"Grown-ish" Season 2 Trailer Flips "A Different World" Intro

Since its inception, ABC’s Black-ish collection garnered comparisons to one thing a modern-day Cosby Show and naturally, its spin-f Grown-ish, wherein daughter Zoey (Yara Shahidi) goes f to school has drawn strains comparability to Cosby Show spin-f A Different World wherein daughter Denise (Lisa Bonet) does the identical.

Looks just like the creators are hip to the connections and determined to flip the script and promote the most recent season Grown-ish by utilizing the enduring intro sequence from A Different World in an up to date format for the Season 2 trailer the collection.

It’s all within the particulars from Zoey getting herself collectively in entrance a mirror that her reflection steps out simply as Whitley Gilbert (Jasmine Guy) did within the authentic to Aaron (Trevor Jackson) rocking the identical flip-up glasses popularized by Dwayne Wayne (Kadeem Hardison). The authentic Grown-ish theme track carried out by sister duo and collection stars Chloe x Halle will get an replace as nicely to echo the nostalgic motifs ringing all through.

A Different World initially aired for six seasons on NBC within the late 80s and early 90s and was set on the fictional campus traditionally black faculty Hillman. On Grown-ish, the environment are set to the backdrop the fictional Cal U (to not be confused with the precise Cal U in California, Pennsylvania).

The new season the present will choose again up on January 2nd on the Freeform channel.

"Night School" Expected To Earn Top Spot At Box Office On Opening Weekend

Universals’s “Night School,” starring Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish set to take over the field fice this weekend with an estimated pull $26 million from three,010 North American websites to hit No.1 in its debut weekend. This movie follows the duo as they every star a person going after his GED and an unconventional no-nonsense evening college trainer, respectively. Directed by Malcolm Lee, the movie additionally stars Rob Riggle, Loretta Devine, Taran Killam, Romany Malco, and Keith David.

Currently, the movie has a 30% Rotten Tomatoes rating and an viewers rating 60% whereas receivng an A- CinemaScore after incomes $9 million. The film was initially slated to do $30 million, however presently, numbers point out that it will not fairly make the mark. It’s truly stunning contemplating the quantity press generated by Haddish and Hart over Katt Williams current feedback through which he disputed Tiffany Haddish’s abilities as a comic.

The movie is about to barely graze previous the animated flick “Smallfoot,” which chronicles the story Yetis who discover out that people, or Smallfoots,  are actual. Outfitted with a star-studded voice solid Channing Tatum, Zendaya, James Corden, LeBron James, Gina Rodrguez, Yara Shahidi, Danny DeVito, Jimmy Tatro, and rapper Common. “Smallfoot” introduced in $6 million on Friday and is slated to shut out with $23 million in its opening body. 

WATCH The New ‘SMALLFOOT’ Trailer Starring Zendaya & Channing Tatum

Yeti or not, here they come!


This fall 2018 will be a action packed with dope movie releases and this surely is one! Warner Bros has released the new trailer the upcoming animated adventure-comedy, SMALLFOOT, featuring the voices  ZendayaChanning Tatum, CommonYara ShahidiGina RodriguezJames Cordon and more!


The film which hits theaters on September 28th, follows a Yeti monster, Migo (voice Channing Tatum) who is shocked to discover the unbelievable myth small-feet creature actually are true after accidentally bumping into a human plane crash survivor (voiced by James Cordon).


Checkout the trailer for Zendaya and Channing Tatum’s upcoming film “Smallfoot” above. Follow @eldorado2452 on Twitter and Instagram for all your music and entertainment news.

Wow: Drake’s ‘Nice For What’ Video Inspired A Mural Of One Of The Leading Ladies

People are continuing to be inspired by Drake‘s “Nice For What” release and this time the art world is taking notice.

Painter Richard Wilson caught a look at the music video and one image in particular inspired him to paint a whole wall. The image he saw turned out to be Yara Shahidi and the ironic thing is, Richard didn’t even know who she was before he painted the London mural.


He had to ask folks on the gram about this woman who served as his muse.

“Since then I find out she’s an amazing role model for young women in particular and has a huge following,” he said in an Instagram post. “It’s really cool cos this wall is pretty random, the path it’s on is used by parents taking their kids to school, cyclists, some alcoholics and dog walkers. Definitely not a place i’d have painted Yara if I knew. Excuse my ignorance not knowing who she was, but i learnt a lesson that you don’t always need to go big, it’s been a fixation for me lately tbh to find BIG walls only, but maybe the content is the key, just like everything always.”


Despite Richard not knowing who Yara was, she definitely approved the painting. She reposted it on her page and now it’s been liked by thousands people.


Seems like all is well that ends well.

You can check out the finished painting below, along with Richard’s touching words on the future generation!



These Celebs Could Totally Star In 90’s TV Show Reboots

On Tuesday, it was announced that Tom Hanks is set to take on the role Mr. Rogers in the upcoming biopic about the late education star, entitled “You Are My Friend”.

In the spirit nostalgia, imagine what it would be like if today’s celebs starred in the reboot some our favorite shows from the 90’s? Like, imagine Reading Rainbow coming back with Chadwick Boseman as LeVar Burton.

Reading Rainbow 

Chadwick Boseman


Hit the flip to travel back, to the future.

‘Grown-ish’ Star Deon Cole Talks Yara Shahidi & His Commitment To Being The Blackest He’s Ever Been

If you turn on your TV, you’ll see Deon Cole on any number your favorite shows. Of course, there are Angie Tribeca and Black-ish, but in 2018 the comedian, actor, and comedy writer has doubled his screen time with his new game show Face Value and Black-ish spinf series, Grown-ish.

In a quick chat with Global Grind, Deon talked about filming four shows and a new movie almost simultaneously, the brilliance and black girl magic that is Grown-ish star Yara Shahidi, black folk sprinkling a little flavor on the game show world, and how he’s stayed true to his recent commitment to be blacker after visiting Morehouse College. Needless to say, Deon is working hard and as you’d probably guess, he had us dying laughter by the end our interview. Get into it:

On Face Value, Angie Tribeca, Black-ish, and Grown-ish:

“I was filming all four at the same time—actually, I started filming Angie Tribeca the week right after Grown-ish. Also, there was this movie I was doing with Katt Williams—so I was doing Grown-ish, Black-ish, this movie with Katt Williams, it was crazy.”

“I’m not complaining,” he added with a laugh. “I’m not complaining…because I remember when I didn’t have anything to do.”

On rising star Yara Shahidi getting her own spin-f:

“I’m going to tell you something, man. If you sit down with that young lady, in minutes you’re going to see why she has her own show. Yara is so bright, she is so beyond her time. I mean, unreal sometimes.”

Deon tells us that all the Black-ish kids are special. “Basically with all the kids on the show, they’re just like on another planet. I’m not even lying. So, it was just inevitable that she would have her own show, period. It made sense—timing is everything,” he said, adding that if the timing is right all the Black-ish characters could eventually get their own series.

Speaking on Yara and Grown-ish, he says “She’s a monster, she’s a monster. I’m not even lying—I can’t wait until everybody sees the rest this show.”

On why Grown-ish, a sitcom centered around the black college experience, works so well right now:

“It’s warranted,” Deon tells Global Grind. “We don’t have anything like that on TV right now since, like, A Different World or when The Breakfast Club came out. I just think there was nothing like that on air. Also, now a days, as far as how kids are being raised, it’s like a big melting pot—so just to show that…show how it really is in school is crazy. It matches and mirrors today’s time. ”

On how TV got to a point where black folk are taking over game shows:

“To be honest with you, man, black excellence. It don’t even surprise me. We just got to have the chance—Steve Harvey blew the door f that shit, as far as just putting his flavor on it. There’s a difference between having a game show host and having a personality as a game show host—somebody that you know and respect that’s funny. Steve Harvey brought himself to the game show and how you would feel if you were in Harlem watching it, you know what I mean? Once you put your flavor on it and the people see that, then they’ll gravitate toward it. Family Feud is like the Steve Harvey Family Feud now. It’s great! I think a lot game show people started looking at that.”

As far as how Face Value came about, Deon says Wanda Sykes “came to me with the idea on the set Black-ish.” When she asked what he thought, he shared his feelings that her idea was really funny but should be a full show.  Speaking about the premise Face Value, which hilariously explores stereotypes amongst all races people, he explains that it’s “showing how judgmental people are.”

“Shoutout to everybody who’s been watching!” he adds, after saying that he had some really fun times filming the show with guests and co-star Tiffany Haddish.

On how he has been blacker since realizing he wasn’t black enough during his trip to the AUC:

“I have been the blackest I have ever been,” he said laughing. “I’ve been preaching it. I’ve been getting the word out. I’ve been telling people ‘Stop talking white at work. Talk how you talk and if they fire you, you got a lawsuit. Simple as that.” Everybody else is out being themselves at work, so I don’t understand why black people have to change the way they talk in order to be accepted. So that’s what I’ve been telling people: ‘Be as black as you wanna be. Put watermelon in your work refrigerator. You ain’t gotta use utensils if you don’t use them at home. Do whatever you want to do—and ignorant don’t mean black, I promise you. Be who you are.’ I did good with it. I’ve been preaching it and I’m gonna keep on preaching it too, watch.”

Countdown To ‘Grown-ish’: Sneak Peeks For The Wednesday Premiere

If you’re a fan ABC’s Black-ish, get ready for the much anticipated spin-f Grown-ish airing on Freeform this Wednesday, January 3, at 8/7 c.

The series will follow Zoey, the teenage daughter from Black-ish, as she navigates her first year college. Yara Shahidi, Deon Cole and Trevor Jackson star in the show, with a reoccurring role from the music duo Chloe X Halle.

Could this be the new A Different World? Swipe through to watch sneak peeks from the show and you can check out the opening theme song (sung by Chloe x Halle) below.