Kanye West & Dennis Rodman Bonded At "March For Our Lives" Over Chicago: Report

While Kanye West’s love for Donald Trump pissed f a lot fans, his newfound friendship with Dennis Rodman simply called everyone f guard. Last week, Kanye West shared a photo a signed Chicago Bulls jersey from Dennis Rodman before calling The Worm one his “biggest inspirations.” Many people believed their connection was made from their friendships with Donald Trump but it seems like that’s not the case. West and Rodman reportedly bonded a few months back at March For Our Lives rally in DC.

Dennis Rodman spoke to The Blast recently and revealed that he and Kanye West bonded over their love for the city Chicago during the March For Our Lives rally in DC a few months back. Shortly after linking up and taking a flick together, Rodman said that he wanted to ‘Ye a signed jersey since he was a big fan. 

While Kanye’s appreciative Rodman “breaking barriers with independent thought,” it seems as if the feeling is mutual. Rodman is reportedly a fan Kanye’s “free spirit.” ‘Ye’s blonde hairstyle got Rodman’s co-sign due to The Worm’s own hairstyle in the 90’s.

Despite their mutual love for one another, Kanye West has yet to respond to Dennis Rodman’s request to collaborate on a song about “world peace” and “leaders love.” 

Dennis Rodman Asks Kanye West: "Let's Me And You Do A Track Together"

Dennis Rodman reached out to Kanye West Twitter this morning, in video post where he heaped countless praises on the rap maestro. Both he and Kanye are not for championing disparate views that have come under fire by the liberal media, the difference being Kanye is counted on for civil advocacy, whereas Rodman is ten to mitigate his personal feelings. Together they are “les enfants terribles” the U.S.A.

Apparently Rodman was moved when Kanye West referred to him as one his “greatest inspirations.” in a media session earlier in the work. The Chicago rapper grew up idolizing the local baller, while the ill-fated Bulls were then the talk the town, thanks to Rodman, Pippen and his airness Michael Jordan. but all the star quality on those Chicago Bulls teams, it was always Rodman Kanye gravitated towards as a kid.

Rodman took his compliment with a ton humility, while also sensing the opportunity to perhaps make music with the G.O.O.D. Music label head. The full extent his pitch is right below:

“Love your work, love your style, love your wife, your kids are beautiful. Hey man, I thought about something. Let’s me and you do a track together, man—about world peace, about leaders love, baby. About leaders love. You’re one. I’m one. Let’s get together, baby, and do this right.”