Dragon Ball Fans OD’d On Fan Art During A Festive "Goku Day"

Yesterday (May the 9th) is and was the one day per year Dragon Ball fans stop to rejoice over the revered Goku character. As inane as it might sound to the non-believers, “Goku Day” has been in practice for years, the world over.

The only thing about the Spiky-haired hybrid that varies in translation is the pronunciation the character’s given name. In Japan, the Otaku emphasize a phantom third syllable when Go-kyuu is drawn into conversation. Otherwise, “Goku Day” is guided by the same principles, regardless where you find yourself located, the day .

Even so, Goku’s character arc continues to evolve with every iteration the saga, including the current Super Dragon Ball Heroes storyline, where he finds himself roped into a conflict scenario with his Time Patrol counterpart, Xeno Goku. Vegeta is also forced to repel a Xeno doppelganger much the same, setting the scene for a “tag-team championship” the likes which we’ve never seen in the Akira Toriyama’s parallel universe.

So, you might be wondering: how did Dragon Ball fans actually “celebrate” the prodigal son. Well, they did what do just about every day the year: blessing the archives with loads hyperbolic fan art depicting the character at his Super Saiyan best. Take a look for yourself.

Dragon Ball Fans OD'd On Fan Art During A Festive "Goku Day"

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Adam22 Calls Out Over 2 Month Copyright Dispute

Not long ago, XXL shared a bountiful crop artist pitches, all vying to secure a spot in the upcoming 2019 Freshman class. With no shortage visual content to sift through, it’s no wonder that No Jumper host Adam22 took a couple hours to livestream his own reviewing process, fering up his signature brand brutally honest commentary in the process.

Throughout the hour-plus stream, Adam examined pitches from Rico Nasty, Lil Wop, Asian Doll, Mir Fontane, Kodie Shane, Boogie, and more. Now, Adam has taken to Twitter to call out XXL over an ongoing copyright battle, which appears to have stemmed from this video. 

“I’ve been in a copyright dispute with @XXL for 2 months over a 30 second clip in this hour long live stream,” writes Adam, sharing a link to his Freshman pitch evaluation. “It’s blatantly fair use. stop abusing the system.” While it’s unclear which thirty-seconds he’s referring to, Adam’s defiant tone suggests an innocence any foul play. While it’s but one side the story, XXL has yet to respond to Adam’s accusation, though it’s unlikely they wage such a war on a public forum like Twitter. 

Playstation Users Can Officially Change Their PSN Handles

While the OG PlayStation gamers have long secured the coveted “name without symbols” or otherwise alternate characters, many younger gamers have been forced to get creative over the years. Not to mention, names created during the early-adolescent years can ultimately come to haunt a wizened adult, especially if they were created during a spontaneous bout creativity. For some, a PSN handle can become somewhat an alter-ego, depending on the level dedication to online gaming. The idea that there’s only one chance to get it right seems silly, to say the least.

Playstation Users Can Officially Change Their PSN Handles

Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty s

Luckily, PlayStation is finally implementing a feature that will allow PlayStation gamers to change their username. The first name change is free, and each subsequent change will cost an additional $9.99 USD, though the price is halved for PS+ members. Should you get cold feet upon taking the plunge, the option to rollback will remain, though it’s unclear how long that will remain in effect.

Should you be interested in learning more about this long-awaited process, check out PlayStation’s announcement Tweet below for further details. Luckily, I managed to snag one without any annoying underscores, unsightly capital letters, or numbers. What about you? Will you be opting for the do-over? After all, a shiny new handle might work wonders on the upcoming PS5. 

Final "Hellboy" Trailer Gleefully Depicts R-Rated Violence & Debauchery

It’s strange. A dissonance seems to exist between the presented Green-Band trailer and the true nature the upcoming Hellboy film, which looks to be a bloody, disturbing, grotesque, and swear-laden good time. Many theater viewers might walk away with a false impression the upcoming film, as the “Red Band” trailers are far superior in just about every way. Now, the powers that be have issued the final Hellboy trailer, doubling down on everything that makes it look so delightful. Gory violence. Disturbing creature design. Copius swearing, as uttered by Ian McShane, who makes saying “fu*k” into an art form.

While brief, this Hellboy trailer is the most violent thus far. Faces are torn f, eyes are gouged out, severed heads are sewn onto necks, foreheads are branded, and that’s only a few clips. The trailer promises no shortage “STRONG BLOODY VIOLENCE,” “GORE THROUGHOUT,” and “LANGUAGE.” Behold the carnage now, and sound f below. Is this movie something you might be interested in? One has to wonder if many a youth will find themselves led astray by the original trailer, only to be subjected to a digitally-rendered gorefest the likes which they’ve never seen. 

Hellboy, based on the Mike Mignola comic-series the same name, stars David Harbour, Daniel Dae Kim, Penelope Mitchell, Mila Jovovich, Ian McShane, Sasha Lane, and more. Look for it when it hits Theatres on April 12th. 

Stephen King’s "Pet Semetary" Gets Eeriest Trailer Yet

Stephen King once described Pet Semetary as his most terrifying novel, a fact eagerly disputed by his legion fans. Yet anybody who ever read the book can likely attest to one thing: King was, at the very least, making an arguable assessment. Blending human and supernatural terrors like only he can, King’s take on grief resonates on a variety levels. Now, the upcoming film remake is set to provide an alternate take on the source material, as revealed through the haunting final trailer.

Stephen King's "Pet Semetary" Gets Eeriest Trailer Yet

 Evan Agostini/Getty s

Fans the source material will likely recognize a pair notable differences, which speaks to filmmaker Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kölsch decision to veer slightly away from the source material, while retaining the spirit in essence. While the film itself is visually impressive, it’s a little difficult to assess what manner scares we’ll be treated to. The still opening scene speaks to a sense slow-burning dread, though moments bone-crunchery and jump scares point to a more traditional brand horror. And we have to wonder, how far will they go with the loon-like laughter the original novel? If you’ve read the book, you know what I’m talking about.

In any case, Pet Semetary looks to be a great addition to the recent King canon. Check out the final trailer now, and sound f below. Will you be catching this on April 5th? 

Sting Says He’d Only Return To WWE For Match With The Undertaker

WWE Hall Famer Sting has not wrestled since he sustained a doubtlessly catastrophic neck harm throughout a 2015 match in opposition to then-champion Seth Rollins, and it does not seem he has any plans to ever get again within the squared circle. 

That mentioned, if there have been one man to get the 60-year outdated wrestling icon again within the ring, it might be none aside from The Undertaker.

In an interview with Wrestling Travel, Sting defined:

“I imply, everybody is aware of who it will be — Taker. He’s the one man I’d come out retirement for now. No one else.”

“We might simply by no means get it collectively to make it occur. When I began speaking to WWE he was booked with Brock after which I did the cope with Triple H and he had one other feud occurring on the time, so it was only one these issues we couldn’t make occur.”

“I don’t remorse it not taking place both. I imply, I acquired to face Triple H at my first WrestleMania after which wrestle Seth for the World Title. So I didn’t do too badly out that deal. But yeah, the one individual I’m getting within the ring for is Taker.”

Sting and Taker by no means crossed paths throughout their illustrious professional wrestling careers, and it is simply one thing that wrestling followers will at all times need to marvel, “what might have been.”

Dave Meltzer defined on Wrestling Observer Radio that Vince McMahon was “by no means sizzling on that match anyway.”

“WWE’s actually cautious with older guys as a result of what occurred with Lawler.”

“Vince was by no means sizzling on that match anyway. I imply individuals have been for no matter motive. Sting’s already 60.”

R. Kelly’s Sexual Abuse Trial: Judge Allows Cameras In The Courtroom

Given R. Kelly‘s standing as a public determine, it is no marvel the lots have been following his trial with a watchful eye. With the disgraced singer going through ten counts aggravated sexual abuse, a decide has deemed it fair play to open the doorways for digicam entry. During a listening to that transpired earlier at the moment, Cook County Associate Judge Lawrence Flood introduced that he’d be permitting cameras within the courtroom for all subsequent hearings. With the following one set to transpire on March 22nd, anticipate lots protection to floor in its wake.

R. Kelly's Sexual Abuse Trial: Judge Allows Cameras In The Courtroom

Scott Olson/Getty s

There is one caveat, nevertheless, forbidding any nonconsensual footage Kelly’s accusers. As now, two the accusers have already claimed they’re unwilling to offer permission in that regard. As for Kelly, the self-proclaimed “Pied Piper” didn’t attend courtroom at the moment, although his lawyer was current in his stead. Kelly has pleaded not responsible to the aforementioned expenses, and it ought to be attention-grabbing to see how this one performs out. 

On one other observe, Jussie Smollett’s ongoing trial is transpiring on the similar courthouse, with a distinct decide pondering the benefit digicam entry. Should he enable it, anticipate lots footage from the Cook County movie star trials. Naturally, we are going to maintain you abreast as every respective trial develops.



Jussie Smollett Will Be Arraigned Today, Expected To Enter Plea

Facing sixteen expenses disorderly conduct, Empire actor Jussie Smollett is probably going questioning if the whole lot was value it. When information first broke a “hate crime,” which left Smollett battered, bruised, and shaken, many have been initially sympathetic to his trigger. Throw in just a few MAGA hat sporting goons, and the villains have been set. Yet police quickly started recognizing just a few plotholes within the actor’s story, prompting a full-blown unraveling. One pair Nigerian brothers later, and the reality appeared to have come out. Now, the destiny  Empire hangs within the stability, and Jussie is ready to return to court docket for his arraignment later immediately. 

Jussie Smollett Will Be Arraigned Today, Expected To Enter Plea

Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty s

Apparently, Smollett has welcomed the presence cameras within the courtroom, as to stop the unfold misinformation. “We welcome cameras within the courtroom so the general public and the media can see the precise proof, and what we imagine is definitely going to be the shortage proof in opposition to Mr. Smollett,” says his legal professional Tina Glandian. The actor is anticipated to enter a plea to his disorderly conduct expenses, which embody falsifying a police report, in addition to mendacity to police ficers.

Expect footage from the arraignment to reach later immediately. Where do you stand on this wild fiasco?


Young Fan Gets J. Cole’s Face Shaved Onto Back Of Head

It was solely a matter time, however J. Cole has ficially been immortalized by hair. Thanks to the spectacular work barber Rob The Original, a younger fan by the identify Ivan has crafted Cole’s likeness onto the again his head, an association not in contrast to Pressor Quirrell and Voldemort within the first Harry Potter film. Footage the reveal has hit the web, with the fan in query shocked at how real looking the depiction really is. And relaxation assured, it is merely that lifelike. Some may even mistake hair-Cole for the true deal, if barely imaginative and prescient impaired and/or inebriated.

Those strolling behind the younger man can be handled to a wizened gaze from J. Cole, staring unblinking for the period the stroll. It’s a transparent testomony to the extent his fandom, as not many would immortalize their favourite artist in hair kind. Even Cole’s signature dreads are accounted for, a testomony to the Rob the barber’s meticulous ability. Still, one has to surprise how those that sit behind him within the classroom may really feel concerning the addition. Snoozing at school is likely to be all of the harder with Cole’s watchful eye upon you. Not to say the inherent issue that comes with washing such an elaborate lower; will he need to take particular care in sustaining Cole’s dreads, lest he rework into an abhorrent and weird “perm Cole?”

Who stated J. Cole wasn’t for the youth? 

Gwyneth Paltrow Announces Exit From Marvel Universe After "Avengers: Endgame"

Is there such factor as Iron Man with out Pepper Potts? The query begs to be requested since Gwyneth Paltrow who performs Pepper within the Marvel Universe, has introduced that she’s retiring her function after the upcoming Avengers: Endgame.

The 46-year-old actress chatted with Variety and defined that her days being Iron Man’s secretary (turned girl-friend) are coming to an finish. “I imply, I’m a bit previous to be in a swimsuit and all that at this level,” she mentioned. “I really feel very fortunate that I did it, as a result of I truly obtained talked into it. I used to be good friend with Iron Man director] Jon Favreau. It was such a beautiful expertise making the primary ‘Iron Man’ after which to observe how essential it has turn into to followers.”

Gwyneth Paltrow Announces Exit From Marvel Universe After "Avengers: Endgame"
Frazer Harrison/Getty s

Although she plans on retiring, Gwyneth is open to creating cameos and seem for flashback moments in upcoming movies. 

“I really feel honored to be a component one thing that individuals are so keen about,” she defined. “Of course, in the event that they mentioned, ‘Can you come again for a day?,’ I’ll all the time be there in the event that they want me.”

Avengers: Endgame is ready to reach April this 12 months – peep the trailer for the movie under. 

Kevin O’Leary Of "Shark Tank" Appreciates Colin Kaepernick’s Hustle

Kevin O’Leary is finest identified for telling youngsters their companies aren’t good and that folks ought to give him 10% royalties their enterprise on the hit present “Shark Tank.” The man who calls himself “Mr. Wonderful” even ran for Prime Minister Canada in the event you can consider that, however he ultimately crashed and burned at that. Now, the businessman is commenting on the Colin Kaepernick scenario courtesy TMZ. If you bear in mind, final week Kaepernick reached a settlement with the NFL in his collusion case and made a fairly hefty payday within the course of, one thing that O’Leary is a giant fan . 

“I feel the end result was good for him,” O’Leary mentioned. “He was not one of the best QB in NFL historical past, however he monetized the scenario in a great way. And, I recognize that as an entrepreneur.”

O’Leary additionally went on to say that he did not actually agree with Kaepernick’s protest however the best way he has been capable of flip himself right into a model is phenomenal. Although, he is not a lot a believer Kap getting a second probability out on the sphere.

“He won’t ever play within the NFL ever. Not on this lifetime and never in 10 lifetimes,” O’Leary exclaimed.

Lil Pump Invades Grammy Awards With Army Of Doppelgängers

A single Lil Pump is sufficient to trigger raised eyebrows in any given crowd. The younger man has taken to screaming “ESKETIT” in public areas, inflicting a normal ruckus wherever he may go. Not to say, his frequent urges to urinate on his personal property. Of course, all that is half his “allure,” or so many his followers will attest. He’s come this far, has he not? Now, with Harverd Dropout on the best way, it might seem that Lil Pump has taken a web page out Eminem‘s playbook, and lined up a busful lookalikes. If you thought one was a handful, attempt eighteen.

Lil Pump Invades Grammy Awards With Army Of Doppelgängers

Paras Griffin/Getty s

So the story goes, the Pump squad arrived on the Grammy Awards in a Harverd Dropout bus, decked out in matching sweatsuits. One has to surprise in the event that they deliberate to coordinate their passionate cries “ESKETIT,” or in the event that they merely determined to stagger them in an irritating and borderline maddening delay. At first, onlookers have been alarmed by the onslaught Pumps, however upon realizing their docile nature, approached the herd with curiosity. Before lengthy, selfies have been taken, and Pump’s crafty advertising sense prevailed but once more. 

What would you do in case you occurred throughout not one, not two, however eighteen Lil Pumps roaming the streets Los Angeles? 

Sean McVay Explains Todd Gurley’s Limited Super Bowl Playing Time

In the aftermath the Los Angeles Rams 13-Three loss by the hands the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 53, followers and pundits have been questioning what occurred to working again Todd Gurley. Gurley was a drive this season with the Rams, scoring 17 touchdowns. He missed the ultimate two video games the season with a knee harm and did not seem like himself within the playfs. In the Super Bowl, Gurley was given a restricted function and head coach Sean McVay defined why through the crew’s finish yr press convention.

“We had gone in realizing that we needed to form nearly have a shared load between he and C.J.,” McVay stated  USA Today. “So, the quantity makes an attempt simply speeding the ball the final couple video games was a little bit bit totally different.”

McVay additionally famous that the crew wasn’t taking part in properly sufficient on fense which led to Gurley’s function being restricted down the stretch.

Sean McVay Explains Todd Gurley's Limited Super Bowl Playing Time

Al Bello/Getty s

“We didn’t get the quantity performs f and didn’t have the drive continuity (we needed),” McVay defined. “That’s a giant end result why these alternatives had been restricted for him and simply going into the sport the way in which we had thought. As a end result us not being fairly as environment friendly or not having the ability to convert on these third downs, it simply limits these ops.”

Gurley solely touched the ball 11 occasions within the Super Bowl and had 4 touches towards the New Orleans Saints within the NFC Championship sport.

Tom Hanks’ Iconic "Woody" Delivery Reduces "Toy Story" Fans To Tears

Many look again on Toy Story three somewhat fondly, as each a superb piece cinema and an emotional tearjerker. Even essentially the most battle-hardened soul seemingly felt their face contorting upon watching the toys put together to fulfill their premature incineration. Despite the truth that the primary two installments are comparatively gentle on the emotional fare, particularly in comparison with the third chapter, the Toy Story sequence has developed a status as an emotionally devastating franchise. Now, it could seem that the fourth chapter is trying to proceed the custom, as indicated by just a few revelations from the forged. 

Tom Hanks took to Instagram to mirror on his remaining session as “Woody,” combining each his character’s signature phrase (though one may argue “there is a snake in my boot” ought to maintain that honor) with Buzz Lightyear’s traditional sendf. Naturally, followers took to Hanks’ remark part expressing their emotional connection to the franchise, shedding a tear in preparation for the large drop. Never one to be one-upped by the likes Woody, Tim Allen chimed in together with his personal reflection on his remaining days.

“Finished my Buzz for Toy Story four right now and it received emotional. Wonderful full physique story,” writes Tim Allen, the mastermind behind Buzz Lightyear.
“You are all going to like the work this unbelievable group at Pixar created. We are all going to like this story….man its received every thing.” 

T.I. Sounds Off After Jussie Smollett’s Assault: "Revolution Is Imminent"

Earlier at the moment, it was reported that Empire actor Jussie Smolett was the goal a suspected hate crime, leaving him with a fractured rib. The actor was assaulted in Chicago by two white males, who proceeded to place a noose round his neck, douse him with bleach, and deem him an intruder “MAGA nation.” While Smollett has but to talk on the traumatic ordeal, many have already spoken in his protection, fering their assist, prayers, and kindness. As it occurs, T.I., the de-facto voice the individuals, was notably shaken by the incident. Taking to Instagram, he proceeded to unleash fireplace and brimstone upon the nation at massive, calling for unity within the face more and more troubled instances.

“It’s a Disgusting Fuckking disgrace we proceed to permit this shit to occur to OUR PEOPLE with no recourse!!!!” he writes. “THE HITS WONT STOP UNTIL WE HIT BACK!!!! Revolution is imminent… Laws reciprocity say so… Prayers are nice… But once I’m wronged… rise up f your knees and RIDE for ME!!!!! Be sturdy & Stay stable. We right here for you Bro”

Police are nonetheless in search of the 2 males accountable. As for T.I, one has to marvel if he’ll emerge as a pacesetter the revolution, ought to it will definitely transpire. He definitely has the qualities one would possibly search for – charismatic, passionate, and ruthless when want be. Do you’re feeling he is talking details, or just inciting additional violence? Sound f under, and ship your constructive vibes to Jussie Smollett.