Young Thug Thrown In Jail After Failing Court-Ordered Drug Test

Young Thug has been put in jail efficient instantly after failing a drug take a look at linked to a 2017 arrest. The Blast initially reported that Young Thug failed the aforementioned drug take a look at at a scheduled arraignment listening to this morning. The lingering costs depend in opposition to a spot-check that occurred in September final yr during which Thugger was discovered holding marijuana, and methamphetamine, in addition to sufficient hydrocodone, to counsel an “intent to distribute.”

He was additionally discovered with codeine (on two counts), a gun, tabs Xanax, and an amphetamine, all in his possession, though it is unclear how these costs determine into the grand scheme issues, at this juncture the case. The bond posted by the choose was implicated in his reserving a yr, on the eve his participation on a North American tour with J. Cole, Jaden Smith, and EarthGang.

When the bust went down, Young Thug was held for 2 days earlier than gaining his clearance on September 13th. Pitchfork has since cleared up the confusion emanating from the disparate timelines circulating within the unique report. Young Thug has complied with the court-ordered course of(es) each step the best way. Neither Young Thug or his reps have but to file an announcement in accordance with this latest setback.

Free Thugger.

Quavo's Possible Lil Peep Sneak Diss On "Big Bro" Causes Fan Outrage

Another week, one other huge launch as Quavo has dropped his first-ever solo album. The Migos member made his solo debut final evening when he dropped Quavo Huncho, a set nineteen songs with Kid Cudi, Cardi B, 21 Savage, Drake, Travis Scott, and plenty of others. Last evening, one the main speaking factors was his “Huncho Dreams” observe, the place he refers to Nicki Minaj by identify, presumably confirming a previous relationship with the star. Now, as followers have extra time to absorb all the pieces being fered on the album, a distinct observe is beginning to elevate eyebrows: “Big Bro.” 

In the observe, Quavo raps, “Think you poppin’ Xanax bars, nevertheless it’s Fentanyl/ Think you are dwelling life like rockstars however you are lifeless now.” The line is being perceived as a Lil Peep diss and contemplating the circumstances his loss of life and the very fact he used to discuss with himself as a rock star, it is smart. Fans the late artist are outraged over the lyric, demanding an evidence from Huncho. Even Peep’s associates are beginning to chime in, calling out the Migos celebrity for the potential sneak diss as Fat Nick and Bexey have each commented on the difficulty.

While this might very properly simply be a common tackle the present state the tradition, it is solely pure that individuals would imagine he is going after Peep. What do you assume?

Lex Luger Is "Back In The Loop" After Grappling With Drug Addiction

At the height his career, Lex Luger’s phone rang non-stop. His early trap sound signalled a gear shift in rap music, helping several well known rappers build a successful template in the process. His name has been noticeably absent from the ledger, for the past five or so years. Lex Luger took a moment to share his account what wrong in an interview with The Fader. Incidentally, he isn’t here to pitch a memoir, quite the opposite. Luger is back on his grizzly, like he never skipped a beat.

Luger told Fader that at his worst, he was swallowing 5 to 6 Xanax tablet a day, this before he sought help from a rehab facility. His drug addiction came at a time where he felt overwhelmed by the demands pression and his fatherly responsibilities 

“It’s like, Alright, cool, I can do all this, but then I’m missing out on my daughter’s first day school. I had a hard time balancing it because I was going hard at the music thing,” Luger confessed. “So I completely let go music and was doing good with the family. Now, I’m 27 and learning how to balance both at the same time.”

Lex Luger also shed a light on his falling out with fellow producer Southside, which he says is on the mend thanks to his sobriety. Luger also listed producers he feels have taken up the mantle he left behind, artists like Pi’erre Bourne, Metro Boomin, Tay Keith, DJ Mustard and Mike WiLL Made-It. Hopefully Lex Luger can return to his former glory, he’s only 27 years old, it’s hard to believe.

Russ Breaks Down The Reason Why He Wore The Infamous Anti-Drug Shirt

Russ is a polarizing figure in the rap game. While many applaud his music and his business practices, he rubs people wrong with some his commentary hip hop and society. Last year, the rapper faced a whole lot backlash after he shared a photo himself wearing a shirt that read, “How much xans and lean do you have to do before you realize you’re a fucking loser.” The rapper had good intentions but the comments came across as insensitive. Nearly a year later, the rapper clarified exactly what he meant when he wore that shirt.

Russ joined the cast “Everyday Struggle” yesterday and spoke more in-depth about the infamous anti-drug shirt that caused an uproar on the internet. The “Sore Losers” rapper explained that the message he wasn’t aimed towards people who use drugs to cope with mental health issues but rather white kids who think it’s cool to indulge in the same drugs they hear in rap lyrics.

“A lot times my message, I be thinkin’ that the ones I’m talkin’ to, they know I’m talking to them so it’s like a misunderstanding,” he said. “Who I was talking to was the white kids who don’t really be having any real problems. They be doing that shit recreationally… I grew up with a lot kids who’d be doing that shit because at the party, you be thinkin’ that’s the cool shit to do and next thing you know, you’re addicted because you heard that shit in a song.”

He added, “That’s who I was talking to. I wasn’t talking to people who have] PTSD.”

Check the clip below with Russ’ bit on the shirt starting at the 27:25 mark.

Marlon Wayans Likens Lil Pump To A Crackhead & Speaks On Tupac Friendship

Tupac is a hot topic in the new generation rappers. Some may deem it clout-chasing while others consider the Pac slander to be straight up disrespectful. Everyone from Lil Xan to 03 Greedo has referenced Pac in some shape or form, but what exactly would the legendary figure think the state today’s rap? While the answer is impossible to unpack in a simple manner, Marlon Wayans fered his take on whether Pac would be interested in the newer wave rappers or not. 

In the series premiere Pigeons & Planes’ new show Delete Your History, the actor and comedian spoke about his close friend Tupac Shakur and the condition rap today. Referencing Lil Pump in particular, Wayans himself isn’t exactly intrigued by the constant Xanax and MDMA references while he said he does partly enjoy “Gucci Gang.” After singing his praises for the catchy chorus, the actor critiques everything that comes after the repetition the words “Gucci Gang.” In response to Pump’s “My lean cost more than your rent” lyric, Wayans says, “The f-ck is wrong with you? That is ficial crackhead-ness.” 

Elaborating on Tupac’s potential opinion on the climate music, Wayans followed up his Lil Pump anecdote by confidently claiming, “That motherf-cker would not like today’s rap. He would not be going for it.” It’s probably safe to assume that Pac would not be into the perpetual obsession with prescription drugs as his lyrical content was as deep as it gets. Watch the video below to see Wayans speak about Jay-Z and his nickname for Tupac.