YBN Almighty Jay Reveals His Son: "Don't Wanna Keep You A Secret Anymore"

Hopefully, this does not flip right into a mockery, as a result of it took quite a bit for YBN Almighty Jay to return out and say it. This afternoon revealed a secret he’d been hiding from the World, even his closest associates. Almighty Jay is a father and his stunning son bears his resemblance. There ain’t no mistake within the order. 

Jay made the revelation his YouTube channel in a video titled: “I’VE BEEN HIDING MY SON FROM THE WORLD!!!” The first 9 minutes the Vlog account for the reason he felt he owed the World as a dutiful man if you’ll. By the eighth minute, he removes the dashboard cam, and movies himself getting into his dwelling. Before the climactic unveiling, he will get on the telephone, asking for an replace on his son’s situation – all the standard questions from probably the most uncommon suspect. 

The most touching second happens later within the video, as Jay makes an attempt an grownup dialog with the toddler, solely to comprehend he is not essentially as much as the duty himself. “To hell with that,” he mutters. Later on, he tries to motive with the kid. “Why are you crying?” he requested.. 

No reply.

The boys at YBN have gotten males proper earlier than our eyes, living proof.

Anderson .Paak Cheers On YBN Cordae's Dance Moves: "Fu*okay It Up Lil Mama!"

Just a few months in the past, it was reported that YBN Cordae spent his birthday hitting the studio along with his idol, the legendary Dr. Dre. While the highly effective co-sign led to gentle hypothesis that Cordae’s future lied, to a point, with the Aftermath camp, it will seem that his circle has widened accordingly. Though it would possible all the time be YBN for all times, at the least in his coronary heart, Cordae has clearly been engaged on his networking. Case in level, Cordae lately discovered himself hanging out with Aftermath’s personal Anderson .Paak, who lately dropped f his single “Tint.” 

As is so ten the case, a “Tint” problem popped f, and Cordae naturally felt compelled to strive his hand. Wasting little time, Cordae turned the break room into an impromptu dance ground, and proceeded to chop a rug for .Paak’s amusement. Ever the crew participant, Anderson offered ethical help to the younger rapper, cheering him on just like the hypeman he by no means thought he’d change into. It’s a healthful second budding friendship, and we are able to solely hope a collaboration will come up within the close to future.

Peep the clip beneath, and take a second to understand that Anderson .Paak really known as YBN Cordae “Lil Mama” with a straight face. If that is not friendship, we’re at a loss.

Rap-A-Lot Records Artist Marley G Killed In Nightclub Shooting, YBN Pays Respect

Marley G, a twenty-year-old artist signed to Rap-a-Lot Records has reportedly been shot to demise in a nightclub setting. The particulars the incident are scarce, however followers started pouring out messages sympathy on social media. Marley G, to not be confused with the Marley referenced by Lil Wayne, was a label to YBN Nahmir and YBN Almighty Jay, who have been the primary two distinguished figures to substantiate his premature demise on Instagram.

Over the course the summer time, Marley G’s single “I Got ‘Em” was in rotation in choose areas, his unlocked potential and his affiliation with an iconic report label proving simply as advantageous as his late-season push. Numerous rap followers who have been by no means fully-acquainted have reacted indiscriminately to the information as a byproduct some bigger conspiracy. For the time being, there is a hope his music may be loved for a short while earlier than he may be correctly memorialized.

The names related to the present administration staff at Rap-a-Lot have but to touch upon Marley’s killing. It would seem, the taking pictures remains to be wrapped up in an area police investigation. His demise has additionally been confirmed by an Instagram who claims to be his girlfriend (on the time his passing).

YBN Cordae Talks Working With Dr. Dre: "That's A Mentor Of Mine"

In the wake dropping f YBN: The Mixtape, Nahmir, Almighty Jay, and Cordae sat down for an extensive interview with Billboard. While he may be the recent addition to the crew, YBN Cordae has wasted little time in earning respect from some hip-hop’s prominent veterans. Not only has his work been embraced by J. Cole and 50 Cent, but Dr. Dre has taken a genuine interest in playing mentor for the young lyricist. We’ve already heard reports a “sixteen-hour-studio session” with the Good Doctor, but now, Cordae has opened up about his relationship with the legendary figure.

“I love working with him because it’s like going through basketball drills,” Cordae tells Billboard. “I felt myself getting better by the hour. Dr. Dre’s] working with me on this solo project. That’s a mentor mine. He had all his Grammy plaques and I’ve never seen one in person before which was motivational.” It’s unclear whether or not Cordae’s solo album will surface by 2018’s end, but either way, the more Dre the better. 

The crew also opens up about Mac Miller, with Cordae once again leading the charge. “I was a huge Mac Miller fan,” explains Cordae. “He was straight ill. Even going back to his old mixtapes like The High Life. He’s been in the game since a youngin, that’s how big his stamp is. He grew as an artist and truly evolved every album on some funkadelic shit.”

For more from the YBN boys, including their favorite albums the year, Blac Chyna, and more, be sure to check out the latest feature with Billboard. Read our own conversation with Cordae right here. 

Denzel Curry & YBN Cordae Have A "Slapper" On The Way

A collaboration with YBN Cordae and Denzel Curry could be arriving shortly. Cordae recently took to Twitter to announce that he and Denzel Curry recently got in the studio and apparently have a “slapper” on their hands. “Yo me and @denzelcurry made a fucking SLAPPER last night holy shit,” Cordae wrote on Twitter. “Going up,” Curry replied back. It’s unsure when we could expect the collaboration to drop. Both artists are fresh f the release their respective projects. Denzel Curry’s project, TA13OO arrived in late July. The YBN crew released their collective mixtape, YBN: The Mixtape only a week ago. 

YBN Cordae first made waves earlier this year after he dropped f his response to J. Cole’s “1985.” The track put many people on notice about his skills. Since then, he’s been getting in the lab with some notable figures. In late August, the rapper revealed that he celebrated his birthday by spending sixteen hours in the studio with Dr. Dre. Again, this is another collaboration that has no timeline on when it’ll be released but hopefully soon.

While the YBN crew made their formal introduction with their mixtape, perhaps Cordae’s recent studio sessions are for a forthcoming solo project. At this point, it feels like Cordae can really put his stamp on the game with the release a solid solo project.

50 Cent Wants YBN Cordae To See Him Before Signing Any Deals

Despite his numerous feuds and his trolling ways, it’s hard to deny that 50 Cent hasn’t shown love to the younger generation rappers. When TDE was first making waves in the mainstream, Fif was quick to show love to the Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolboy Q. More recently, 50 Cent showed love to Tekashi 6ix9ine and even co-signed the “GUMMO” rapper’s claim being the “King Of New York.” Now, it looks like 50 Cent wants to provide some guidance for YBN Cordae.

In a since-deleted post, YBN Cordae took to the ‘Gram to share a #TBT photo himself while giving 50 Cent a shout out. “#TBT Always been a young boss n***a @50cent,” he wrote. 

Fif responded to Cordae on Instagram shortly after. The “Power” exec. reposted the photo and told Cordae to see him before doing any sort deals in the future.

“Come see me before you do any deal. @ybncordae on some real shit.🤨get the strap #lecheminduroi,” Fif wrote.

50 Cent is another legend in the game who has shown love to Cordae is recent times. Towards the end August, Cordae revealed that he spent sixteen hours in the studio with Dr. Dre on his birthday, which is probably the best way to spend your birthday if you’re an emerging rapper. 

Last week, the YBN crew released their long-awaited mixtape, YBN: The Mixtape. Now that they’ve released their formal introduction as a collective, maybe we’ll get solo projects from them in the near future. 

YBN Nahmir Shares "YBN: The Mixtape" Album Cover

You might love them, or hate them, or simply lack a fully-formed opinion. In any case, the YBN boys seem eager to make their mark on the game, starting on September 7th. Together, YBN Nahmir, YBN Almighty Jay, and YBN Cordae will form together to drop YBN: The Mixtape. In honour this Friday’s occasion, Nahmir has unveiled the blue-tinted, diamond-encrusted album cover, as seen below; it’s unclear whether the lavish art direction will signify an abundance “VVS diamond” references, but we can only hope they are kept to an acceptable minimum.

Though it’s unlikely such sessions will yield results so soon, one has to wonder if Cordae’s “sixteen hour” studio session with Dr. Dre will make an appearance on this mixtape. It’s been a while since Dre has provided a beat for a young artist, or any artist for that matter, but perhaps his hand will be felt behind the boards. Who knows? In any case, we won’t have to wait much longer to find out.

Ya’ll hyped for YBN: The Mixtape?

YBN Almighty Jay Admits He Has No Clue Who Wu-Tang Clan Is

This year, the generation gap between newer rappers and the OG’s has been as evident as ever. Much it has to do with the fact that lyricism has been “diluted” and mumble rap has spiked in popularity. What actually upsets many traditional rap fans is the lack respect that the younger kids have towards those who paved the way for them. However, it just seems as if some the newer cats just haven’t done there homework or are just into what’s poppin’ now. Case in point: YBN Almighty Jay.

YBN Almighty Jay, YBN Nahmir and YBN Cordae sat down with Peter Rosenberg on Complex’s “Open Late” show. During the segment, Rosenberg asked them which artists they studied. Nahmir cited Eazy-E as one person that he studied, Cordae revealed that he’s a big fan Jedi Mind Tricks, but Jay admitted that he only listens to “generational music.”

“I ain’t gonna lie, I never went that far back. I listen to generational music,” he said. “If it’s in right now, that’s what I listen to. It might be weird and stuff, people be like, ‘You don’t know the history rap and you’re a rapper,’ but like I don’t go back that far to listen to music.” 

Jay then revealed that Lil Wayne is the oldest rapper he listens to. However, the most interesting part the interview is when Rosenberg asked Jay whether he knows who Wu-Tang Clan is.

“No disrespect, I don’t know who they is,” he said. “I don’t know none they songs. I don’t even know what they look like.”

Peep the interview below with the YBN crews interview starting at the 10:42 mark.

YBN Cordae Is Bridging The Generational Rap Gap

As the game is more divided now than it arguably ever has been, the younger generation listeners is far more interested in melody than lyrics. For artists that can combine a conscious approach with a particularly vibey atmosphere, they’re fering the best both worlds. Not very many rappers can say that they’re hitting on both categories, YBN Cordae is one the few that has the ability to (adeptly) delve into both. His ties to YBN Nahmir, YBN Almighty Jay, and the remainder his YBN crew enable him to focus on melody and creating hype music. However, his drive to become the best to have ever picked up a microphone pushes him further into a lyrical sphere.

With only a few releases under his belt in “Kung Fu,” “Fighting Temptations,” “Old N—as,” and a freestyle over Eminem’s “My Name Is,” the 20-year-old Maryland native is just now familiarizing himself with the spotlight. With his head screwed on tight, Cordae feels little pressure as he sets goals for himself that are higher than anybody else’s expectations. 

Truly wanting to be the best in the world, the YBN member is gearing up to release the best project the year. Not going into too much detail about it, his passion makes me believe that he truly means it when he says it’s going to be some “more dope shit.” We spoke with YBN Cordae to gauge where he’s headed and how he’s gotten this far in only a few months. Our interview is below.


HotNewHipHopHey Cordae – what’s up?

YBN Cordae: What’s good bro, how are you?

I’m very good, it’s nice to speak to you. I wanna ask a bit about the YBN crew because y’all are super tight and have very different approaches to music. You’re definitely the most lyrical the bunch. What did you grow up listening to in order to get you to that stage lyrically?

I was listening to was a lot like, Nas, Big L, Rakim, Jay-Z and like Kanye, Kendrick, J. Cole. Guys that nature. From there, I would do my own research based on YouTube. If you find one thing, you can get lost in the “recommended” section. I pretty much did my research through that. But you know, obviously the Travis Scott’s, Kendrick Lamar’s and J. Cole’s had a big influence. T.I. had a big influence on me as well. Plus the cats I’m working with now like 21 Savage and everybody. Just a combination all that.

For a 20-year-old to be making the kind music you do, you can tell you’ve been listening to a lot different sources.

Yeah, for sure.

In terms the YBN crew, I consider you guys to be somewhat a genius crew because every rap fan is bound to like one your sounds. There’s Nahmir who’s catering to the street sound, there’s Jay who’s like the viral internet celebrity, and then there’s you who’s doing the lyrical stuff, catering to another group. Was that a conscious decision that you guys made or was it more organic?
Nah, it just happened that way, dog. We didn’t think about it like, “yo, you do this style, I do this style”, but together, we all perfect. It’s just literally what our individual style is and combined, we like to call ourselves the Golden State] Warriors ’cause all us cater to like a completely different audience. We’re all so dope and so different, it makes us the perfect balance.
The comparison to the Warriors makes sense because you guys are kind like a super team. The three you are on the come-up at the same time and y’all are doing big things. Is there any sort competition between you, Nahmir, Jay, and others in the YBN crew to outperform one another?
Oh yeah, for sure. It’s friendly competition. So like Nahmir will go in the stu and make a hit and it’s gonna wanna make me go to the studio that same day and get to cooking, making my best work. If Nahmir goes super hard it’s gonna wanna make me go hard too. We created a culture work ethic because our friendly competition. And it’s not necessarily like, we won’t be competing with each other on that level but it’s just a creative quality level. One us could go in there and freestyle a song in like 5 minutes and I’ll be like “you know what, I like this song, I’m ’bout to freestyle too.”
Your response to J. Cole’s “1985” was a lot people’s introduction to you earlier this year. Many had possibly heard about you but hadn’t been exposed to a song before that. What pushed you to record “Old N*****]” cause it sounds like it’s straight from the heart?
I was just inspired by what J. Cole had said. It sparked a creative mindset and it sparked a conversation and I always have conversations that cater to that so it was effortless. I wrote that in literally 10 minutes. It was dope.
What are you most excited about being on tour with Juice WRLD, Lil Mosey and guys like that?
Just performing in front fans and seeing them every day. It’s one thing on the internet and it’s another thing for like face-to-face interaction with fans. And they’re all dope artists too so it’s dope.
A lot people are saying that out all the rappers coming up right now, you’re gonna be the one to bridge the generational gap. Does that come with any pressure?
Honestly, it’s no pressure. I always knew I was gonna do that. I set my own goals higher than what anybody else has set for me. 
I also think your head is screwed on correctly. How do you stay grounded like that?
I got a good team around me. I got OG’s, I got a dope management team, I got dope people around me. You know what I’m saying? All that keeps me grounded and keeps my head on straight. I just got my own balance and I’ve been through a lot shit in my life and I lost a lot shit so I don’t wanna lose that again. I just want it so bad. I wanna be the best so bad. I got tunnel vision. I’m not about to let no stupid shit get in the way.
On the topic stupid shit, I wanted to ask about whatever is going on with IDK because, in the past, he’s shouted you out but…
Oh nah, that’s my homie. He’s just ten trolling and shit. That’s my homie. Not even f no trolling shit, it’s just funny. That’s my guy. 
I had a feeling because I saw that comment about the YBN Cordae diss track coming out and I was like “what the hell, I’ve seen these two dudes shout each other out before.” 
Yeah, he’s from Maryland. We both from Maryland so that’s my guy. He commented that and told me about it and I was laughing. Ain’t nobody worried about that. He was just being funny. We be downing on each other all the time.
I have to ask… What was your reaction when you found out about Jay and Blac Chyna?
I was like “Man, what the fuck!?” Like “bruh, get the fuck outta here!” I was like “shut up” and then to like see it everyday and shit. It’s just funny, dog. It’s just mad funny.
Nahmir was on the XXL Freshman List this year and your name keeps coming up next to Juice WRLD for the 2019 list. Obviously, that’s in a year but what would it mean for you to make that XXL Freshman list? 
It would be dope, it would be dope. It’s a goal for sure, it’s a goal for sure.
I feel like you would kill the freestyle and cypher material.
Yeah, I’ma have the best one! I’ma have the best one, by far.
This year, you’ve only dropped a few songs overall. What’s the first Cordae project going to sound like and do you have any plans on when it’s going to come out?
I don’t know when it’s gonna come out but I’m working on it now and it’s beautiful. 
When you get in the studio, what’s your process like? Do you have any weird rituals or habits or anything?
Nah, I just go in there and record. I listen to the beat and I start freestyling and get a hang my flow and after that, I just hit record. 
If you could listen to one album for the rest your life, which would it be?
Either Kanye West’s Graduation or… actually probably Kanye West’s Graduation.
Last week you dropped “Kung Fu.” What can we expect moving forward from you?
More dope music, bro. More dope singles and the best project the year. Dope shit.
I’ll let you chill with your family but thanks for taking a few minutesto talk to me, bro. You’ve got a big future ahead you. God bless.
I appreciate you, bro. God bless you.

Judge Uses Lyrics To Sentence Rapper To 12-Year Sentence For Cocaine Distribution

NaNa, a rapper based in Dallas, has found himself in a legal situation in which his own lyrics are being used against him. The 22-year-old’s rhymes have been wielded in court to justify a hefty sentence. 

U.S. District Judge Barbara matched his lyrics to crimes he was suspected committing. One the songs she referred to told the story a robbery that involved the victim being shot in the face by the narrator. “You’re bragging about shooting a person,” Judge Lynn said in court. “It’s violence times 10 at every phase.” The young man was initially facing a 6-year sentence. Lynn believed his violent lyrics justified a longer stay in prison, even though the tale is most likely fictional given the fact that this is the case with most songs.

This conclusion is somewhat oblique given the fact that NaNa, whose real name is Nykees “NaNa” Campbell, was charged with a drug-related crime. He was sentenced for cocaine distribution after pleading guilty to the charge in February. The crime considered to be non-violent. Still, it played an integral part in the prosecution the young artist. 

NaNa is said to be linked to the YNB Stretch Gang. The crew is allegedly responsible for a considerable about criminal activity in their city Dallas Texas.

YBN Almighty Jay Responds To Blac Chyna: "I Love The Air That You Breathe"

Of all the unlikely couples we’ve witnessed forming in the last six months, YBN Almighty Jay and Blac Chyna have to be at the top everybody’s list. We’ve seen Ariana Grande get engaged to Pete Davidson after a few weeks dating and Justin Bieber popped the question to Hailey Baldwin a few days ago but nothing comes close to Chyna’s bond with YBN Almighty Jay. In the beginning, it seemed as though Jay may have simply been using her for the clout but it appears the two have developed a genuine love for each other. 30-year-old Blac Chyna was most recently linked to boxer Devin Haney but it seems she’s backpedaling to get back with her true love, 18-year-old Jay.

Yesterday, Chyna posted a photo her ex-boyfriend, claiming she was in love in the caption. The post has since been deleted, which is likely telling regarding the status their relationship right now. Almighty Jay took a chance to express his own feelings, repaying the favor and making his own upload. Jay wrote, “I Love The Air That You Breathe” on his picture the entertainer. Much like Chyna’s photo, this one has also been removed from his page. Since both posts have vanished, it likely means that the two are nowhere near rekindling the flame. Oh, how things change in a few hours…

Maybe their Hollywood love story has turned its final page. Maybe they just need time apart to realize how they were meant to be. With so many twists and turns, it’s hard to gauge, at this point.