DMX To Star In New "Chronicle Of A Serial Killer" Film (Exclusive)

Dark Man X is indeed a man many talents, easily vacillating between seasoned rap veteran and captivating thespian to anointed minister in recent times. While he’s been busy making his rounds as the former and the latter, he’ll soon be returning to his work as an actor in a new psychological thriller.

HNHH has learned that DMX is set to join a cast that includes the likes Brendan Sexton and Tara Reid for Chronicle Of A Serial Killer. Directed by Steve Stanulis, the film will follow Sexton as the central lead Henry Brolin, a serial killer who targets women that he believes will ultimately turn out to be like his mother. In his role, DMX will be playing one the lead detectives tasked with track Brolin down.

DMX To Star In New "Chronicle Of A Serial Killer" Film (Exclusive)

Kevin Winter/Getty s 
“When my casting director suggested DMX it immediately resonated with me as a perfect fit” Stanulis tells us. “I have no doubt he is going bring a different dynamic to the role and I’m excited to have him part this talented cast. I’m looking forward to working with him and everyone else this summer.”
Filming for the flick is set to take place in NYC, beginning in June. 
Until then, DMX will be busy fulfilling a schedule appearances on the musical side things as he continues to celebrate the 20th anniversary It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot. The itinerary includes stops in Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Chicago before things come to a close with his set at Rolling Loud Miami.

Coachella: Weekend 1 Breaks YouTube Live Streaming Records

As the second weekend Coachella 2019 wraps up, the first weekend has already broken a record for the famed festival.

YouTube, which holds exclusive live streaming rights to the Indio, California gathering, reports that the first weekend Coachella broke its own live streaming record, doubling its views over last year. Overall, Coachella racked up 89.2 million live views, marking the highest viewership since YouTube began streaming it in 2011 and marking the growth 90%. Of all the acts performing at Coachella, only about 70 streamed their performances.

Coachella: Weekend 1 Breaks YouTube Live Streaming Records

Kevin Winter/Getty s

This year’s lineup was a thick mix headliners Childish Gambino, Ariana Grande, and Tame Impala with acts across both weekends including Tierra Whack, Smino, YG, Jaden Smith, Little Simz, The 1975, Janelle Monae, Pusha T, Kid Cudi, Murda Beatz, and even a live Sunday Service courtesy Kanye West. 

This year, Coachella switched things up on the live stream front, taking viewers into the Yuma Tent during Weekend 2 for the very first time. Yuma is the designated destination for DJ acts that, this year, included sets by Idris Elba, Nicole Moudaber, and Deep Dish among others. In addition, specially curated content included interviews conducted by virtual Instagram personality Miquela.

Ariana Grande will close out this year’s festivities with her second headlining run Sunday evening on the Empire Polo Grounds.

"Game Of Thrones" Season 8 Episode 2 Leaks Online Hours Before Premiere

The night is dark and full terrors… and leaks too. As reported by The Wrapepisode 2  Game Thrones’ final season has leaked online just hours before it is set to premiere. Of course, we will not get into any spoilers here, but you can head over to to catch in-depth breakdowns and summaries what took place. According to and Twitter users, the episode was released early Amazon Prime in Germany. Last week, episode 1 leaked a few hours early as well. It appears that time zones, and distribution, have made it hard for HBO to stop leaks from surfacing. Game Thrones may be the most pirated show all time. 

The Wrap confirmed Episode 802 was released early and uploaded to website Openload, but has since been removed. Nothing is forever gone from the internet though, so for those who can’t wait 3 more hours, feel free to dig through the internet for what you desire. Episode 802, as the trailers suggest, will focus on Jon’s new knowledge, Jamie Lannister’s arrival in Winterfell, and Tormund’s journey to warn the others what he has witnessed. With only 5 episodes left, counting tonight’s, there isn’t much Game Thrones left. Long live Aegon Targaryen!

Will Smith Movies: Top 10 Most Action-Packed

Actor. Rapper. Dude who bungee jumps out helicopters. Will Smith is a multi-faceted entertainer who, after more than three decades in showbiz, really has done it all.

However, historically, his body work as a big screen action hero has divided the general public. From garnering two Best Actor Oscar nominations (for Ali and The Pursuit Happyness) to turning down the lead role in The Matrix to make Wild Wild West instead, it’s easy to see why.

So, with a clear, unbiased conscience and Big Willie Style bumping on my sound system, it’s time to set the record straight on Will Smith’s movie career and highlight the 10 best action-packed projects he’s been involved with since the dawn the Fresh Prince fever in the early-90s.

It’s a lot ground to cover, so let’s jump right in.

10. Focus

In the three years following Men in Black III, Smith’s career was full big swings and misses, including the dreadful After Earth and Winter’s Tale. Despite those bombs, he earned himself a box-fice and critical comeback sorts with the action-thriller Focus, a twisty-turny film where he plays a veteran con man to Margot Robbie’s green-but conniving apprentice. As a stylish, Ocean’s-esque excursion into the world charming criminals, you could do a lot worse.

9. I, Robot

A sci-fi thriller that predates the AI paranoia that has gripped the Western news media in the past few months, I, Robot drops Smith into the middle an intriguing futuristic premise and manages, for the most part, to weave it into a suspenseful whodunit. Though it’s also saddled with a rushed, unconvincing ending, Robot is still a solid piece blockbuster fare that’s miles above loud, pointless Smith vehicles like Bright and Bad Boys II.

8. Ali

I mentioned Smith’s two Best Actor nominations earlier and, since boxing is the closest thing sports movies have to out-and-out fistfights and explosions, let’s talk about his portrayal the Champ. Ali, directed by the great Michael Mann, surrounds Smith with capable supporting players, such as Jamie Foxx and Jon Voight, and gives the rapper-actor room to get under the champ’s skin and embody his spirit. Though it’s weighed down by too much exposition and at least 45 minutes too long, Ali rises to the level involving biopic based mostly on Smith’s mesmerizing performance in the title role. Rumble, young man, rumble.

7. I Am Legend

An underrated performance if I’ve ever seen one, I Am Legend is a perfect example how Smith’s presence and acting ability can carry a mediocre film to respectability all on its own. Plot holes and spotty special effects plague this post-apocalyptic world and should’ve sunk this sci-fi adaptation but, in cutting together Smith’s modulated and moving work, a stunning character study emerged. Underneath its problems, I Am Legend is really about how lonely it feels to be the last man on a decimated planet, and Smith’s performance is what anchors that emotional truth.

6. Hancock

What if your friendly neighborhood superbeing was actually a clumsy boozehound whose antics didn’t make him any friends in high places? Behold the premise Hancock, an uneven but entertaining antidote to the MCU-fueled reverence for men and women in capes and tights. Smith’s John Hancock is a most unsympathetic character at the outset who, with the help from a much-needed image makeover from a PR wizard (Jason Bateman), the fledgling superhero may be able to win back some public trust once more. Also featuring a nice supporting performance from Charlize Theoren, Hancock takes a pleasant trip down a comic book road less travelled.

5. Bad Boys

Speaking the Bad Boys franchise, let’s go back to the 1995 original for a moment. Funny, violent and wholly exciting, this is what happens when you pair Smith with a co-star (Martin Lawrence) who can keep up with his energy and a script that leaves room for some perfectly-pitched banter between gratuitous Michael Bay explosions and helicopter noises. This was also a turning point in Smith’s career, paving the way for his roles in the likes Independence Day and Men in Black later that decade. Segueway!

4. Independence Day

Okay, I’ll be straight up with you: I don’t get the hate that this movie still gets in certain corners the internet. Is this a big, loud, sort dumb action movie? Yes, course it is. It’s from the same guys who made Stargate and that trainwreck a Godzilla movie, so really, would you expect any less? That said, Independence Day is a cut above those films, presenting a complex, affecting tapestry characters and subplots, with Smith’s Captain Hiller at the center the excitement. Oh yeah, and Bill Pullman’s speech is still the greatest thing a U.S. President has ever done on the big screen. Period.

3. Men in Black III

I remember when this trailer came out. I watched it, rolled my eyes and assumed that both Smith and this franchise were trying to squeeze every penny out a franchise that was already past its expiration date. However, I didn’t expect what awaited me during a late-afternoon screening later that year: a fun, action-packed romp a film that, if nothing else, put the twinkle back in the MIB universe’s eye. Smith is great here, as is Jemaine Clement as a delightfully gruesome adversary and Josh Brolin’s hilarious Tommy Lee Jones impression as a younger Agent K.

2. Enemy the State

Many people forget that surveillance phobia was a thing in the late-90’s, long before the Y2K truthers and the worldwide panic that came after 9/11. Writer David Marconi captures that fear and what it does to people perfectly in Enemy the State, a script that is amplified by the late Tony Scott’s crisp, fast-paced direction. Smith’s performance as a lawyer on the run from government ficials is explosive, as is Gene Hackman’s portrayal an aged security expert who knows all too well the evil they’re both trying to evade.

1. Men in Black

Finally, we arrive at what is inarguably Smith’s best movie and one the best times I had at a movie theater in the ’90s. Men in Black was a dazzling blend action, laughs, gross-out moments and colorful characters that had kids like me believing, at least for a split-second, that aliens could actually walk among us and not want blood and carnage out the deal. Well, most them anyways.

It’s a movie that had a somewhat troubled production history, with Tommy Lee Jones almost refusing to sign on because a supposedly weak screenplay. However, watching it today, you’d never know that was the case. He and Smith have dynamite chemistry, achieving peak odd couple movie status and helping to redefine the “buddy cop” genre for a new generation. It’s a great rewatch and Smith is one the major reasons why.

A$AP Rocky Joins Tame Impala Onstage At Coachella For "Sundress" & "LSD" Unplugged

A$AP Rocky’s “Sundress” was a breath fresh air the moment it debuted in November, nearly 20 days after it had as an unsanctioned demo reel. Even hardened hip-hoppers were forced to lean back, at the thought A$AP Rocky picking daffodils to the sound a Brit Pop drum section. leaving no zero Yam’s sketch-up in passing.

A$AP Rocky Joins Tame Impala Onstage At Coachella For "Sundress" & "LSD" Unplugged

Kevin Winter/Getty s

But rest assured, A$AP Rocky’s expanded musical horizons are a welcome addition in the greater sense hip-hop. Part the credit “Sundress” indubitably goes to his collaborators Tame Impala, whose influence is hard to mistake, if you’re familiar with their solo material. For what it’s worth, “Sundress” was one two songs that Rocky previewed during last year’s Camp Flog Gnaw with Tyler the Creator – the other being the unpublished “Shittin Me.”

With Tame Impala booked to perform at week two Coachella last night, the opportunity for Rocky to join them onstage was there for the taking and he did just that. They performed “Sundress” in unison, while also repackaging A$AP Rocky’s “LDS” with the backing  the band’s live instrumentation. Thanks to the vigilance the Coachella crowd, numerous videos were recorded, documenting the whole affair in a series amateur postings. See for yourself.


The Best "Stoner Movies" To Watch During 420

4/20: the annual day rest and doobies. It’s the one day you should be doing absolutely nothing if you can help it. Yet even as weed has become more culturally accepted, the stoner movie is still the ideal form entertainment on a day like today. The ideal stoner movie presents the viewer with a ton harebrained schemes and red-eyed puns with laughter on the fringes dead sobriety.

Sure, you could watch just about anything when you’re high – nature documentaries and sports recaps will momentarily hold your attention but a stoner comedy keeps you laughing again and again. The being said, here’s our “best ” the stoner subgenre’s greatest hits. Spark one up and let’s get rolling.


Friday is the quintessential stoner film that doesn’t try to peddle the subject right on the nose. Thanks to DJ Pooh and Ice Cube‘s fantastic writing, the movie unfolds at a casual pace, illustrated by the manner in which “Smokey” persuades Craig (Ice Cube) to smoke weed with the idiomatic phrasing , “cause it’s Friday, you ain’t got no job, and you ain’t got shit to do.” The rest the movie runs at an idyllic pace, making every revisitation the movie feel like a reunion with a beloved neighborhood friend you haven’t seen in years.

How High

Method Man and Redman are a comedic duo  the highest order, refined after many years  collaborating musically. How High marked their transition to the silver screen. Red and Meth play “Jamal and Silas,” underachieving stoners who gain admission at Harvard with the help special chronic powered by the ashes a dead genius friend –  the two characters adjust to university life while simultaneously focusing their attention on the feminine wiles Jamie (Nia Long) and Lauren (Lark Voorhies). While a sequel starring Lil Yachty and D.C. Young Fly is set to air on 4/20, one wishes they would have gone with the original cast and crew for a trip down Memory Lane.

Half Baked

Questlove once claimed that had Dave Chappelle been given carte blanche to do as he pleased with the Half Baked script, the film would be regarded as a bonafide classic comedy in the grand scheme things.

As it stands, Half Baked is charming in its own right, in telling the story a romp through NYC led by Chappelle and his crew as they look for ways to get their friend out jail by selling f whatever medical reefer they can lay their hands on. Years later, Chappelle and Neal Brennan would strike comedy gold with Chappelle’s Show, years after laying the foundation their partnership on Half Baked.

Dazed and Confused

Richard Linklater captured the essence a “last day school” in stunning form, crafting Dazed and Confused, a coming age film spanning several different perspectives. The film boasts so many delightful elements, like music from Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin, the happenstance aliens, burnouts, jocks, and the humor a vintage Matthew McConaughey landing plenty 4/20 jokes along the way. As the movie wears on it takes on the feeling  a dogged day summer.

Pineapple Express

A process server and his weed dealer become the unlikeliest friends after a murder scenario links them together, relating to a rare strain weed they happen to hold in their possession. Before long, the two unlikely friends become subjected to ninjas, assassins, angry parents, on slippery slpe that includes cop chases gone wrong and gang shootouts.

With Rogen and Franco at the helm, the comedic punch the movie doesn’t reveal itself in the ways you’d expect it. But Pineapple Express still delights when rewatched thanks to its dialogue – when was the last time you told someone you were glad you dipped in the company ink?

Super Troopers

In Spurbury, Vermont, the state troopers who patrol the highways are wired a little differently. These troopers play pranks on the local stoners and fight the deputies that rank below them. Suddenly, budget cuts threaten to change the order things and demand they clean up their act. Where Super Troopers succeeds is in stringing together a series hilarious gags in a freewheeling manner that is equal parts charming as it is outrageous.

The Big Lebowski

“Well, that’s like your opinion, man,” is a lasting memory from the Coen Brothers to the rest us. The Big Lebowski takes us through an insane day-in-the-life a man named “The Dude” who barely stumbles to make things happen. He abides by bowling, going for drives and toking up (to the point  mistaken identity).

It’s a story that doesn’t aim to make any sense, giving f the illusion a long acid flashback. In some ways, The Big Lebowski is the perfect movie to watch when high, because Jeff Bridges’s “The Dude” character embodies the epitome  what a free spirit should be: living the dream life yet forever hateful towards The Eagles. 

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Whoah! Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter play two high school kids who manage to travel through time for the sole purpose acing a history presentation. It’s loveable, endearing and most importantly, watching Winter and Reeves interact with the likes Socrates, Abraham Lincon, Joan Arc and Genghis Khan with a dumbfounded expression on their faces is pure stoner comedy gold.

Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

We can all relate to embarking on a trip to get food when the munchies hit, which is incidentally where Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle takes its idea to its utter zenith. For Harold and Kumar, only White Castle suffice in weathering their munchies, leading them on a series grand misadventures – including a run-in with an escaped cheetah, an ecstasy-addled Neil Patrick Harris, a raccoon and plenty more. 

Anderson .Paak Rocks Coachella Stage With Brandy & Jay Rock

R&B and rap sensation Anderson .Paak gave Coachella fans a fun-filled performance yesterday during the kick f the festival’s second week. The singer literally lit up the stage with pyrotechnics including flames and fireworks while reportedly performing much his recently released Ventura record. A surprise appearance came from fellow R&B singer Brandy who made her Coachella debut by performing alongside .Paak who featured the Moesha actress on Ventura on their collaboration “Jet Black.”

Anderson .Paak Rocks Coachella Stage With Brandy & Jay Rock
Kevin Winter/Getty s

.Paak also delivered a performance his Grammy-winning single “Bubblin’,” but if you recall, when he took home the award just a few months ago for Best Rap Performance, he actually tied with “King’s Dead” from the Black Panther soundtrack by Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Future, and James Black. During his Coachella performance, .Paak played Lamar saying “miss me with that bullsh*t” at the beginning “King’s Dead” before Jay Rock hit the stage.

Anderson .Paak Rocks Coachella Stage With Brandy & Jay Rock
Kevin Winter/Getty s

.Paak also paid tribute to slain rapper Nipsey Hussle by shouting out his love for him while closing out his set with a cover Mac Miller‘s “Dang!” In an emotional end to his performance, .Paak displayed a picture himself and Miller on the screen onstage where the two friends were photogaphed as they laughed together.

Beyonce’s "Homecoming" Is Part Of 3-Project Deal With Netflix Worth $60M: Report

Beyonce blessed the Beyhive with Homecoming — a documentary exploring the lead-up to her iconic Beychella performance — this week and it looks like she has more in store for her devoted fan base. Variety reports that Homecoming is part a three-project deal that Beyonce signed with Netflix.

As more streaming services emerge and gear up to compete with Netflix, the streaming giant’s tapped into one the most faithful following in the world: the Beyhive. Sources said that Beyonce signed a three-project deal with Netflix estimated to be worth $60M. The price tag surrounding Homecoming, which Beyonce serves as an executive producer, writer, and director, is around the $20M mark. However, the publication notes that a source at the company disputed the financial terms Beyonce’s deal with Netflix. Apparently, Beyonce’s decision to link up with Netflix is to deliver more visuals that will accompany the release her music.

Beyonce's "Homecoming" Is Part Of 3-Project Deal With Netflix Worth $60M: Report
Kevin Winter/Getty s

While Netflix managed to score Beyonce for three projects, HBO was previously in talks with her to secure the rights for Homecoming. With a reported $60M bag, Netflix ended up outbidding HBO. 

No details surrounding Bey’s future releases have emerged yet but Beyonce’s reportedly gearing up to bless her fans with another gift next week. According to reports, Queen Bey’s TIDAL-exclusive, Lemonade, will finally be available on all streaming services next week on the three-year anniversary the project.

Meek Mill Continues To Tease His Mystery Girlfriend: "Gave Me More Than I Needed"

Meek Mill has been living his best life ever since he got out prison last year. The #FreeMeekMill movement was so strong that it even made its way to Slovenia during the Winter Olympics. That’s when you know you’ve made it. From time to time, Meek appears to have been telling the world that he’s got a new girlfriend, finally finding love after his very public split with Nicki Minaj. He posed with a mystery woman during an f day at the beach but nothing seems to have come from that, until now maybe. In the last few days, Meek has been posting about a relationship he experienced, either in the past or present. He speaks highly his partner, even teasing marriage at one point. Many are starting to believe that he has something he wants to get f his chest.

In one photo uploaded to his socials, Meek wrote, “When I get married this how we carrying it.” The picture shows him all dressed up next to a smoking Lamborghini with the doors up. Then, the Philly product shared the same scene from a little further back, adding even more emotion in his caption. “You gave me more than I wanted … you gave me more then I needed.”

The majority fans sliding into the comments box are curious to find out who Meek is talking about. The captions are written as if the relationship may be over, so he could be talking about an ex. Is it even a romantic bond at all? Who knows at this point. Got something you wanna say, Meek?

Dee Barnes Gets Silent After Wendy Williams Asks If Dr. Dre Sexually Assaulted Her

Dee Barnes is one the most recognized and revered hip-hop journalists. Earlier today, she sat down with Wendy Williams where she discussed some her most memorable interviews. She dove into detail about her interview with Ice Cube which resulted in an altercation with Dr. Dre and N.W.A.

Dee Barnes Gets Silent After Wendy Williams Asks If Dr. Dre Sexually Assaulted Her
Kevin Winter/Getty s

“Basically at the height  Ice Cube and N.W.A’s] feud — and what people don’t understand was that we were all friends, we knew each other behind the scenes,” she recalled. “Dre] hadn’t left yet. He was still a part the group so I interviewed the group about their popularity, about Straight Outta Compton. Cube was leaving the group so they were separated and the segment was switched where Cube said something about the group and it was edited into the show, completely out my hand, into their particular interview, which played on Pump It Up!”

Barnes continued to speak on the altercation where Dr. Dre brutally assaulted her. Barnes elaborated further on the assault before explaining that she managed to get away and tried to escape to the women’s restroom but Dre followed her in there. 

“He continued to assault me in the women’s restroom,” Barnes told. 

“Beating you up? Were you sexually assaulted?” Wendy asked. 

“I’m not comfortable talking about everything right now,” Barnes replied tearfully. 

Your silence is speaking volumes,” Wendy replied. 

Future’s Baby Mama Joie Chavis Shares Adorable New Photo Of Baby Hendrix

Out all his children’s mothers, Future appears to have the strongest relationship with Joie Chavis. That’s not exactly saying much though. The man never mentions any the women that have mothered his babies publicly. We’re lucky to even hear a peep about his kids. At this point, if you want news about how Future’s kids are doing, you’ve got to follow his respective baby mothers. Ciara is the most famous the bunch, always sharing new photos and videos her son Future Zahir while Eliza Reign, who is rumored to be carrying Fewtch’s child, has been fering updates on her pregnancy. Joie Chavis shared pictures baby Hendrix in the winter and she decided to update fans with some more her son today.

The last time Joie shared a photo Hendrix was right after his birth. Today, she changed that by updating fans with an adorable picture the child in his crib with a huge smile on his face. He’s playing with a few toys but Joie got him at the right moment, catching his attention for enough time to snap a memory her son at four-months-old. 

Many have been flooding Joie’s comments with heart emojis, telling her just how special baby Hendrix is. A few have also pointed out that Hendrix appears to have his father’s eyes. What do you think? Does he look more like his father or his mother?

"Game Of Thrones" Season 8 Episode 2 Promo Photos Revealed

Last Sunday, HBO’s Game Of Thrones returned with a triumphant blaze dragon-fire, drawing in both legal and pirate viewers in droves. While the premiere “Winterfell” was a relatively bloodless affair by Thrones standards, the episode still brought many compelling narratives to the forefront, including an absolutely major revelation: the nature Jon Snow’s royal lineage. Clearly, the board is in the process being set, and the pieces are moving toward the imminent storm. Now, with seven days feeling like “Winter” in Thrones lore, HBO has decided to show Mother’s Mercy and share a few promotional pictures from Episode 2.

With many plot developments teased in the promo above, the new batch images serves to round out some the expected scenes. Sam spends some quality family time, likely pondering on the recent truth-bomb he just delivered. Jaime stands trial in Winterfell, praying it will fare better than that Petyr Baelish. Dany, Jorah, Tyrion, Varys, Jon Snow, and Arya appear to hold council in the same war room, presumably discussing the incoming Army Of The Dead. 

You can check out some the pictures below, Instagram, as well as catching a better view over at WOTW. Will you be tuning into this as–yet untitled episode? If you’re reading this, it feels like a sure thing. 

Michael Jackson’s Kids Quietly Investigating "Leaving Neverland" Accusers: Report

Leaving Neverlandsparked a huge debate surrounding Michael Jackson’s legacy. Many people began to vilify the pop icon while others came to his defense, claiming Wade Robson and James Safechuck are seeking money and fame. The Jackson family has already put the two accusers from Leaving Neverland on blast, claiming that they’re lying, but it looks like Jackson’s children are taking things into their own hands.

According to PageSix, Paris, Blanket, and Prince Jackson have been silently investigating James Safechuck and Wade Robson ahead filing a lawsuit against the two accusers. The investigation is meant to look into whether Safechuck or Robson was paid for their appearance in the documentary as well as any inconsistencies in their stories. There’s previously been one inconsistency that even the director  Leaving Neverland admitted to. The Jackson kids explained that the documentary impacted their own privacy. “All these things take away their privacy,” said a source.

Michael Jackson's Kids Quietly Investigating "Leaving Neverland" Accusers: Report
Kevin Winter/Getty s

The lawsuit being prepared by the children is for emotional distress, fraud, slander, and misrepresentation. The kids the late pop star aren’t looking for monetary gain from the suit but hope that it will prompt an apology from the two. They’re also hoping that Safechuck and Robson will accept “responsibility.” Any money won from the suit will go towards charity.

The investigation is also looking into Robson’s charity that he set up called “Robson Family Fund” through the Hawaii Community Foundation around the time the documentary launched. Robson and his wife were later accused capitalizing f the documentary since it wasn’t clear where the funds would go. He later changed the name to  “Robson Child Abuse Healing and Prevention Fund.” 

A rep for the Jackson kids said, “The three children say that all they want is to preserve their father’s musical legacy. They feel that the ‘documentary’ was one-sided and the two men have made numerous claims that aren’t true. As for the allegations, they believe that per their own investigation and other news sources, money raised by the two men and maybe others has not gone to a charity or to promote anything positive. They want formal answers on the ‘charity’ issue Mr. Robson and his ‘donation’ and more. They certainly haven’t used their new platform and that is the point. The Jacksons use theirs to help others. It’s the principle, but it’s also possibly illegal and they want answers.” 

"Game Of Thrones" Was Pirated 54 Million Times In A Frantic 24 Hour Window

According to MUSO, a data firm that analyzes that specializes in web-based private eye work, Game Throne’s premiere was pirated a whopping 54 million times within 24 hours its original airing. MUSO also lists the viewership “Winterfell” in the 17 million range. When you account for the successive airings that ensued after its 10 pm start time, the total easily eclipsed the 1 billion mark in total views.

Based on their findings, the highest piracy rates were reported in China and India. MUSO believes the Chinese GOT fanbase was mad with envy over the government ‘s censorship plan that saw a 6-minute sex scene omitted from the Mandarin-Cantonese regional broadcasts – so planned around the wall.

“Despite considerable global efforts to tackle piracy over the past couple years, this data shows that consumers are still being driven to unlicensed sources to find content,” MUSO chairman Andy Chatterley wrote in a statement. “It’s imperative that rights holders understand that piracy audiences are some their most dedicated fans, which, above all else, presents a vast commercial opportunity.”

As a consequence  the big hype job leading into Season 8, many GOT fans resorted to streaming/torrenting the first 7 Seasons in the months that preceded Sunday’s unveiling. MUSO says Game Thrones content occupies just about every spot in the field surveys they’ve employed in the past month or so. Interestingly enough, streaming partners like Amazon and Hulu were not counted among the 54 mill they found in the ballot box.

AMEX Suing Late Kristoff St. John’s Estate Over Unpaid Bills

Last month, the ill-timed death actor Kristf St. John left fans and family in a state shock. The 52-year old actor was found lifeless in his California home February following sudden heart failure. Kristf’s filmography contains numerous cameos in an array television series such as Roots: The Next Generations and The Cosby Show. However, the late actor was most recognized for his recurring role on the soap opera classic The Young and the Restless where he played the fictional character Neil Winters. The role made way for a Daytime Emmy Award as an Outstanding Younger Actor in Drama Series back in 1992. 

Since the actor’s death, the family has been struggling to cope with the loss while also battling over the distribution assets. To make matters more complicated, American Express is now reportedly sueing St. John’s estate over unresolved debt. According to legal sources, the filed claim cites an owing sum $33,007.30. The lawsuit was filed two months following the actor’s death. As St. John has not left a will behind, both his father and daughter have filed legal motions to acquire administrator status over the estate. With this new hefty bill underway for immediate payment, things are sure to get trickier.