Ice-T Tries Bagels & Coffee For The First Time

Two weeks in the past Ice-T tweeted out the stunning revelation that he’d by no means tried a cfee or a bagel in his total life. It’s odd, to make sure, that anybody may go their entire life (Ice-T is not younger anymore) with out even taking a slurp diner cfee or a foamy sip a latte. Also, bagels are throughout, you’d must attempt very exhausting, particularly as a touring musician, to keep away from the much less enjoyable donut. In his personal phrases: “White individuals.. Don’t lose your Fn minds as a result of I’ve by no means eaten a Bagle.. Take it straightforward…. lol” and “I’ve by no means drank a cup Cfee both… Go CRAZY!!!”

Well, individuals did lose their minds and sure, Twitter was in all probability “bored as F” on the day that Ice-T tweeted these things however now Ice-T has adopted via on this transient spark late-career limelight and executed an advert primarily based on his tweets. He’s “lastly tried cfee and a bagel:”

This advert is, to say the least, a bit a dud. Ice-T walks us via his initiation into the conventional world the place everybody drinks cfee, saying “it isn’t what I anticipated” and that it “tastes like water, with one other style kicked in later.” He additionally made positive to notice that, though he does not have a lot private expertise with bagels, he is conscious the problems surrounding them: “I heard that one the primary causes individuals present up in ER is from bagel fingers.” He clarified this as “somebody making an attempt to chop one this stuff of their fingers and simply POW!”

$uicideboy$ Dispel Rumors They Split Due To Ruby Da Cherry's "Personal Wellness"


We spoke to G59’s administration who has confirmed the band has not break up up. It was taken out context from some social media posts.


$crim, one half the $uicideboy$, alongside lifelong operating mate Ruby da Cherry posted an ominous message on his Twitter web page, which for all intents and functions, place the group in a holding sample for an indefinite interval time. This Tweet ( $crim’s Twitter) which he since deleted, learn the next: “please ship posi vibes to @SuicideChrist he’s in a darkish place and I would like your assist getting him out.”

The Tweet is itself, a harrowing reminder the well-documented hardship each males have confronted. The message places Ruby da Cherry assumed substance points again into the foreground. The group’s probably hiatus comes half-a-month after the discharge their “studio” debut I Want to Die in New Orleans, put out on Caroline Records at the side of their very own imprint  G*59 Records.

Besides the deleted Tweet with have little else to go on relating to Ruby da Cherry’s well-being or the standing the group, apart from $crim’s up to date bio which reads:

$uicideboy$’ followers have proven up groves on Twitter in response to $crim’s alarmist plea. Their concern just isn’t solely with Ruby da Cherry and his well-being however with the prospect the group breaking apart. Here’s to hoping neither is proving right and Ruby receives the care that’s required for him to impact change, on a private degree.

— rayne ♡ (@raynexheart) September 29, 2018

$uicideboy$ Dispel Rumors They Split Due To Ruby Da Cherry's "Personal Wellness"

Kodak Black Threatens A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie & Don Q With Violence

Kodak Black has come out nowhere and sparked a feud with A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. Unfortunately, Don Q was dragged into the melee as well, as Kodak shared bitterness over what, we can only presume. A Boogie did trudge along Kodak was missing in action, shooting the “Drowning” video without him.

Beyond that, A Boogie and Kodak Black have a history recording together, with the Highbridge rapper returning the favor on “Reminiscing” f the Painting Pictures LP. In a bizarre Instagram live session, Kodak Black threatened to “fuck up” both A Boogie and Don Q, as his friends tried in vain to quell his drunken stupor. 

At one point, Kodak Black can be heard reference a broken telephone exchange, resulting in A Boogie refusing to return his calls. The longer the tirade drags on, the more violent his threats become, with Kodak Black describing his punitive action in so many different ways. At one point he even mimics the sound a gun letting f bullets, preceded by a threat to “kill” or punch both men to “death.” As I’ve stated before, we cannot confirm nor deny the nature the threat. Kodak could very well wake up from his drunksleep, confused with a thousand notifications on his phone.

Fredo Santana's Cause Of Death Has Been Revealed

The Chicago Tribunehas learned that a cardiovascular disease is the root cause Fredo Santana’s death. The Chicago rapper was suspect to a coroner’s examination following his January passing following an epileptic seizure. Fredo was found unresponsive by his wife-to-be, who sided with members his family in keeping his illness under wraps from the public.

The news was relayed back to Chicago a Los Angeles County coronary ruling following the event. Santana was regularly prescribed Keppra, an antiepileptic drug used to combat chronic seizures. In the months leading up to his death, Fredo is believed to have suffered frequent seizures, for which he did not seek medical attention. It is believed he may have contracted the epileptic condition after spiralling on Xanax eight months before his death. He did postulate a small indicator back in October when told his Instagram followers he was being treated for liver and kidney failure.

Santana was pronounced dead on January 20 at the age 27. His career spanned the entirety the Chicago Drill, a movement he helped spearhead with Chief Keef, Lil Durk, Young Chop, Tadoe, Lil Reese and the rest the Glo Gang. Fredo’s passing is caution to everyone denying the issue basic healthcare.

R.I.P Fredo.