Lil Uzi Vert Tells His Fans They're Going To Hell During Recent Concert

Remember the rumors flying around that Lil Uzi Vert is actually Satan? While the assumption was never actually proven, Uzi seems interested in reviving the speculation through his recent claims during his set at London’s Wireless Festival. Just before performing his most popular song “XO Tour Llif3,” Uzi stopped the beat to send a message to his fans. According to the Philadelphia rapper, his performance coincided with the “rapture,” and since none the audience members were flying up to Heaven, they were clearly all going to Hell.

Perhaps Uzi knows something that we don’t. Maybe we are actually in the midst a rapture and Uzi is the one to save us all. Hinting at his satanic allegiances in the past, the “Money Longer” singer told crowd members, “Like I told y’all earlier, you motherfuckers have entered the rapture. And if nobody flying up to Heaven right now, obviously all y’all motherfuckers going to Hell right with me.” As the hit song begins to play, Uzi continues to speak over the instrumental, going further. “Oh, you already here,” says Uzi, “I’m so sorry. You can’t get out! You’re stuck, it’s over. You heard the song a million times and you didn’t even know. That’s fucked up but I still love you anyway.”

Pretty bizarre stuff but we’ve come to expect no less from Lil Uzi Vert, the man who wrote his Instagram log-in on the bathroom wall a brothel. I don’t know about you but I’m pretty curious to relisten to “XO Tour Llif3” and see just what he’s talking about.

Drake, Lil Pump, & French Montana Show Off Their "London Wave"

If ever we hear a song between these three, perhaps the world really is coming to an end. We can’t envision ever being exposed to a collaboration between Drake and Lil Pump but, who knows, maybe one these days we’ll get lucky. Drake has a tendency throwing around his co-sign to anybody who he thinks deserves it. Most recently, BlocBoy JB and Lil Baby have been given the Drizzy stamp approval. French Montana previously collaborated with Lil Pump on the Deadpool 2 track, “Welcome to the Party,” and Drake worked with French on “No Shopping” but could a song utilizing all three their voices be in the works.

The three were likely just chatting over the weekend in London but the possibility a track between the three them seems at least exist now that they’ve snapped a pic together. Showing f their “London Wave,” the three posed for a selfie at Wireless, cheesing for the camera with Pump looking the most excited to be witnessing Drake’s highness in person. 

Drake was a surprise appearance at the U.K. festival, replacing DJ Khaled after he was vacationing too hard. Lil Pump also performed a set at Wireless, pausing his concert midway to help a fan through a medical emergency. Although a track with all three these talents sounds like it has the potential to be a hot mess, we’re kind curious as to exactly what it would sound like.

DJ Khaled's Wireless Festival No-Show Was Known By Organizers Months Ago

If you’re like us and you follow tons artists on your social feeds, you were fully aware that this weekend was special. Wireless Festival was taking place in the U.K. and most the hottest acts in the world were in attendance, performing for thousands adoring fans. One the most interesting situations surrounded DJ Khaled and whether or not he would actually show up. Hours before he was set to perform, the producer and executive was sharing snaps himself on vacation with his family, leading many concertgoers to wonder if he had any intention flying to the U.K. to perform.

Eventually, Drake was announced as his surprise replacement and, as HNHH community member TOflight said, fans were upgraded from Economy to First Class with the change. Khaled’s no-show was initially explained as a travel snafu but Wireless came through with some more details on their Twitter page. According to the post, they had been made aware the travel issues for months as they attempted to work around his schedule. 

“Due to a scheduling conflict related to filming the The Four, DJ Khaled was not able to commit to perform at Wireless Festival. Although we have known for a few months and tried to make it work, it wasn’t possible.”

Anybody hoping to see Khaled at the festival went home having not witnessed the star yelling his name and playing his biggest hits but on the bright side, they did witness Drizzy Drake performing his new material for the first time. Glass half full?

Lil Pump Stops Performance To Help Fan Having A Seizure

People can be quick to jump at anything negative they read about Lil Pump. The outspoken rapper is one the most hated figures in the game right now and his contributions to music are consistently discredited. Pump’s influence on the youth has been strong and with “Gucci Gang” and “Esskeetit” still collecting plenty streams, he isn’t likely to stop anytime soon. It’s easy to hate on Lil Pump but when he does kind-hearted, thoughtful and genuinely nice things like this, he has to earn a bit your respect.

During his performance at this weekend’s Wireless Festival in the U.K., Jetski stopped his set to alert medical practitioners to the crowd where one fan was having a seizure. Pump sounds scared, yelling, “Yo, yo! Parademics, somebody’s having a seizure. We need paramedics.” Fellow audience members helped the fan in distress to the front the crowd where security and paramedics helped him out. Pump even went to join him for a minute, rejoining the stage when he found out the fan would be alright. When Pump jumped back on, he confirmed the fan’s health status to a huge crowd ovation before continuing to perform his hits. 

Some rappers definitely would not stop their show after witnessing this so big ups to Lil Pump for doing the right thing. Hopefully, the fan is alright and got a photo with the artist afterward.

Lil Pump Stops Performance To Help Fan Having A Seizure