Missy Elliot Is Ready To "Get Y’all Asses Dancing Again"

When folks assume hip-hop legends, how ten is Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott’s title thrown into the ring? The Virginia visionary has amassed a good assortment bangers all through her reign, and anyone with tv entry throughout the early millennium can recall an period the place “Work It” and “Gossip Folks” permeated the airwaves. A special time, to make certain, but the appreciation Missy garnered all through has since confirmed timeless. Still, it has been a minute since we have obtained a brand new challenge from Missy, who dropped her final studio album The Cookbook in 2005.

Now, the icon has taken to Twitter to clarify some the motives behind her absence. “For so lengthy I used to be hesitant to place out music in concern no 1 would get it as a result of folks stated music has modified & my sound been so totally different,” says Missy. “But NOW IM LIKE hey, bump it make music that feels good to me. let me Get y’all asses dancing once more.” 

Perhaps her sudden epiphany was spurred by the return contemporaries Lil Wayne and Eminem; in any case, her presence is all the time welcome. One has to surprise if she’ll be linking up with Timbaland, who has been quietly retaining busy behind the scenes. Welcome again, Missy. 

Missy Elliott's "Funky White Sister" Gets Shock Of A Lifetime Performing "Work It"

When Mary Halsey recorded a video herself performing a cover Missy Elliott’s “Work It,” she probably never thought this moment would actually happen. Ellen DeGeneres has a reputation for bringing viral sensations onto her show and connecting them with celebrities. You may remember the “Damn Daniel” kid making an appearance and “Super Bowl Selfie” kid linking up with Justin Timberlake on her show. When Halsey was invited to perform on Ellen, she may have had a hunch that Missy Elliot would join her on stage but from her reaction, she still looked pretty shook.

Last month, Missy reacted to a video her “Funky White Sister” performing her own version “Work It,” complete with sound effects and everything. The intricate performance took place at a park and she wasn’t even provided an elevated stage to walk on. The Ellen Show is definitely a step up and a collaboration with the song’s creator is likely a dream-come-true.

The feel-good moment happened during the chorus the track as Missy came out from side-stage, prompting Halsey to put down the microphone for a moment before continuing with her new friend. Elliott ended up complimenting her “funky white sister” after the performance, claiming that she forgets the lyrics all the time while Halsey has them all down. Of course, she was also gifted a few goodies from the crew, including a bedazzled t-shirt and a jacket reminding everyone her viral identity.

Check out the videos below to watch her performance and her subsequent interview.

Missy Elliott Co-Signs Ox Horn-Toting "Funky White Sister"

In case you missed it, a woman by the name Mary Halsey recently found viral glory while delivering a masterful rendition Missy Elliot’s “Work It.” Packing what looks to be the Horn Of Helm Hammerhand from Lord Of The Rings in one hand and a microphone in the other, Missy’s self-proclaimed “funky white sister” proceeds to throw down a clearly rehearsed rendition  the bawdy, iconic hit. 

As it plays out, it becomes difficult to assess whether one should be cringing or respecting the genuinely faithful rendition. The woman even masterfully slips into backwards-speak with surprising efficacy. And don’t worry, she doesn’t spare some the song’s more x-rated moments, including the iconic pre-date grooming ritual. Rest assured, the park was alive with unspoken energy on that particular afternoon.

With the clip gaining viral traction, it didn’t take long before it met the eyes Missy herself. Taking to Twitter, the legendary Miss E seemed thrilled at the sister she never thought she had, paying homage in a heartfelt message. “I just found out I have a FUNKY WHITE SISTER,” writes Missy, amidst a sea emojis. “Forreal doe! she brought her home girl with her from da hood that keep tip toeing in the background with a plate food.”

Missy proceeds to give credit where credit is due, admitting that homegirl “straight killed “Work It,” sound effects & all.” Have ya’ll seen this one yet? If not, peep the unficial “Work It” remix below. Grab hold your bullhorn and cup “oodles noodles” for added immersion.