France Wins, Macron Dabs & Someone Steals A Medal: Twitter Reacts To World Cup Final

In a very strange World Cup (Croatia in the finals, Iceland in the tournament to begin with), France has won. What this means, other than incessant horn-honking in every neighbourhood with a francophone resident, is that the we have a gold mine Tweets on our hands. These include President Emmanuel Macron dabbing and a World Cup ficial stealing a medal on the sly. 

A bit context first: the game started with an own goal by Croatia’s Mario Mandžukić, who potted a nicely placed header in the back his net. Luckily, the first-time finalists were able to regain a little bit dignity in the 28th minute with a scorching goal by Ivan Perišić the bounce to tie it at one. The Croatians soon got another bad break, though, with France’s Antoine Griezmann scoring on a penalty that was awarded for a hand ball in the box, a call that was assisted by video replay.

This was the beginning the end for Croatia, as Paul Pogba put the game to bed in the 59th and Kylian Mbappé nailed it shut six minutes later, with a beautifully placed low ball that tied an unexpected record: he is the only teenager to score in a World Cup final other than the one and only Pelé. Mario Mandžukić got another goal in the 69th minute f a mishandled ball by the French GP, thus evening it out with his own goal from earlier. 

Now that we’ve got the actual match out the way, let’s get on with the tweets: