Ludacris Has Purchased People's Groceries At Whole Foods More Than Once

A few days back we posted about a woman who was shopping at an Atlanta Whole Foods when her bill exceeded the amount money she had on her gift card. The 41-year-old was down on her luck and broke down in tears when a man named Chris stepped in and purchased her groceries for her. It wasn’t until later that Therra Gwyn-Jaramillo realized that Chris was in fact, Ludacris. 

The New York Times got ahold the story and did some digging on the matter and found out that Ludacris has been pulling this generous move more than once, he’s also an avid shopper at Whole Foods and has been spotted endless times at the grocery chain – here’s pro: 

He even hits up Whole Foods outside his city.

All in all, if you’re a true Ludacris fan and/or want to test your luck on the chance to score some free food, head to the Atlanta Whole Foods. 

Ludacris Offers Woman His "Southern Hospitality," Pays Her $375 Grocery Bill

Therra Gwyn-Jaramillo was a little short at the register at Whole Foods in Atlanta. The 41-year-old woman who lost her beloved spouse in 2014 had fallen on hard times emotionally & financially. A friend hers fered her a $250 gift card for the specialty chain all places. So like anyone in her position she strode to the register thinking her grocery haul was within her price gauge.

The cashier finalized her tally the items on the conveyor belt, a price point well over Gwyn-Jaramillo’s internalized budget $250. In a sudden rush embarassment, Therra broke out in tears; the items were too numerous to count, and Whole Foods isn’t a locale in which pleading and begging is socially accepted (not that she would).

Little did she know, Ludacris, a man she identified not as a famous rapper, but as a “nice-looking man” started replacing her items on the belt. At his insistence, Ludacris urged her to let him cover the cost her groceries. “I finally managed to say ‘What is your name?’ and introduce myself. He said, simply, ‘Chris,’ and shook my hand,” said Therra to CBS News.

After running an optimized Google search she was able to identify her famous benefactor, a discovery that drove her to write a now viral Facebook status read by thousands upon thousands users on the platform.

Throughout the exchange, Therra Gwyn-Jaramillo kept asking herself “Does he know? Does he know he’s an angel?” Luda responded with “What in the world is in that bag, what you got in that Whole Foods bag?”

National Ice Cream Day Is Almost Over, Here's Where You Can Scoop Last Minute Deals

National Ice Cream Day is upon us, and if you haven’t got your dessert hook-up yet, you need to hurry up before the day ends. On July 15, dessert shops around the nation geared up to treat their customers to freebies for the delicious holiday. Depending on where you go to grab some ice cream, different deals are in effect. Some stores will hand you free ice cream your choice, while others fer various deals and special menus to order from. 

Where did National Ice Cream Day come from? We can thank Ronald Reagan for dubbing July National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday in July as National Ice Cream Day in the mid-80’s. If you’re craving the delicious Summertime favorite dessert, these stores are the five best places to get the hook-up today.

Baskin Robbins- Customers who download the Baskin Robbins app will get various deals for National Ice Cream Day 2018, including buy-one-get-one-free cones, $2 f medium milkshakes, and a $.99 sundae when you buy one at regular price. 

Carvel- Customers will receive a free cup or cone st-serve ice cream in any size when you buy one at regular price.

Cold Stone Creamery- customers get a buy-one-get-one-free fer after downloading the My Stone Cold Club Rewards app to their smartphone. Cold Stone Creamery is also fering a $10 e-gift card with the purchase $30 gift cards online.

Dairy Queen- Although they are not fering a National Ice Cream Day specific deal, customers get a free small Blizzard when they download the DQ app.

Whole Foods– Whole Foods and Amazon Prime are teaming up for National Ice Cream Day. From July 13-15, customers can grab two pints Ben & Jerry’s or Talenti flavors for $6. Amazon Prime members who use the app will receive an additional 10% discount.