Dez Bryant Offered Less Than $5 Million By Cleveland Browns: Report

The Cleveland Browns’ courtship Dez Bryant may have reached a snag. According to NBC’s Mike Florio, Dez Bryant was fered less than $5 million on a one-year bid for his services. Conflicting reports have surfaced regarding the level interest from both parties. This past week, the Cleveland Browns were said to be “very interested” in Dez Bryant after holding preliminary talks. Dez on the other hand was more reticent about his level commitment to the Browns’ organization. Realistically, Dez is a free-agent and he will remain so until he reaches his quota.

Dez has been hard to please in negotiations, his last suitor the Baltimore Ravens were politely declined after posting a multiyear fer. Since then, Dez has said on record the he is seeking a one-year contract, nothing more. After posting successive 1,200 yard seasons, Dez feels inclined to set the bar as he sees fit. The Cleveland Browns likely posted the lowball figure because anything over the going-rate for a “slot receiver” would put them over budget. The team already boasts Jarvis Landry and Josh Gordon at the receiver position, the latter rejoining the team after a short rehabilitation stint. As or right now, Dez Bryant is still weighing his options.