Snoop Dogg Goes Back In Time With "Puppy" Era Pics

Might Quavo‘s mother have started a wave? Following Quavo’s hilariously embarrassing baby picture,Snoop Dogg decided to set his own course and pull a few relics from the stash. Dubbing the photo-series as “Puppy Dogg,” Uncle Snoop shared six pictures drawing back to when he was but a mere “nephew.” Perhaps it was his recent birthday that prompted the spur nostalgia. Perhaps it was simple desire to share with his fans and followers, many whom reached out to usher in his forty-eighth year.

Snoop Dogg Goes Back In Time With "Puppy" Era Pics

Kevin Winter/Getty s

There’s not much to say about the images, except that they remind us all that even a legend like Snoop experienced his own journey. Not only from the Chuuch to the Palace, but from the high-school football field to the family function. Not to mention, each image serves as a harsh reminder that rustic film-photography is becoming a thing the past. One day every throwback baby picture will arrive with high definition resolution, touched by mild photo-editing and an abundance filters. 

Happy belated birthday to Uncle Snoop, and shout out to the young pup. Check out the pics below. 

Benzino Reflects On War With Eminem & Shady Records

Eminem fans probably know the name Ray Benzino. Chances are, they have no love for the former mogul. Still, having helped bring The Source into the world Zino has earned the right to speak on his career. Over the weekend, the former Made Man rapper slid through Noreaga’s Drink Champs for a conversation, and it didn’t take long before Em’s name was thrown into the mix.

Explaining that his whirlwind lifestyle and unmitigated spending habits were getting the better him, Benzino opened up about his legendary war with Shady Records. As the conversation reaches the thirty-six-minute mark, Zino admits that he did use his position at The Source to his advantage against Em. “The only time I gave myself the mics was the Eminem situation,” he reflects. “It was me against the staff, me against everybody. At that point, it was just fuck everybody. I was in a dark place where I felt like ‘I’m standing for something that’s right.’ I felt like nobody backed me.”

“You can’t look at the industry to be righteous,” he muses, prompting Nore to ask whether he’d change his tactics if given the chance. “At that time, I felt deep about what I was standing for,” says Benzino. “My thing is hip-hop is the only thing that made white people come to the culture, buy into the culture, spend money, and also interact with the culture through hip-hop…I felt like once they get a white rapper and make it so white people want to buy him, they fuck with that balance. Cause now white people will just fuck with him cause his skin color. Before they had to fuck with us cause the music.”

Benzino Reflects On War With Eminem & Shady Records

Kevin Winter/Getty s

“With Eminem, I felt hip-hop is big now, it’s pop now,” continues Zino, fueling his prediction that the industry would mobilize behind a popular white rapper. “He came in, there was a whole demographic white people who just ain’t fuckin with n***as, period. I don’t give a fuck. Those are the guys who’d vote Donald Trump.” He goes on to explain that while Eminem raps, he’s not ” the culture.” “Eminem is not in the culture that I’m from,” he elaborates. “That’s not a bad thing. I’m not mad at that. He grew up one way, I grew up a whole different way…He grew up where there weren’t a lot black people.”

Despite the fact that Zino’s claims may very well be unfounded, given Em’s widely-documented come ups with D12, Royce Da 5’9″, and The Outsidaz, it’s still interesting to hear him reflect on a beef that many hip-hop heads hold dear. Of course, Em has likely forever tarnished Zino’s reputation in the eyes the Stan-army, but we can’t forget what he did contribute to hip-hop culture. The Source remains a legendary publication, and arguably the most impactful piece hip-hop media to date. Check out his full Drink Champs appearance below. 

Benzino Reflects On War With Eminem & Shady Records

Jesse Grant/Getty s 

Francis Ford Coppola Says Marvel Films Are "Despicable"

Filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola is adding on to the ongoing criticism mounted against Marvel in recent times.

It was while receiving the Prix Lumiere in Lyon, France that he sounded f on his own opinion about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Godfather director would allude to Scorcese’s own words in his delivery.

Francis Ford Coppola Says Marvel Films Are "Despicable"

Kevin Winter/Getty s

“When Martin Scorsese says that the Marvel pictures are not cinema, he’s right because we expect to learn something from cinema, we expect to gain something, some enlightenment, some knowledge, some inspiration,” Coppola said per Agence France-Presse. “I don’t know that anyone gets anything out seeing the same movie over and over again…Martin was kind when he said it’s not cinema. He didn’t say it’s despicable, which I just say it is.” 

It was in an interview with Empire that Scorcese previously compared Marvel films to theme parks. While he eventually commended the amount work that goes into creating the work, he still did not credit Marvel with creating films a substance by his standards.

“Honestly, the closest I can think them, as well made as they are, with actors doing the best they can under the circumstances, is theme parks,” Scorcese would tell the publication. “It isn’t the cinema human beings trying to convey emotional, psychological experiences to another human being.”

Will "Joker" Be In New "Suicide Squad" Movie? Probably Not

These days, with Joker being the number-one movie in the country for two straight weeks, it’s easy to see the popularity the green-haired villain has garnished over the years. Back in 2016, Suicide Squad featured the villain, played by Jared Leto. However, fans may be disappointed to know that Joker probably won’t be in the second edition the Suicide Squad story.

Will "Joker" Be In New "Suicide Squad" Movie? Probably Not
Chris Jackson/Getty s

Recently, director James Gunn did a Q&A on Instagram. One user asked, “How can you justify a Suicide Squad movie that does not have Joker in it?” This Joker fan was probably not very content with the response they got. Gunn responded, “No one but me and a few others know all the characters in the movie, but if the Joker isn’t in the film, I don’t think it would be strange as he isn’t a part the Suicide Squad in the comics.” Gunn’s response doesn’t completely rule out the possibility Joker appearing in the movie, but it does make it seem pretty unlikely. The second Suicide Squad movie is set to release on August 6, 2021.

Still, all hope is not lost for Joker fans. The villain and his lover, Harley Quinn, are set to have their own ‘love story spin-f’ movie in which they kidnap Dr. Phil. Keep an eye out for that.

Will "Joker" Be In New "Suicide Squad" Movie? Probably Not
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Here Are The Holiday Movies & TV Shows Coming To Netflix This Winter

Christmas is only a couple months ago, and to celebrate Netflix has decided to come through and share its upcoming lineup holiday-themed movies and TV shows coming to the streaming giant this year.

Between November 1 and December 30, Netflix will be streaming a ton fun-filled family comedies, festive romantic dramas, Netflix originals, and much more. Standouts include Klaus, The Knight Before Christmas, and A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish to name a few. There’s even an Netflix original titled “Holiday in the Wild,” which stars Rob Lowe and is about a divorcée who embarks on a safari in Zambia where she rediscovers herself while working at a local elephant sanctuary.

Check out a glimpse at what to expect from Netflix’s holiday lineup (below). What flick or show are you excited to catch?

November 1
Holiday in the Wild
Christmas Break-In
Christmas Survival
Elliot the Littlest Reindeer
Holly Star
Santa Girl
The Christmas Candle
Christmas in the Heartland

November 4
A Holiday Engagement
Christmas Crush Dear Santa

November 8
Let it Snow
The Great British Baking Show: Holidays: Season 2

November 15

November 21 
The Knight Before Christmas

November 22
Nailed It! Holiday!: Season 2

November 26
Super Monsters Save Christmas True: Winter Wishes

November 28
Holiday Rush Merry Happy Whatever

November 29
Sugar Rush Christmas

December 1
A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish

December 2
Team Kaylie: Part 2 (Holiday Episode)

December 5
A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

December 6
Magic For Humans: Season 2 (Holiday Episode)
Spirit Riding Free: The Spirit Christmas

December 9
A Family Reunion Christmas

December 24
Lost in Space: Season 2

December 30
Alexa & Katie: Season 3 (Holiday Episode)

Rosario Dawson & Her Family Sued By Transgender Ex-Employee For Assault: Report

She may be making headlines over her romance with presidential hopeful Cory Booker, but attention has also been drawn to Rosario Dawson over a lawsuit filed against her. A report by TMZ states that a former employee Rosario’s has made a slew accusations against the actress, including allegations that she and her family assaulted him for being transgender.

The outlet states that prior to transitioning, Dedrek Finley’s name was Deidre. He reportedly has known Rosario and her family for decades and moved from New York City to Los Angeles after the actress’s mother asked him to. Dedrek states that when he shared with Rosario’s family that he was transgender, the family wasn’t pleased. They refused to use his new name or pronouns, and Rosario would tell him, “You’re a grown woman.”

Rosario Dawson & Her Family Sued By Transgender Ex-Employee For Assault: Report
Kevin Winter/Getty s – Rosario Dawson & her mother Isabel

This both angered and fended Dedrek, but he continued to work for Rosario. The deal was that he could live at the actress’s house in North Hollywood rent-free if he worked on home renovations. However, he states his hours were cut and he was unexpectedly told he needed to leave. Then, in April 2018, Rosario’s mother allegedly came knocking at the door, but when Dedrek stated he didn’t want to speak with her, she became violent, damaged the property, said she would kill his cat, punched him, and yelled that he wasn’t “so much a man now.” Rosario was at the scene and, according to Dedrek, the actress pinned him down so her mother could continue the alleged assault.

The police later responded to the location following the alleged argument and Dedrek was taken to emergency care. He received a restraining order against Rosario’s mother and has filed a lawsuit against her, the actress, Rosario’s stepfather, and an uncle. They’re accused “assault, battery, trespass, discrimination, and] civil rights and labor violations.” This won’t bode well on the Democratic campaign trail.

The Game Forced To Pay $7.1M Judgment After Losing Appeal In Sexual Assault Case

The Game has been trying his hardest to appeal the $7.1M judgment that he owes to She’s Got Game contestant, Priscilla Rainey. The rapper requested to have a retirial in the case but according to TMZ, he will still have to cough up the dough to Rainey. The United States Court Appeals backed up the Northern District Illinois, Eastern Division’s decision to deny The Game’s bid to a retrial. The judge slammed The Game for failing to show up to the trial before claiming that his actions towards Rainey were “deeply reprehensible.”

The Game Forced To Pay $7.1M Judgment After Losing Appeal In Sexual Assault Case
Kevin Winter/Getty s 

Priscilla Rainey sued The Game a few years ago on claims that he ually assaulted her while on set for She’s Got Game. She accused The Game being f high f drugs before reaching into her dress and “forcefully reaching his hand inside her dress to rub her bare vagina and buttocks.” 

As the case and Game’s attempt to appeal the verdict went on, the rapper faced numerous problems. At one point, there was a warrant out for his arrest since he failed to turn over financial documents in the case. He managed to avoid getting arrested after finally handing over the necessary documents. 

Earlier this year, it was reported that the judge granted Priscilla Rainey motion to seize the rapper’s royalties until the judgment is paid f. 

Kanye West’s Application To Trademark "Sunday Service" Rejected

There are plenty people who are fans Kanye West’s Sunday Service but it’s faced a ton criticism. For one, it appears as though Kanye’s using his religious getaway to make people forget about his wild antics in 2018. Secondly, it seems like another money scheme for ‘Ye to use the weekly event in order to cash in. 

Kanye West's Application To Trademark "Sunday Service" Rejected
Kevin Winter/Getty s

The rapper recently filed to trademark “Sunday Service” for the use clothes and such but that won’t be happening. According to TMZ, ‘Ye’s Sunday Service trademark application was shot down U.S. Patent and Trademark Office because someone’s already trademarked it. Although it is taken, Kanye can still fight it but it might not be worth it entirely.

The Sunday Service events that have gone on throughout the year appears to be the inspiration behind ‘Ye’s next album, Jesus Is King. The album is set to arrive with an accompanying documentary that ficially has a release date set for October 25th. The docuseries premiered a few weeks back when Kanye held events in Detroit, Chicago and New York City (which apparently led to walk-outs) in late September where he debuted the documentary along with new music f the project.

‘Ye recently shared a teaser trailer for Jesus Is King: A Kanye West experience which you could check out right below. 

The Week’s Top U.S. Festivals & Tours, Presented by SeatGeek

The most popular concert tickets, tour stops, and artists around the country, based on SeatGeek data through Wednesday, October 16th.

Welcome to our weekly report on the world of live music, based on exclusive data from SeatGeek, a ticketing platform that enables fans to buy and sell tickets for sports, concert, and theater events. Read on for insights into the most popular artists and festivals from the prior and upcoming weeks.

Most Popular Artists and Festivals

Past Week, Based on SeatGeek Web Traffic

1. Post Malone (Rank last week: 2)

Post Malone is currently on the road in support of his latest album, Hollywood’s Bleeding. Dubbed the “Runaway Tour,” you can catch him this Friday at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta. He’ll be joined by Swae Lee who is on tap as tour support.

2. Billie Eilish (Rank last week: 1)

Billie Eilish is more popular than ever, in part due to a stellar performance at last weekend’s Austin City Limits music festival. Her “Where Do We Go? World Tour” The musician will kick things off on March 9 in Miami at the AmericanAirlines Arena followed by stops throughout the East Coast, including a show at Madison Square Garden in New York City on March 15.

3. Taylor Swift (Rank last week: 25)

Swifties are abuzz with excitement as tickets for Taylor’s “Lover Fest East” went on sale earlier this week. The event is currently one of four US performances on her “Lover Tour,” and will take place at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA.

4. Jonas Brothers (Rank last week: 3)

The JoBros are nowhere near finished with their “Happiness Begins” tour, with dates schedule from now through the end of the year (plus a slew of shows overseas). They also recently announced that they’ll be on the lineup for several stops of this year’s iHeart Radio’s Jingle Ball.

5. Luke Combs (Rank last week: 5)

Not only did Luke Combs recently announce the “What You See is What You Get Tour” for 2020, but he’s still in the midst of his “Beer Never Broke My Heart” tour. You can catch him now through December, with a performance in Portland, OR this weekend.


SeatGeek “Rising” Artists and Festivals

Past Week, Based on the Percent Increase in SeatGeek Web Traffic

1. Jaden Smith 676%

Although Jaden Smith just wrapped up his stint on Tyler, the Creator’s “Igor Tour,” the celebrity son (and performer in his own right) is still hot in the news. Three weeks ago Smith appeared on “Red Table Talk,” and he was recently spotted out with Lil Nas X.

2. Taylor Swift 391%

Taylor Swift has reclaimed her throne as the Queen of Pop, and the excitement around her upcoming Lover Fest East and West is proof. Unfortunately for North American fans, her Massachusetts and California festies are currently the only US dates on her “Lover Tour.”

3. Eagles: 378%

The Eagles have recently announced dates behind the “Hotel California Tour” set for early next year. The classic band will perform the seminal album in full on the winter trek, along with the help of a full choir and orchestra.

4. Jeremy Zucker: 286%

Soulful singer Jeremy Zucker has just announced plans for a short November tour. He’ll perform in NYC, Boston, Philly, LA and San Francisco, with tickets on sale now.

5. Tenacious D: 221%

Beloved goofball rockers Tenacious D are currently on tour, performing in cities throughout the US. For the rest of October, catch them throughout the South West and West Coast, including shows in Austin, Phoenix and LA.


Most Popular Upcoming Tour Stops and Festivals

Upcoming Week, Based on SeatGeek Ticket Sales

Topping the charts this week is the 7th annual “We Can Survive” charity concert, which is hosted at the Hollywood Bowl and features performances by Lizzo, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish and the Jonas Brothers. Speaking of the Jonas Brothers, the bros are still dominating in popularity as their “Happiness Begins Tour” treks on through the country, with stops in Atlanta, San Diego and Los Angeles on this weekend’s docket.

Tyler, the Creator’s “Igor Tour” will begin to wind down after his show at the Gila River Arena in Glendale, AZ this weekend. The same cannot be said for Post Malone, however, who is still in the thick of his “Runaway Tour.” Said tour will make stops in Atlanta, Raleigh and Miami this weekend.

Eminem Turns 47 & Xzibit Sends Some Birthday Wishes

Today marks Eminem‘s 47th birthday, and his fans have been paying homage by the thousands. Few have assembled as loyal a following as Slim Shady, who recently dropped f his ninth studio album in KamikazeThough he’s slowly climbing his way to 50, Em has shown no signs slowing down, remaining as technically sound as he’s ever been; in some departments, like his more recent inclination toward double-time flows, he’s become even more adept. Not to mention, the man has been working on some brand new music with both Dr. Dre and 50 Cent, the three-headed monster come again.

Eminem Turns 47 & Xzibit Sends Some Birthday Wishes

Kevin Winter/Getty s

Former collaborator Xzibit, with whom Em connected on “Don’t Approach Me,” “My Name,”  “What’s The Difference,” “Wake Up Show,” and “Bitch Please 2,” took a moment to send some birthday love — complete with some legendary throwback pics. “Happy Gday @eminem I wish you happiness, health, and many more to come,” writes X, alongside a pic them connecting circa the Up In Smoke era. He also shares one him, Em, and Dre rocking the stage, performing what we can only imagine being “What’s The Difference.” 

It’s only a matter time before more prominent rappers chime in to wish Em well, but for now, we’d like to echo Xzibit‘s words. Happy birthday Slim. Enjoy the day, and thanks for all the music!

Usher’s New Mystery Woman Revealed As Epic Records A&R Head

It was only last week that Usher was spotted receiving a kiss from an unknown woman that had him smiling ear to ear. The photo was snapped at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Bowl and was captured by photographer Jennifer Johnson. “Cause she’s such a good kisser! 💋Caught a rare moment with @usher backstage the other day. I stay catching moments like these boys be catching feelings!” she wrote alongside the image on Instagram

Usher's New Mystery Woman Revealed As Epic Records A&R Head
Kevin Winter/Getty s

Now just a few days later, The Blast has reported a confirmation on who the mystery woman is and she’s none other than the director A&R at Epic Records, Jenn Goicoechea.

We can’t say for sure how long the duo has been hanging out but the one photo speaks volumes for the vibe the “My Boo” singer has with Jenn. Usher became a single man just last year when he and his ex-wife Grace Miguel finalized their divorce. “After much thought and consideration, we have mutually decided to separate as a couple. We remain deeply connected, loving friends who will continue supporting each other through the next phases our lives,” they wrote in a statement

Lady Gaga Releasing "ARTPOP" Vinyls Sans R. Kelly Collaboration

By the time Lady Gaga called on R. Kelly for a collaboration, his scandalous reputation had been in the headlines for decades. It was back in 1994 that a 27-year-old Kelly illegally married 15-year-old singer Aaliyah, a union that was later annulled. What followed were years accusations ual misconduct, under the table payfs to alleged victims, cult claims, domestic violence allegations, and a child ography trial where the famed musician was found not guilty the charges set against him.

In 2013, a then-27-year-old Lady Gaga released her third studio album ARTPOP. The second single from the record was “Do What U Want” featuring Kelly, a racy track with lyrics like “Do what you want, what you want with my body / Do what you want, don’t stop, let’s party.” Gaga performed the song live on television with Kelly multiple times, including a duet at the 2013 American Music Awards. However, Gaga pulled the song from streaming services five days after the premiere Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly docuseries, claiming that she created the track during a “dark time” when she hadn’t dealt with her own “trauma.”

Lady Gaga Releasing "ARTPOP" Vinyls Sans R. Kelly Collaboration
Kevin Winter/Getty s

“As a victim ual assault myself, I made both the song and the video at a dark time in my life,” she said at the time. “My intention was to create something extremely defiant and provocative because I was angry and still hadn’t processed the trauma that had occurred in my own life. I’m sorry, both for my poor judgment when I was young, and for not speaking out sooner.”

Now, it’s being reported that Gaga is releasing versions  ARTPOP vinyl, and she’s removed the song from the tracklist. It doesn’t look as if the song will be returning to streaming services anytime soon, either. It’s as if the song never existed. Back in March, Kelly commented on Gaga apologizing for collaborating with him. “Working with Lady Gaga, she’s a very great talent and all and it’s unfortunate that her intelligence go to such a short level when it comes to that,” he said.

"Venom 2" Will Introduce A Second Marvel Villain Who’s Familiar With Carnage

The follow-up film to Marvel’s Venom is scheduled to arrive next year and Deadline is reporting that Tom Hardy’s character will have two villains to take down in the sequel. According to the publication, Cletus Kasady (played by Woody Harrelson) will still be an issue for Eddie Brock, and Shriek  (another Marvel comic character) will add even more trouble for the film’s lead. 

"Venom 2" Will Introduce A Second Marvel Villain Who's Familiar With Carnage
Kevin Winter/Getty s

It’s still unclear who will star as Shriek, but the character has previously been depicted as Cletus’ (AKA Carnage) love interest. “Shriek’s childhood problems being obsessed with families started to surface, and she adopted Carnage as her husband, Carrion and Demogoblin as their children to which she would teach their evil ways, and Doppelganger became their adopted pet. Carnage, demented in his own right, went along with this dysfunctional family idea hers,” Marvel writes.

“Right now the role is not filled, the net is cast wide toward many kinds actresses,” a source told the publication, adding that filmmakers are “looking mostly at unknowns right now.” 

“There’s a tragic clown element, which I find funny and is harmonious with some the work that I like to do,” Tom previously stated about his role. “There’s something funny about the circumstances having a gift but it’s a tragic gift. It’s a superpower you don’t really want, but at the same time, you love it. It makes you feel special. He’s a reluctant hero and an anti-hero.”

Tyga Secures Gargantuan Bag With New Columbia Record Deal

There is nobody better suited for crafting hedonistic, ass-centric party bangers than T-Raww himself. In the midst a career-defining comeback, the likes which would cause Soulja Boy to cry out in protest, Tyga has stacked win after win into his column. Songs like “Taste” and “Goddamn” proved he had reached the next tier summer song-crafting, keeping his voice in steady rotation throughout the past few years. Now, it has been confirmed that Tyga has secured yet another gargantuan bag, this time due to a new deal with Columbia Records. 

Tyga Secures Gargantuan Bag With New Columbia Record Deal

 Kevin Winter/Getty s 

According to a press release, Tyga signed a “multi-million” dollar deal with the label, though a specific number was not shared. Nor was the nature the deal, though Columbia did recently welcome Tyga to the family Instagram. While we do lack information surrounding the new partnership, the press release does promise that “new music is coming soon,” though we don’t need Google Translate to decipher that bit industry-speak.

Congratulations to Tyga for his latest win, and may the comeback continue ever onward. Are you excited for some new music from T-Raww?

Southside Switches Up On Kodak Black After Yung Miami Threats

Despite their differences, mega-producer Southside wants the best for Kodak Black. The two were at odds earlier this year and now that Yung Miami is near her due date, the beatmaker is switching up on the man who previously threatened to end the City Girls’ star’s pregnancy.

When he first got locked up after Rolling Loud in Miami, Kodak Black made some egregious comments over the phone, freestyling from jail and threatening to punch Yung Miami in the stomach. If you’re unfamiliar with Kodak’s relationship with the female rapper, the two were romantically linked for a short period time last winter, filming a music video together and even prompting engagement rumors when Kodak got down on one knee with a candy ring. Days after the spectacle though, it was revealed that Miami was actually with Southside. It would appear as though things are tamer between both men now because, in his latest social upload, Southside agrees that the Pompano Beach rapper should be released from jail.

Responding to a fan who attempted to get under the producer’s skin by blurting out “Free Kodak,” Southside actually issued the same sentiment. “Free dat boi,” he replied with some crying emojis. When another commenter accused the 808 Mafia boss trolling, he explained that it’s nothing the sort. “Not at all I don’t wish jail on a soul,” he said.

Hopefully, everything is finished between this trio. We would love to hear Kodak on a track with Southside when he gets out.

Southside Switches Up On Kodak Black After Yung Miami Threats
Southside Switches Up On Kodak Black After Yung Miami Threats