Wing Stop Bandanna Robbers Get Away With Cash Register

Police in San Antonio, Texas are looking for two men who robbed a Wingstop and got away with the cash register after not being able to get into the safe. According to Fox, two men entered the fast food joint on San Pedro Avenue with hoodies and bandannas with their guns drawn. The publication reports they were described as “two black men, 18-25 years age, 5’8” in height, thick build.” 

They managed to speed f in a grey Scion and fortunately, no employees or anyone in the surrounding area was hurt. Police are still investigating. 

As many know, Rick Ross owns nine Wingstop locations, mostly in the southeast closer to his hometown Miami. “I just wanted it to be something,” Rick said talking to Forbes  previously. “The business just grew. It really grew. The community really came out, supported it, and showed us a lot love.” 

Wingstop Set To Open Their First European Location

American-based chicken chain Wingstop is expanding into Europe, announcing their first British outpost that is slated to open sometime this summer. The space will be located in Central London, spicing up the United Kingdom with the restaurant’s signature menu delectable goods. 

Wingstop currently has 1,000 locations operating across the globe, with a number them owned by Rick Ross. The chain’s European expansion, which will effectively commence with the London flagship, will be the first a planned 100 locations set to open across the U.K. throughout the next twelve years. 

“We’ve been very, very focused on about 20 to 25 markets around the globe that we feel are high-chicken consumption markets, have a good competitive set and where we could really differentiate,” reveals Larry Kruger, president international at Wingstop. “One those markets just happened to be in Europe.”