Aretha Franklin Died With More Than $1 Million In Uncashed Checks

Just when you thought the fight over Aretha Franklin’s assets couldn’t get any stickier.

As Aretha Franklin’s sons c, there’s this.

A court audit has now revealed that The Queen of Soul had about $1 million worth of uncashed checks in her possession when she passed away.

Franklin’s August 2018 passing saddened the music world, and countless artists, public figures, and fans mourned the loss of one of history’s most versatile and capable singers. Behind the scenes, however, the stage was being set for Franklin’s children to become embroiled in a vicious dispute over her estate.

A court battle over who will receive Franklin’s funds and handle the estate’s long-term management is threatening to last for years.

It initially seemed that Aretha Franklin hadn’t written a will at all; her assets would have then been evenly distributed amongst her children.  After her passing, though, three handwritten wills were discovered under a pillow in her Detroit home.

The most recently written of these wills placed control of the estate with her youngest son, Kecalf Cunningham. The problem was that Aretha’s vast estate had previously been managed by Sabrina Owens, Franklin’s niece.  Another son, Theodore White II, with Owens.

The uncashed checks (one of which is worth more than $700,000) appear to have greatly angered Aretha Franklin’s four sons, each of whom has retained a legal team.

These sons released statements through their legal teams that indicated their overall dissatisfaction with the fact that it took so long to determine exactly how much money — and which possessions — Aretha Franklin had at the time of her death.

It’s not uncommon for family members to fight over a deceased loved one’s assets, though this legal battle is noteworthy in that the winner will have control of Aretha’s deals for many years to come.  Song licenses, royalty agreements, and a long list of lucrative opportunities are handled by the manager of an estate.

History suggests that this dispute won’t end in the near future, but here’s to hoping that the Franklin children are able to put their differences aside and make a deal that works for everyone.  The sooner Aretha Franklin’s estate is competently managed by one or more individuals, the better Aretha Franklin’s legacy can be maintained.

Though given the state of affairs, that’s probably wishful thinking.

Busta Rhymes Sends Off Another Son To College

Busta Rhymes‘ son is f to college and the rapper has captured the adorable moment before the send-f. This will be Busta’s second child heading f to acquire his higher education and evidently, the legendary rapper could not be any more proud. The captured moment was shared Busta Rhymes’ ficial Instagram account and so with his 1.9 million followers. In the photo, we can see Busta kissing his son on the forehead in the middle what appears to be a college dorm hall. The son is seen laughing, slightly embarrassed by his father, in the emotional moment. The photo was tied to the following caption: “Another young King mine, f to begin the next chapter. Congrats @originaltrillian. The World is Yours young King. #LincolnUniversity.”

To note, Busta Rhymes has a total five children which includes three sons T’Ziah, T’Khi and Trillian all born between 1993 and 2001. The Hip Hop mogul also has two daughters, each respectively born in 1999 and 1998. Recently, the rapper sent f T’Khi to college and now Trillian is the last and youngest his sons to enter this next, important chapter his life. A big congratulations to both Busta and his son Trillian.

Halle Berry Rings In 53rd Birthday With Sexy Bra Less Share To Instagram

Halle Berry has shockingly turned 53-years-old today and it’s safe to say the actress doesn’t look a day over 45. The Catwoman actress has recently been in the spotlight since her starring role in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum proving that she’s still very much got what it takes to maintain a crazy physique and kick ass in any role that comes her way. 

In light her born day, Halle has hit up Instagram to share an image her looking all kinds fit and opting for no bra. “Leveled up, Circa ‘66,” she captioned the post. 

“Now that my youngest is starting kindergarten, I feel like I can get back into my life, and that’s important. I want to keep challenging myself and proving that I can still follow my passions, take risks, and take on characters who make me feel alive,” Halle recently stated in her latest InStyle open letter.

“But I prove that to myself, not to anyone else. I think that’s what keeps us young. It keeps me connected to my children because I’m alive in the world. One day they’re going to grow up, and I don’t want to be the mom who’s crying because her kids left. I want to be the mom who says, ‘Yes, girl, go fly. Go do you, do your life.'”

Sean McVay’s Fiancée Shows Off Sculpted Bikini Body During Girls Trip

Sean McVay is known as one the best coaches in the entire NFL and he is also one the youngest. In just a short time with the Los Angeles Rams, he has led them to the Super Bowl, although admittedly, it didn’t exactly go how he was hoping it would. Despite this, McVay has a lot things going for him, especially the fact that he’s engaged to model Veronika Khomyn. The extremely gorgeous model has been spotted with McVay on numerous occasions and football fans continuously talk about just how much they wish they could be McVay. Fans will probably be echoing those statements even more now as Khomyn showed f her bikini body during a recent girls trip to Puerto Rico.

Sean McVay's Fiancée Shows Off Sculpted Bikini Body During Girls Trip


Khomyn was in Puerto Rico to celebrate her birthday and she brought all her girlfriends along with her. She eventually took to Instagram where she posted a group photo and thanked all her gal pals for coming out with her. While McVay wasn’t with her on the trip, we’re sure he kept busy by working on his playbook for the upcoming Rams season.

“To have you as my best friends is everything,” Khomyn wrote. “My stomach still hurts from laughing so much this weekend. Thank you for the best birthday trip.”


JAY-Z Makes History with 100 Solo Hot 100 Appearances

Hov is making chart history.

JAY-Z becomes the sixth artist to earn 100 career solo appearances on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, as “Mood 4 Eva,” his collaboration with Beyoncé and Childish Gambino off The Lion King: The Gift, debuts at No. 90.

In the 60-year history of the Hot 100, only five other acts have earned over 100 entries on the chart. The “Glee” cast leads with 207 total appearances, followed by Drake (196), Lil Wayne (163), Elvis Presley (109), and Nicki Minaj (103).

JAY-Z also has five additional entries with Beyoncé as The Carters, but those tracks do not count towards his total solo entries.

Of his 100 solo entries, he’s topped the chart four times, starting with Mariah Carey’s “Heartbreaker” in 1999. It was followed by Beyoncé’s “Crazy In Love” in 2003, Rihanna’s “Umbrella” in 2007, and “Empire State of Mind” with Alicia Keys in 2009. Twenty-one of his 100 entries have reached the top 10.

JAY-Z’s first entry on the Hot 100 was “Ain’t No Ni**a/Dead Presidents” featuring Foxy Brown on April 6, 1996, which peaked at No. 50 two months later.

While JAY-Z earns his 100th Hot 100 hit, his 7-year-old daughter Blue Ivy Carter makes her Hot 100 debut this week. “Brown Skin Girl,” which also features Beyoncé, SAINT JHN, and Wizkid, enters at No. 76, marking her first appearance on the chart.

Blue Ivy previously became the youngest-person ever to appear on a Billboard chart with her 2012 appearance on JAY-Z’s “Glory” featuring B.I.C. The fatherhood track, which was released two days after her birth, debuted at No. 74 on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

Trae Young Has LaMelo Ball Ranked As "Top 3 Pick" In 2020 NBA Draft

The debate over LaMelo Ball’s is a polarizing one at best. His detractors point to the youngest Ball’s level exertion, on and f the ball. LaMelo has also been criticized for his decision-making or lack there. On the brighter side the debate, LaMelo is viewed as a freakish athlete, with incredible length, and plenty room to fill out his chopstick figure.

Couple that with a Steph Curry-like shooting range, a deceptive first-step f the dribble, and a respectable finish around the rim, and you’ve got a bonafide, boom or bust lottery pick in the making.

The latest quote-unquote expert to enter in the debate was Trae Young, the gifted point guard the Atlanta Hawks, himself regarded as a polarizing NBA prospect before he asserted himself down the stretch last season. Like LaMelo in 2020, Trae Young faced a certain degree coming out college, concerning his physical frame and his adaptability at the next level.

When asked to compare LaMelo Ball to his closest competitors in the 2020 draft class, Young had the 17-year old rated amongst the first three picks the upcoming draft. “I’m not a GM, I’m a player, so I don’t know,” Young said. “He’ll be good in the league. If he’s pick No.] 1, 2, 3, regardless he’ll be a good player.” What do you make Trae Young assessment? Is the 2019-2020 stretch time enough for LaMelo Ball to iron out the kinks in his game? Hit us up in the comments.

Eric Garner’s Daughter Petitions To Have Father’s Killer Fired From The NYPD

Just a few days after the disappointing news that the police ficer responsible for the death Eric Garner will not be charged, the victim’s youngest daughter has taken a stand to fight back. Officer Daniel Pantaleo put Eric in a chokehold back in 2014 when he was confronted by police for selling cigarettes on Staten Island. A video clip shows Eric telling police 11 times that he can’t breathe, leading to his death that police ruled a homicide. 

Emerald Garner has now launched a petition demanding that Daniel be fired from the NYPD. “My family and I have stood by for 5 years waiting for a decision from the Department Justice. They asked us to let them “investigate” the murder Eric Garner. What other evidence does one need to convict a murderer who was filmed in broad daylight killing an unarmed man?! My dad screamed “I can’t breathe!” 11 times. #WeDemandJusticeNow,” the petition reads. 

“I don’t want any apologies. I don’t want any condolences. I heard that five years ago. I want justice. We’ve been quiet for too long,” Emerald said in a statement to, Complex. “I want to spread the word as much as possible that I will not stand for injustice, and that I will do everything I can to get justice for my father, and justice for all my family members who have fought for five years to hold the ficer who killed my father accountable.”

Click here to sign the petition

Coco Gauff Reaches Fourth Round Of Wimbledon At Just 15 Years Old

Coco Gauff has been an incredible story in tennis this past week as she became the youngest woman to qualify for Wimbledon. At just 15 years old, Gauff was forced to play her childhood idol, Venus Williams in the first round and she actually won in a tantalizing fashion. In the second round, Gauff got to play against Magdalena Rybarikova where she was able to pull f a second straight win.

Today, Gauff took on Polona Hercog and was on the brink elimination twice. Gauff lost the first set and in the second frame, she was down 5-2 and 5-3 but was able to hit some clutch shots in order to come back and eventually win the set. From there, Gauff worked her magic in the third and final set, pulling f the improbable win.

Gauff’s rise to stardom is an unlikely one considering she is just 15 years old and has very little experience playing on grass courts. Regardless, she has been the biggest story the entire tournament and is waiting to find out who she will play in the Round 16 which is slated to start next week.

The tennis prodigy has had her parents cheering her on every step the way and it’s been quite beautiful to watch. Time will tell whether or not she can up her game and defeat some the ranked players in the tournament.

Tyga Shuts Down Kylie Jenner Question During Interview: Watch

Before Kylie Jenner became a billionaire make-up mogul and before Tyga started to get back into his hitmaking form, the two were romantically involved for years. Tyga has gotten a lot flack for his relationship with the reality star and, considering she was still underage when they first hooked up, the general public has a reason to be wary their bond. Nowadays, T-Raw can be spotted hanging out with Kylie lookalikes on a regular basis while Kylie is cooped up with Travis Scott and their one-year-old daughter Stormi. During a recent appearance on Good Morning Britain, Tyga was asked about his experience dating Kylie and he wasn’t at all pleased that the question got brought up. In fact, he shut it down nearly immediately after it was asked.

Tyga Shuts Down Kylie Jenner Question During Interview: Watch
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty s

California rapper Tyga was a guest on Good Morning Britain this week when one the hosts tried to dive a little deeper into his relationship with Kylie Jenner. At first, the artist came up with a polite response when he was asked “what it was like” dating another celebrity. He shook his head with a big smile on his face before giving a generic answer but when they tried to follow up, he abruptly switched the topic. “Nah. I don’t want to talk too much about it. You know what I’m saying?” said the rapper.

At least Tyga tried to brush f the questions in a respectful manner. Others may have just ended the interview then and there.

Jenelle Evans Regains Custody Of Two Of Her Kids

The last couple months have been an absolute mess for Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans. Arguably the biggest name to have come out the MTV franchise, Evans lost temporary custody her three children after her husband David Eason shot and killed their family dog. Videos have surfaced their living situation, which is quite abusive, so it made sense for the kids to be taken away from Evans and Eason. After weeks traveling back and forth to the courthouse though, they’ve finally picked up a major win because two their kids, two-year-old Ensley and four-year-old Kaiser, will be returned to them.

Jenelle Evans Regains Custody Of Two Of Her Kids
John Lamparski/Getty s

During a hearing in court yesterday, a judge ruled that Jenelle Evans be granted full custody two her kids. Kaiser was previously with his father Nathan Griffith, but as 10 AM this morning he is back with his mom. The youngest Jenelle’s children, nine-month-old Jace, is still with Evans’ mother Barbara. Jenelle has not yet been granted custody him.

This is seriously perfect timing because, with Independence Day being celebrated today, Eason and Evans will have a long weekend to spend with the children. Hopefully, they don’t get caught up in any muddy situations like this again.

Jenelle Evans Regains Custody Of Two Of Her Kids
Jamie McCarthy/Getty s

Jeezy Strikes Telecommunications Deal With New Partnership

Grammy-nominated rapper Jeezy is carving out his place in the telecommunications world by partnering up with entrepreneur Freddie Figgers, the founder Figgers Communications. According to a press release, the pair aim to provide wireless services that will rival their competition by implementing price points that are more attainable.

“There was a point in my life where I wasn’t able to pay the phone bill,” said Jeezy. “Now as a businessman and entrepreneur to be able to partner with Freddie, someone who overcame similar life obstacles, and to give people more access to handheld technology at an affordable price, it’s truly a blessing.”

“As the youngest African-American to own and operate an independent, U.S. based telecommunications company, I built Figgers Communications on the premise that telecommunications access should be attainable for everyone,” said Freddie Figgers. “The Jeezy/Figgers Wireless partnership is a natural evolution two men who experienced some the same challenges during our upbringing but rose above those circumstances to make our mark.

Jeezy Strikes Telecommunications Deal With New Partnership
Leon Bennett/Getty s

The first products to be released under the new partnership are the F3 cellular phone and the F-Buds earpods, both which are currently available for purchase.

LaVar Ball Banned From ESPN After Sexual Molly Qerim Comments

LaVar Ball was on ESPN’s First Take on Monday where he spoke about a bevy issues, including his son Lonzo who was recently traded to the New Orleans Pelicans. He also predicted that his youngest son LaMelo would end up being the first overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft which is certainly an incredibly bold proclamation. Perhaps the most egregious thing LaVar said during his appearance was directed at the show’s moderator, Molly Qerim. When Qerim went to change topics and “switch gears,” Ball said she could “switch gears with him] anytime,” with left her cringing and feeling uncomfortable.

Since then, ESPN has stated that the comments were “inappropriate,” while also showing support for their on-air talent. Today, journalist Richard Deitsch tweeted about a conversation he had with a spokesperson at ESPN who said they have “no plans” to have Ball make another appearance on the network. 

Aretha Franklin's Lawyers Say Kecalf Franklin Doesn't Have the "Ability, Skill, and Knowledge" to Serve as Estate Administrator

Last summer, the world lost a music legend – Aretha Franklin.

The famous soul and gospel singer to complications caused by pancreatic cancer.  She was 76.

In addition to leaving behind an incredible music catalog, she also left behind multiple revenue-generating assets.  Unfortunately, Franklin apparently didn’t leave a will nor a trust behind, potentially causing years of bitter legal fights among her surviving family members.

Now, legal disputes have begun.

So, who will manage Franklin’s assets?

According to a report published several weeks ago, family members discovered three handwritten wills under the cushions in the living room of her suburban home in Detroit.

The most recent one was dated March 2014.  This gave her assets to several family members, including the youngest of her four sons – Kecalf Franklin.  Yet, the report states the writing remains “extremely hard to decipher” and has multiple words scratched out in the four pages.  This will also includes annotations in the margins.

Family members discovered two more wills dated 2010 in a locked cabinet.

David Bennett, an attorney for the late soul singer, told a judge he doesn’t know whether the wills remain legal under Michigan law.

That hasn’t stopped family members from fighting amongst themselves, however.

In a court filing yesterday, attorneys for Franklin’s estate told an Oakland County, Michigan judge that “no basis [exists] to support the assumption” Kecalf Franklin has the “ability, skill, [and] knowledge” to serve as the estate’s personal representative.

Prior to discovering the wills, her four sons, including Kecalf, had agreed to turn over control of Franklin’s estate to Sabrina Owens.  She serves as a university administrator.  However, the discovery of the latest will appears to ‘prove’ Franklin wanted Kecalf as the estate’s administrator.

Kecalf hired a handwriting expert to verify the will in court.  Yet, the judge didn’t allow the expert to enter the courtroom.

Estate attorneys said Kecalf should serve as a co-personal representative along with Owens “in the short term.”  According to Bennett, she has done “a marvelous job” in managing potential business deals involving the late singer’s music, life, and likeness.

She is the only one I believe who’s capable of continuing that.


Featured image by Ryan Arrowsmith (CC by 2.5).

LaVar Ball Proudly Predicts LaMelo Will be First Overall Pick In 2020

LaVar Ball is never one to mince words and now that his son Lonzo has been traded to the New Orleans Pelicans, he is ready to get back into the spotlight and make us collectively roll our eyes with his illusions grandeur. Ball was on ESPN’s First Take today where he sat next to a fed up-looking Stephen A. Smith and talked about a plethora topics, including his youngest son LaMelo who was recently pulled out high school basketball. 

Instead going to the NCAA, LaVar is going to have LaMelo play in China or Australia so that he can make money at a young age. From there, LaMelo will be eligible to be drafted in the year 2020 which means he could be playing NBA games as soon as 16 months from now. LaVar has big plans for LaMelo’s NBA career and says that it will all start with him becoming the first overall pick in the draft.

LaVar Ball Awkwardly Shoots His Shot At ESPN’s Molly Qerim: Video

LaVar Ball made his return to ESPN’s “First Take” today to discuss the Lakers-Pelicans trade that sent his son, Lonzo, to New Orleans as well as the future his youngest son, LaMelo. During the interview, the Ball Father simply couldn’t resist shooting a cringeworthy shot at co-host Molly Qerim.

As seen in the footage embedded below, Qerim, who is married to former NBA star Jalen Rose, made a comment about “switching gears” in the interview when Ball replied, “You can switch gears with me any day.” Qerim’s facial expression tells you everything you need to know about how she felt about that remark.

As far as the rest LaVar’s interview was concerned, he now says he wanted Lonzo to be traded all along and he predicts that LaMelo will be selected first overall in the 2020 NBA Draft. In other words, it was typical LaVar.

“Lonzo] will help Zion’s game because Zion knows what he’s about. Zo gonna give him the ball and make him better than what he is. On the fact he’s young, he likes to run. Lonzo is gonna give him the ball early. He’s gonna be ready to jump, catch lobs. He’s going to have a great time having fun because Lonzo is infectious like that. Being at that young age, they’re going to get along because the core is so young.”

Check out some clips from LaVar’s appearance on First Take below.