.”

The majority the “white thoughts” segment is filmed as an infomercial, selling a product that helps white people with thoughts that are racially insensitive.  A dark stormy cloud over Hamm’s head displays the white thoughts that may be intrusive and can be healed with their special product. “Do you suffer from white thoughts?” Hamm asks. “White thoughts are a symptom an aggressive disease called ‘acute viral perceptive albinitis,’ also known as ‘whiteness.’” Some the white thoughts displayed in the segment were All Lives Matter and being suspicious your maid because she speaks another language. 

The segment breaks the fourth wall, but also switches between several narrative perspectives. At one point, Hamm himself has white thoughts that stop him from carrying out the script, and the director steps in to help him refocus.