Lil Kim "Beyond Upset" Her Album Release Has Been Pushed Back

Instagram – Lil Kim announced her first studio album in 14 years was on its way last month. However, according to a recent Instagram Story, the release date has been pushed back.

The project — titled 9 — was originally expected to arrive on May 17, but Kim says due to label issues, there’s no telling when it will drop.

“EOne has pushed back the date of my album y’all if you have an issue take it up with them,” Kim wrote on her Instagram Story. “This has nothing to do with me. I am beyond upset with this and couldn’t wait to show you all what I’ve been working on.”

Lil Kim "Beyond Upset" Her Album Release Has Been Pushed Back

Kim added she was also frustrated with Spotify.

“Also Spotify is hating on me,” she continued. “I can’t understand why after all of the favors I’ve done for them. Direct all of your energy towards them too.”

Kim’s official studio album, The Naked Truth, hit the shelves in 2005, although she’s continued to drop mixtapes over the last 10 years. Lil Kim Season arrived in 2016. Her most recent single, “Go Awff,” made the rounds in February.

While fans await 9, Kim is whetting their appetites with another new single titled “No Auto Blanco.”

Check it out below.

Arrests Finally Made In Lil Lonnie Murder: Report

It’s been approximately a year since the passing rising rapper Lil Lonnie. XXL previously reported that the 22-year old artist lost his life following a deadly shooting in his home Mississipi. The late artist rose to prominence following the release his mixtape They Know What’s Goin’ On, a critically acclaimed project which went onto becoming LiveMixtapez‘s biggest release that year. Since his passing, a thorough police investigation was launched to catch the perpetrators behind for the slaying. 

According to XXL, the police have finally made some arrests in connection to the late rapper’s murder. The 16 WAPT News report indicated that the Jackson Police Department apprehended two men, Monya Davis, and Antoine Carr before charging them with Lonnie’s murder. Carr was first apprehended last March in Texas and since routed back to Mississippi. Similarly, Davis was also caught in Texas earlier this month and sent back to Mississipi to face his fate. Both individuals were denied bond, based on direct confirmation from Jackson Police Department head James Davis. 

With these two men now under police custody, family and friends Lil Lonnie may find peace in knowing justice could potentially be served in the case the late rapper’s passing. Rest in peace, Lil Lonnie. 

Teairra Mari Hits Back At 50 Cent With "I Ain’t Got It" Album Cover

Yesterday, 50 Centlaughed at the fact that Teairra Mari had another arrest warrant set out against her. The Love & Hip-Hop star has adamantly told 50 Cent that he will never see a dime her money after he won a lawsuit against her. Although she may not want to pay up, the legalities the situation have forced her to give up $30K her own earnings to fund Fiddy’s attorney fees. The feud has gone back and forth for over a year and now, Teairra is starting to use it for her own financial gain, dropping an album titled I Ain’t Got It and showing fans the cover art recently.

With a warrant now out for her arrest, the reality star does not seem pressed to change her behaviour. In fact, she’s still taunting 50 whenever an opportunity presents itself. Yesterday, shortly after it was revealed that she failed to show up in court, Mari shared her album cover for the forthcoming I Ain’t Got It, which is likely going to be filled with diss tracks against 50 Cent. The art shows Curtis Jackson in his car, racing after the singer who is running “Forrest Gump” style. She made sure to let fans know that her album is “coming soon” in the caption.

At this point, it feels like this feud will never reach its endpoint. Unless Teairra actually gets sent to jail, in which case 50 Cent will probably tire himself out quickly with memes.

Roseanne Barr Back At It Again With Weird Homophobic Rant

Former television star Roseanne Barr ruffled feathers on social media again after nearly a year  having her show canceled by ABC. The comedy-series Roseanne was revived with a spin-f The Connor’s last year and quickly canceled following a racist tweet shared by Barr. Despite her minimizing the tweet to a joke poor state, the public along with ABC executives thought it sufficed to get her all the way out here. 

Roseanne Barr Back At It Again With Weird Homophobic Rant

Rachel Luna/Getty s

Since getting dropped from the sitcom, the stand-up comedian took it to social media to wish everyone a Happy Easter last weekend. In true Roseanne fashion, however, the 66-year old star did not leave it at that. In a video shared through her personal Youtube channel, the television personality went on a weird rampage against God and fellow stand-up comedian Owen Benjamin, whom she called a “f*g.” But wait…there’s more. To make matters worse, Barr gifted us with a second video where she highlights her previous use the word while also confirming she uses it privately. To somewhat redeem herself, she categorized herself as being queer but then retracted the statements by emphasizing she did not mean so in a coming-out way.

And it only gets weirder as Roseanne breaks down “I’m queer, I’m alien, I don’t belong here with all these people. They make no sense. They are very queer. And that makes me a queer, I guess. But I did put the Q in it. Bye!” Finally, to follow up on the other odd videos, she posted yet another even stranger one entitled “Malcolm X.” In the latter, she ridicules the previous videos, chimes in on not being racist and speaks on the monopoly surrounding the use fensive words. 

Tyga Reportedly Drops $10M Lawsuit Against Birdman & Cash Money Records

Los Angeles, CA – Tyga put an end to his legal battle with Birdman. T-Raww dismissed all claims against Cash Money Records and Young Money Entertainment after suing them for $10 million, according to documents obtained by The Blast.

Tyga filed a lawsuit last year in which he claimed the labels owed him money following his 2016 exit. The “Taste” creator sued for a breach of contract, alleging unpaid royalties for 2012’s Careless World and 2013’s Hotel California albums.

Cash Money disputed Tyga’s allegations and sought to get the case thrown out by a judge, but a possible settlement was discussed.

After settlement talks broke down, Birdman responded to the suit by asserting Tyga actually owed the label money. The Cash Money boss said T-Raww was paid advances that were never recouped.

The case was officially closed after Tyga dropped all claims against his former labels.

YNW Melly Reportedly Facing Death Penalty In Double Murder Case

Miramar, FL – The State of Florida is reportedly seeking the death penalty for YNW Melly after he allegedly killed two members of his fellow YNW crew last October.

TMZ reports the State is confident it can “prove beyond a reasonable doubt” Melly murdered both men —  YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy — for financial gain.

According to the legal docs, the State called it an especially heinous crime and said Melly committed homicide in a “cold, calculated and premeditated manner.” Officials also believe Melly is a criminal gang member.

Florida is one of 30 states that still allow capital punishment.

Melly was arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder in February. He pleaded not guilty last month.

Following an investigation, police determined Melly and YNW Bortlen staged the scene to look like a drive-by shooting. They then allegedly drove around with the two dead bodies in the Jeep Compass — where police think the shooting occurred — before dropping them off at a local ER.

Netflix Debuts Spike Lee’s Sci-Fi Adventure Trailer For "See You Yesterday"

Anything with Spike Lee’s name attached to it is bound to build anticipation so Netflix’s latest trailer for See You Yesterday produced by Spike and directed by Stefon Bristol has us ready. The movie follows a young girl named C.J. and her best friend Sebastian who are working on a time machine. When C.J.’s brother gets shot by a police run-in their project gets serious as they try to turn back time on the awful events that conspired. 

See You Yesterday is] a sci-fi adventure grounded in familial love, cultural divides and the universal urge to change the wrongs the past,” the ficial description reads. 

“Escapism is great, but too much escapism only leaves our people stagnant. There’s no more growth. What I hope to do is figure out how to take a strong message and somehow make it digestible for everybody, not just for a black audience but everybody,” Stefon told Entertainment Weekly. “This is still a conflict that’s happening. Right now, understandably so, the lens police brutality is going down a little bit in the media because we have so many other problems that we have to deal with. I still have something to say about it. It’s still here.” 

Peep the ficial trialer below and catch it on Netflix as  May 17th. 

YNW Melly Facing Death Penalty In Double Murder Of His Friends

Things have ficially gone from bad to worse for YNW Melly. As reported by TMZ, the Florida-born rapper is facing the death penalty in his double-murder case. The young artist has been charged with the killings his two friends, YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser, and he has since pleaded not guilty with his associate YNW Bortlen. The State Florida is reportedly looking to punish the rapper by taking away his life, seeking the most serious consequences with the death penalty.

YNW Melly Facing Death Penalty In Double Murder Of His Friends

New legal documents reportedly make it clear that the State Florida is looking for the death penalty in Melly’s court case. The papers note that the state believes they can easily prove that Melly killed his two friends for financial gain and that he committed premeditated murder in an especially “heinous, atrocious, or cruel” manner. The State Florida is also reportedly convinced that Melly is a gang member. 

Police have said that YNW Melly and YNW Bortlen organized the shootings their two friends, staging it as a drive-by before driving around with their dead bodies in a car and finally bringing them to the hospital. Cops also say that Bortlen and Melly shot up their own car to make it appear as though they were also targeted.

Do you think the death penalty is too harsh?

Nipsey Hussle Shooting Victim Out Of Jail

Los Angeles, CA – One of the two men who was shot alongside Nipsey Hussle has been released from jail. According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department website, Kerry Lathan was released from a California detention center on Saturday (April 20), 12 days after his initial arrest.

The former Rolling ’60s Crip was struck by a bullet near his spine on March 31, the day of Nip’s murder. He’d been released from prison seven months earlier after serving 25 years for a murder charge.

After receiving treatment at the hospital, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation arrested Lathan on a parole violation for associating with a known gang member.

Lauren Noriega, Lathan’s attorney, said the 56-year-old man was simply an innocent bystander. Contrary to previous reports, Lathan said he wasn’t there to meet Nipsey for clothing.

“He wasn’t there to propose any business to Nipsey,” Noriega told KABC-TV. “He had no idea that Nipsey would be there.”

Lathan explained it was “by chance” he was near the Grammy Award-nominated rapper when the gunman approached them.

In an interview with VladTV, Lathan said, “When I go in there, they didn’t have the white [shirts] that I wanted. I said, ‘When y’all gon’ get that in again?’ He said, ‘Well, there go Nipsey in the lot. Go talk to him.’ And I talked to him.

“He said, ‘That’ll be about a week, bro.’ I said, ‘OK.’ And when I said it, it was all bad.”

Last Thursday (April 18), The Department of Corrections announced it will drop the allegations against Lathan. He still has a bullet in his back from the tragic shooting and has trouble walking due to a chip in his pelvis.

Noriega said Lathan immediately began to cry when he found out he was being released from custody.

“He’s very excited to get back to his family,” Noriega said.

Nipsey’s funeral was held on April 11 at the Los Angeles Staples Center, where thousands of people showed up to pay their respects. In the wake of his murder, the intersection of Crenshaw and Slauson — where the shooting occurred — has been renamed Nipsey Hussle Square.

"Avengers: Endgame" Will Not Be The Last Film Of Marvel’s Phase Three

Avengers Endgame is less than a week away. If you’ve been able to avoid spoilers for this long, we don’t suggest looking for them now. Although, several minutes footage have leaked online, and I hear that they are filled with very heavy spoilers. Thanos demands our silence though, and so have the Russo Brothers, who directed the film. It was long thought that Endgame would be the end phase 3 for Marvel, and that Spiderman: Far From Home would jump-start the next phase. It appears we were wrong. The Infinity Saga, which is comprised every MCU film from Iron-Man to Endgame, will now ficially end with Far From Home. 

As reported by ScreenRant, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige was speaking with a reporter at the Chinese Avengers: Endgame event when he broke the news. “It’s the end the third phase,” he said about Far From Home. “You’re the first one I’ve told that to.” Check out the video below, at the 30-second mark.

As far as phase 4 is concerned, Marvel has yet to make any ficial announcements. We are sure they will come soon after Endgame arrives. Black Widow, Black Panther 2, Doctor Strange 2, The Eternals, Guardians the Galaxy 3, and Shang-Chi are all rumored to be next on the slate releases. 

Terence Crawford Scores 6th Round TKO Over Amir Khan After Accidental Low Blow

The senseless rhetoric over Boxing’s pound-for-pound king doesn’t matter to those doing the fighting. Entering Saturday night’s boxing showcase at Madison Square Garden, Terence Crawford was among the 2-3 names being circulated for the sport’s highest symbolic order, the others being former Olympic gold medalist Vasyl “The Matrix” Lomachenko, and lineal middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. After securing a 6th round TKO his opponent last night, the debate over boxing supremacy isn’t any closer to sorting itself out. Not until they all meet in the middle at a predetermined catchweight.

Terence Crawford Scores 6th Round TKO Over Amir Khan After Accidental Low Blow

Al Bello/Getty s

As for Amir Khan’s plight in the contest, no one can fault him for accepting P4P contender, even though Crawford’s utter dominance will effectively emasculate him in the process – but only to the casual boxing fan who doesn’t understand the guts, it takes to enter the ring (in the first place).

In the end, it was an accidental low blow administered by Terence Crawford that allowed Khan’s trainer Virgil Hunter a moment reprieve – where he plainly asked his fighter if he had it in him to continue. Referee David Fields thereby put a halt to the contest with the 6th round put on a temporary pause.

To his credit, Amir Khan took his bow, when he could have just easily complained about the accidental punch(es) to his loins. “I want to apologize to all the fans. The fight was just getting interesting,” Khan said. “Terence is a great fighter. I’m not taking anything away from him. I now realize why he’s one the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world.” Crawford for his part is looking forward to the challenge he might face in unifying the welterweight straps held by the Shawn Porter, Errol Spence and Keith “One Time” Thurman’s the world. This is an exciting time for boxing in America, do take notice.

Livestream Kanye West’s Coachella Sunday Service Here

Kanye West was rumored to perform at Coachella 2019, but he allegedly turned down the fer when they could not construct a stage to his specifications. Then, Mr. West announced that he was bringing his Sunday Service program to Palm Desert for Coachella Weekend 2. It didn’t really make sense for ‘Ye to perform so close to Empire Polo Grounds (where Coachella takes place), without actually gracing the festival. After hopping on stage with Kid Cudi on Saturday night, Mr. West is now performing his Sunday Service on festival grounds. 

Kanye’s Sunday Service shows have all been invite-only, taking place in the Colorado Desert. This Coachella performance is open to everyone attending the festival though. A choir and a live band will accompany Kanye for the Easter special. Special merchandise is on sale for the event at Coachella, which will undoubtedly be sold for double by resalers. It would be a truly marvelous Easter in general, if not for the horrific bombings that killed hundreds in Sri Lanka. While we enjoy this performance from Kanye, do keep in mind that there are others suffering on Easter Sunday. 

The Sunday Service will be live-streamed on Coachella’s YouTube page, which can be viewed below.

DJ Quik Doesn’t Want Laura Ingraham Fired Until She "Eats Crow" For Nipsey Remarks

As you’ll recall, Laura Ingraham mocked Nipsey Hussle in the moments after his death, after incorrectly sourcing YG‘s part on “FDT” in a defense tirade Donald Trump’s “spotless record in fice.” This is the same Fox News pundit who insisted that LeBron James “shut up and dribble” because she didn’t agree with the way he’d gone about politicizing his free speech.

As a result  the remarks she made against Nipsey Hussle, a whole slew public figures once again called for her head. Justin Bieber called for her termination, as did The Game by speaking on behalf the greater “we” representing his LA constituents/hip-hoppers. Tory Lanez‘ response on the matter elicited pejorative language. To put it bluntly, no one on this side the ledger stands for any Ingraham’s unlearned talking points.

Although DJ Quik is one hundred percent in agreement with the other outspoken members the hip-hop community, he thinks Laure Ingraham should hold onto her job for one particular reason. In speaking with TMZ in his backyard Los Angeles, DJ Quik told the field reporter that Ingraham ought to “eat crow” for a couple weeks instead losing her job with immediate effect. The reason being: the mass media has the memory a fish, so it might be best to let her stew in the consequences a little longer until they become etched into our collective consciousness. Makes sense don’t it?

Quik alluded to another major networking whose actions were quickly swept under the rug after being fired over controversial blackface remarks. “Don’t fire her like they did ole girl from NBC,” Quik said in reference to Megyn Kelly, who famously came away with a $30 million settlement package after Fox News forced her exit without taking the proper legal steps.

"Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order" Trailer Highlights A New Hero

Star Wars and Respawn Entertainment are working together, which is a great thing. Respawn is the company behind Titanfall and Apex Legends, two highly addicting games. Although both those games are first-person shooters, Respawn is switching gears for their next release. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is an action-adventure RPG, and after teasing the project on Twitter, an ficial trailer has been released for the game online. 

The first trailer for the Respawn developed, EA backed game looks promising. The trailer follows a mysterious hero who is living in hiding after the events  Revenge the Sith. After the Clone Troopers murder the majority Jedis in the universe, the protagonist the game reverts to living a normal life. He appears to be succeeding at staying undercover until he uses his control over the force to save a co-worker from certain death. That’s when things get complicated, and the trailer dives into an adventure. Emperor Palpatine, who will be appearing in the upcoming Rise Of Skywalker film, also makes a cameo in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The boss villain is making one powerful comeback in the Star Wars universe. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order launches on November 15th but gamers can pre-order the title here

Jaden Smith Brings Out His Dad At Coachella

Indio, CA – The second weekend of the Coachella Valley Arts & Music Festival is underway. On Friday (April 19), fans of Jaden Smith got more than they bargained for when his famous father, the inimitable Will Smith, stepped on stage to perform with his son.

Smith and his mini-me ran through Jaden’s “ICON” cut to a packed crowd as the sun was starting to set.

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Done Did ‘dat! #coachella

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Jaden’s sister Willow also performed alongside her family members as matriarch Jada Pinkett Smith watched from the crowd. Before the “ICON” performance, The Fresh Prince was next to his wife filming his son and daughter onstage.

But once his feet hit the stage, his energy exploded. Will told the crowd, “This is my first time on the Coachella stage, ain’t no way I’m going off like that. Run it one more time!”

Will did a parody of “ICON” last year.

Revisit that below.