Big Boi Shares Surreal Airport Encounter With Opportunistic "Senior Citizen"

Airport navigation can be tricky. Sometimes, layovers can lead to unexpected sprinting sessions. Should customs prove troublesome, conjoining flights are jeopardized, turning ordinary people into Olympians. In such cases, carts are among the hottest commodities, rivaled only by a hot meal at Fyre Festival. Big Boi, being a hip-hop legend and all, found himself riding in one like a true VIP. Yet one opportunistic man, surely rushing despite his stoic demeanor, seized the opportunity for a free ride. Somehow, the elderly man managed to hop onto Big Boi’s cart, enjoying all the benefits a free ride.

Suffice it to say, Big Boi was not amused. He found himself interrogating the stowaway, who decided to treat the questions with a befuddled silence. Even upon being dubbed “dad,” the hitchhiker remained vigilant in his silence. It was only after, once the flight had concluded and their paths once again crossed at baggage claim, that the man issued a response. “How are you gonna hop on our cart like that?” asks Big Boi.

The man smiles. “Senior citizen,” he says, prompting a laugh from the iconic rapper. “I respect that,” says Big Boi, finally satisfied.