Asia Argento Fired From "X Factor Italy" Amid Statutory Rape Accusations

It is interesting to watch the woman who lit the flame for the #MeToo movement being subjected to the same punishment as the men that were condemned for their sexual behaviors. You know what they say, you either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. Asia Argento was one the first women to expose Harvey Weinstein, but this past month, it was discovered that she had some skeletons in her closet as well.

Argento was accused  paying f former child actor Jimmy Bennett to keep his mouth shut about a sexual encounter between the two. He was 17 at the time the incident. According to reports, Argento got Bennett drunk and proceeded to have intercourse with him after performing oral sex. She denied the allegations, but less that 24 hours later, evidence that she was lying was published online. A post-sex picture her and Bennett was exposed, and TMZ also got their hands on screenshots messages where Argento admits to sleeping with Bennett. She makes it seems like Bennett came onto her, claiming that he stated he had a crush on her for years. Argento also claimed that Bennett had been sending her unsolicited nude pictures for years after their sexual encounter, and that she didn’t realize he was only 17 when she slept with him. 

According to TMZ, Argento has been fired from her job as a judge on X-Factor Italy. The first episodes, that were filmed previously, will still include Argento, but she will not appear on any live episodes once the actual competition begins.

Kelly Rowland Gets Giant Hand Tattoo To Show Love To Demi Lovato

Many members the entertainment and music communities have reached out to support Demi Lovato as she struggles with a recent drug overdose in the last few days. With so many fellow artists and entertainers sending their love, Kelly Rowland appears to have taken her Demi love a step further. Some may only have the means to send their well wishes on social media but the Destiny’s Child singer proved her friendship with the former Disney star by inking one Demi’s most recognizable tattoos on her hand. Recreating the massive lion tatted on the “Heart Attack” artist’s hand, Rowland decided to show love to the star with a temporary version on her own body.

Taking to her Instagram story, Kelly noted that Demi was on her mind, getting the lion piece sketched out and placed on her own hand. A touching display love and support, Rowland and Lovato have been friends since their work together on the X Factor. Remaining close since filming, Kelly clearly has a lot love for Lovato, proving that her heart weighs heavy after a scary hospitalization earlier in the week.

Kelly’s act is the latest in a string celebrities wishing well for the troubled star. Drug addiction is a difficult disease to overcome but Demi has proven to be capable pulling through in the past. We’re praying for her to get well soon.

Kelly Rowland Gets Giant Hand Tattoo To Show Love To Demi Lovato

Fifth Harmony Go On Indefinite Hiatus To Focus On Solo Careers

Fifth Harmony has taken to Twitter to announce that they have disbanded indefinitely. Group members Dinah Jane, Normani Kordei, Ally Brooke and Lauren Jauregui have revealed to their fans and the public alike that their hiatus is a result wanting to pursue “solo endeavors.”

The post was sentimental and retrospective, as they reminisced on their rapid ascent into the upper echelons notoriety and fame within the music industry. “Reflecting on the past six years since we started on X-Factor, we’ve realized just how far we’ve come and we appreciate everything so much, more now than ever. We’ve really had one hell a memorable journey together and can’t begin to express our gratitude to y’all for coming along with us on this wild ride!”

The note continued to reveal how “After six years going hard, non-stop, we also realized that in order to stay authentic to ourselves and to you, we do need to take some time for now to go on a hiatus from Fifth Harmony in order to pursue solo endeavors.”

They took time to recognize their fan base that has supported the group even after Camila Cabello left to establish a career unaccompanied by her former friends and colleagues. “To our Harmonizers, thank you for everything we have been able to build as Fifty Harmony. With your love and encouragement we will continue to build on ourselves, support ne another in everything we do, and keep making you proud, each other proud and ourselves proud.”

Peep the rest the note below: