Kanye West Called "Not Very Bright" By Don Lemon: Watch

Many you may remember Don Lemon from when he interviewed LeBron James and Donald Trump called him dumb. It seems that Lemon took the President’s slight to heart and has weaponized it against another controversial political figure: Kanye West. 

The story ends with Lemon calling Ye “not very bright” on CNN, but it begins with Kanye’s return to the Chi. Kanye was spotted there a few days ago where Fox News accosted him and asked why he was he had come back to his hometown, to which Kanye answered “I came out here with Chance to work on his album, and I’ve just been hanging out with my friends.” By “his friends” Kanye presumably also meant the hosts the  WGCI 107.5 Radio show, where he did an interview and clarified some his opinions about Donald Trump and even apologizing for some the way he handled the situation in the past: 

What Lemon took issue with, though, is Kanye describing how Trump yearns for the approval black people and the good old days when he was name-dropped in rap songs. Kanye again:

The problem with this statement, says Lemon, with classic Kanye phrasing, is that if we look at “what Donald Trump actually does” then it follows that “Donald Trump does not care about black people.” Fair enough.   

Watch Kanye’s interview below and Lemon’s response here.

T.I. Looking To Land Kanye West Production On Next Album

While T.I. has given us numerous hits throughout his tenure as the self-proclaimed “inventor trap music,” he has also settled into a different role: the voice the people. His status as such hit peak relevance during the back-and-forth lyrical discourse with Kanye West, appropriately titled “Kanye West Vs. The People.” For many, Tip played the voice reason during Kanye’s most overtly political stage, in which “Make America Great Again” hats emerged as a quintessential component to his wardrobe. Clearly, T.I. played a valuable role in spring-boarding ideas f Yeezy, and while “Ye Vs. The People” will probably fail to make any real impact, it served as a reminder the pair’s musical chemistry. 

Though he ultimately went on to play the foil on wax, it appears that Tip originally reached out to Yeezy for a different purpose altogether. The man simply wanted beats. He revealed as such during a sit down with DJ Whoo Kid, where he explained his intentions as follows: “I’m working on an album. So, I was tryna get a beat. I’m tryna work. But, between the time I saw him and the time I was scheduled to go out there all that stuff happened. So, when I got out there I was like ‘I kinda gotta talk to you.'”

The conversation in question went on to lead to “Ye Vs The People.” We can only hope that Yeezy finds time to send some fire Tip’s way. 

Joey Bada$$ Reacts To Kanye West's "Lift Yourself" In New Tour Vlog

Joey Bada$$ continues to live the dream. Currently in the midst the Amerikkkana Tour, which has taken him and the Pro Era collective across the United States, Joey Bada$$ has delivered the second installment his behind-the-scenes mini-documentary. While the first chapter revealed that Badmon was indeed cultivating a new album, the second chapter features some as–yet-unreleased music; could it be that we’re getting our first look at the upcoming project? 

At around the 12:43 mark, Joey Bada$$ documents his reaction to the Kanye West’s “Lift Off.” After alluding to Kanye’s Ebro-directed promise “bars,” Joey watches the bizarre instrumental unfold with a perplexed expression. Once the infamous (and perhaps iconic) “poopidy-scoop” line hits, he falls back in a fit unrestrained glee. He proceeds to lure his homies in with a false set expectations. It’s not an entirely unfamiliar scene, given the fact that we’ve all lived through it. 

For what it’s worth, it’s cool to see Joey Bada$$ out there doing his thing. He remains one the more charismatic young rappers in the game, and you’ve gotta respect the dedication he has toward his craft. Hopefully he continues to document his tour as it continues; a little bit extra character development is always welcome.