Lil Wayne Stars In Trailer For “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint”: Watch

After his minor run in with police this past weekend, Lil Wayne is back in the news today, but this time he’s starring in a new promo clip for Ubist’s upcoming Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint video game.

The five-minute trailer finds Weezy and some friends throwing on the headsets and showing f the new 4-player co-op gameplay while Weezy’s song “Uproar” plays in the background. At one point, Weezy, who looks to be playing from a mansion on the beach, interrupts the gameplay by answering his phone, and eventually comes back to win the game for them.

“More than anything, the key point all action is to tell a story. And in this spot, we’re telling a story with these characters, not only in the world the game, but we’re telling the story the characters in the world at home,” director David Leitch said about the clip. “You get to see we have fun juxtaposition with the different characters and their voices… but you’ll also see sort a differentiation in their styles from the game and, obviously, their physicality on the couch to their prowess in the game.”

Look for Ghost Recon Breakpoint to hit stores & retailers next month. Check out the trailer (below).

In other news, Lil Wayne is still gearing up for the release his next album, Funueral, which according to him is “all done” and coming later this year. We’ll continue to keep you posted on details with that moving forward.

Kim Kardashian’s Security Team Savagely Tackled Kris Jenner Resulting In Neck Brace

Kris Jenner’s job revolves around her daughters and the numerous marketing deals and the building their empires when it comes to each her children’s endeavors. From season one  Keeping Up With The Kardashians to now, it’s been proven that the devil works hard but Kris Jenner works harder. So when we find out that Kris got tackled by her daughter’s security team, course it’s a cause for concern. 

Kim Kardashian's Security Team Savagely Tackled Kris Jenner Resulting In Neck Brace
Emma McIntyre/Getty s 

In a recent clip from the family’s season 17 their reality show, Kim Kardashian gets a call from her sister Khloe that her mother’s been seriously injured after she entered Kim’s property by the wrong entrance. “Oh my God, Kim, your whole security just tackled Mom … we just called 911. This is so crazy!” Khloe told Kim on the phone while Kris is heard wailing in the background. “They were in the backyard. Mom came down when she shouldn’t have and they just tackled her!”

Kim responded in pure shock and made it clear that she was headed home to clear up the crisis situation. By the look Kris’ recent shares on Instagram, we think it’s safe to say she’s recovered from any injuries sustained. 

Stephen A. Smith Offers New Details On KD & Steve Kerr’s Relationship

There have been a lot rumblings as to why exactly Kevin Durant would leave the Golden State Warriors to join the Brooklyn Nets. During his three years in Golden State, Durant went to three NBA Finals and won two them. Had he been healthy for this year’s Finals, he probably would have won all three his Finals appearances. All this doesn’t matter though as Durant is f to the East coast to play for a team that has never taken home the NBA championship.

In a recent interview, Durant opened up about his time in Golden State and how head coach Steve Kerr didn’t have a sustainable fense. These were peculiar comments at the time and during a recent episode  First Take, Stephen A. Smith fered some extra information on Kerr and Durant’s strained relationship.

“KD’s relationship with Steve Kerr was not good,” Smith explained. “And I’m not saying Steve Kerr did anything, I’m not saying there was some fall out…From what I was told, KD was not feeling Steve Kerr at all.”

So there you have it, for whatever reason, Durant just didn’t like his head coach. A situation such as KD and Kerr’s isn’t unheard although it comes across a little weird when you consider how much KD accomplished with Kerr as his head coach.

What do you think Smith’s report? Let us know in the comments below.

Tory Lanez Says He Doesn’t Condone Snitching After Showing Love To 6ix9ine

There are very few people that miss Tekashi 6ix9ine right now. We could presume his mother probably wants him home, as well as his daughter, but one person who caught a serious amount backlash for even showing the tiniest bit love to 6ix9ine is Tory Lanez. In a recent interview with Complex, Tory stated his position on 6ix9ine taking the stand.

“As a person, bro, and regardless whatever he did, I kinda miss that guy,” he said. “That was my n*gga. He’s a funny guy. As a person, he was a funny guy. Maybe n*ggas won’t say that or won’t say…I really just don’t care. I don’t give a f*ck about how people view me. N*ggas don’t like me already. I don’t care.”

Clearly, he didn’t expect the type backlash he faced for his comments. He shared a statement on Instagram that clarified his stance. He explained that there’s a difference between showing love to someone you made records with and condoning someone’s actions. He also revealed that the interview just so happened to come out on the day that 6ix9ine took the stand, although he filmed it days before that.

“I have real family that did real time becuz this and I don’t play about that at all,” he said. “However, I will say like I said. When he was he was out, he was funny guy and a entertainer and what seemed to be a genuine dude. And that’s the side him I remember.”

Fat Joe Says He Almost Squashed Beef Between 50 Cent & Ja Rule

To promote his new single “Yes” featuring Cardi B and Annuel AA, Fat Joe decided to stop by The Breakfast Club this morning and chop it up with Charlamagne, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee for a lengthy new interview. During the 45 minute chat, Joey Crack talked about his forthcoming album, what Cardi B means to the Bronx, and how he once almost ended the beef between 50 Cent and Ja Rule, among other things.

Around the 36 minute mark, right after he hilariously proclaimed 50 Cent the king beefs, Joey tells the story where he once almost squashed the beef between Fif and Ja Rule. Joey says he was going to have them both come out together on stage, but Ja & Irv wouldn’t go through with it once they found out.

“I almost squashed the beef, I was going to bring them both out to a concert, 50 was going to do it, and then they went bad on me, Irv & Ja went bad on me, saying the beef is till we die.” Joey continued, “them guys they going to be going 80 years old giving speeches about each other somewhere,… nah they going, I don’t want that.”

Check out the full interview (below).

T.I. and Teyana Taylor Team Up in ‘You (Be There)’ Video

A year after the release of his Dime Trap album, T.I. debuts the cinematic video for “You (Be There)” featuring Teyana Taylor.

After directing videos for Monica, Lil Durk, ScHoolboy Q, Teyana “Spike Tee” Taylor steps behind and in front of the camera in the nearly 13-minute clip, which doubles as a visual for her T.I. collaboration “You” and the London Jae-assisted “Be There,” two tracks off Dime Trap.

The rapper and R&B singer play a couple of armed vigilantes who are out to fight evil and save their community from ual predators including a pastor who preys on children. They take matters into their own hands, bursting into the church and shooting the preacher in the head in front of his congregation. They then free a group of women who are being held against their will and gun down a corrupt cop.

In between fighting bad guys, they reflect on their romantic relationship, which goes back to childhood. During their violent encounter with the cop, Teyana gets shot and dies in front of Tip’s eyes. The video ends with a powerful message about ual abuse and child trafficking in Atlanta, which has one of the highest incident rates in America.

Next up, Tip will appear alongside Cardi B and Chance the Rapper on Netflix’s new hip-hop competition series “Rhythm + Flow.” The 10 hour-long episodes will roll out over the course of three weeks starting Oct. 9.

50 Cent Speaks On Nicki Minaj’s Retirement Decision

During a recent interview with Real 92.3 Los Angeles, 50 Cent was asked about his thoughts on Nicki Minaj’s retirement, which he believed was real but not cool.

Fif seemed genuinely sympathetic for Nicki when talking about her hanging it up. He explains that Nicki was going through a cycle that comes for all artists who reach a certain level success. He noted fans will be excited that you made it but that excitement will eventually turn to impatience once the next generation is ready to break out. Fif explained that some people handle another generation by getting defensive while others embrace them and make new fans with the change. 

“All artists that establish themselves and have consistency, they start to feel a resistance at some point,” he said. “And that backlash is coming from the artist community. We want to see you make it…but if you don’t move how am I gonna have my chance to make it?”

50 Cent then goes on to imply that Nicki took the defensive position, especially given the history rap and the way it pits its artists against each other. “Instinctively, anyone would be defensive if you gotta defend your position.”

However, this wasn’t the first time 50 has spoken on Nicki’s retirement. “Both these n***as crazy, but you know you gotta love it SOUTH SIDE,” 50 said in a tweet that featured a pic Nicki and Kenneth Petty. “I don’t want Nicki Minaj to retire just take a break,” he added.

In addition to the Nicki, 50 talks about admiring Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar acting skills, speaking Spanish and more. Watch all that and more in the interview below. (Nicki retirement talks begins 8:22 mark).

Offset Channels Ric Flair During Appearance On WWE SmackDown Live: Watch

The WWE is doing everything they can to boost ratings and gain exposure as they prepare to move SmackDown Live to Friday nights on Fox starting October 4. In an effort to do just that, the company linked up with Offset for a surprise appearance alongside Charlotte Flair during Tuesday’s taping at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

As seen in the footage embedded below, the Atlanta-native donned Ric Flair’s pink robe as he introduced Charlotte prior to her match against Sasha Banks. Offset also hinted at a new Migos album during an interview immediately after his in-ring work.

Check out the highlights:

As noted, SmackDown Live will be making it’s premiere on Fox on October 4th and the company is bringing back a number WWE legends as part a 20th anniversary special. The list superstars scheduled to appear including The Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Lita, Mick Foley, Booker T, Hulk Hogan, Trish Stratus, Goldberg, Jerry “The King” Lawler, Mark Henry, Ric Flair and Sting.

On top that, the WWE has announced that a superstar draft will take place on the October 11th edition SmackDown Live. Click here for more details on that.

Post Malone Helps Ozzy Osbourne Break New Record On Billboard Hot 100

Post Malone is fresh f the release his third studio album, Hollywood’s Bleeding. The project further cemented Post Malone as a bonafide hit-maker. The project launched to number one in its first week on the Billboard 200 but he also managed to get all seventeen songs on the album onto the Billboard Hot 100. Four them landed positions in the top 10 including “Take What You Want” featuring an odd combination collaborators, Travis Scott and Ozzy Osbourne.

The song might be just another top 10 hit for Travis Scott and Post Malone but there’s a larger significance to the feat for Ozzy Osbourne. The song debuted at number 8 and marks Ozzy’s first top 10 song since 1989. The last record he had in the top 10 was his duet with Lita Ford, “Close My Eyes Forever.” It’s been 30 years and three months since the song hit the chart which means Ozzy Osbourne broke the record previously held by Dobie Gray’s  “Drift Away” in 1973 and his feature on the song’s cover by Uncle Kracker in 2003. 

“Take What You Want” might be an odd combination artists on one track but clearly, it works. Not only did Post help Ozzy hit the charts again but apparently, he also deserves credit for getting Ozzy back in the lab and working on a new album.

“I’d never even heard this kid. He wanted me to sing on his song ‘Take What You Want,’ so I did and then one thing led to another,” Ozzy told The Sun. “I started recording a new album with Post Malone’s producer Andrew Watt. It’s only nine tracks but it was a catalyst to get me to where I am today.”

50 Cent Shares Audio Recording Of Randall Emmett & Lala Kent’s Contract Terms

If you haven’t noticed by now, 50 Cent has been tormenting Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent pretty hard over the past few days ever since she went on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen last week and told the host that she had “receipts” from the G-Unit rapper about getting under his skin in their previous feud. 

Of course, Fif wasn’t going to let her get away with this slander, and has been going at Lala on IG ever since, calling her out for her cocaine use & drinking problem. Continuing on Tuesday, Fif took things a step further today and actually decided to share the audio recording revealing the terms between his and Randell & Lala’s contract, which stemmed from the initial $1 million Randall owed 50 Cent earlier this year. And according to the contract, which Lala has since breached, 50 now has every right to go at the reality couple.

He captioned the post, “Here’s the terms I agreed to when Randell gave me my money. I didn’t say anything about him till his little drunk ass girl friend went running her mouth.”

Per the deal, 50’s lawyer says there was a provision added to the repayment contract. The deal said if Emmett or Kent made public statements about 50 Cent, following the deal being executed, then the rapper was permitted to respond publicly, “in any manner and without restrictions,” which he has done.

His lawyer tells him the verbiage read, “in the event that either Emmett or Kent make any public statement whether on social media or otherwise … Jackson may be permitted to respond publicly in any manner and without any restrictions.” 50 then responds to his lawyer, “so if they decided to sue me for defamation … I don’t give a f—k if they sue me, I got all day for this sh-t.” His lawyer then reminds him the comments he has made were his opinion and legally fine.

50 has since deleted the post on IG, but not before the internet got their hands on it and posted it to Youtube first. Check it out (below).

Young M.A No Longer Identifies As A Lesbian: See Her Reason Why

Young M.A has been one the most prominent female rappers in the game for years, consistently levelling up and earning big streaming numbers on her recent singles. She will soon be impacting the world with her debut album, which has her fans excited, and she’s running some press to promote the body work. Herstory In The Making will be out at the end this month and in order to get everyone hyped, she visited Hollywood Unlocked to chat with Jason Lee about her career, noting that she no longer identifies as a lesbian.

Young M.A No Longer Identifies As A Lesbian: See Her Reason Why
Paras Griffin/Getty s

M.A is one the most famous rappers that falls under the extensive LGBTQ+ umbrella. She has publicly dated women, enjoying a romantic union with Tori Brixx last year, but she no longer feels a need to label her sexuality. When Lee asked about her sexual orientation, the recording artist said that she is not a lesbian. “No, I’m Young M.A” she said in response to the question. “We don’t do no labels. I just wouldn’t date a guy. Nah bro, I don’t like that.”

In the same interview, the Brooklynite speaks on her beef with Kodak Black and his comments about Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London. Watch below and, for her comments on her sexuality, peep the 5-minute mark.

Young Thug ‘Just How It Is’

Slime season continues as Young Thug unleashes the video for “Just How It Is” off his chart-topping album So Much Fun.

The clip, which he co-directed with Vincent Lou, opens with the YSL rapper laying in a hospital bed in a pink hoodie. A nurse tends to him and monitors an IV, while his homie plays guitar by his bedside. A shirtless Thugger also lets his hair down and raps alongside a goat and a giant snake.

The Wheezy-produced track appears on So Much Fun, which became his first No. 1 on the Billboard 200.

Thug, who recently underwent surgery, is already hard at work on his next album Punk. “This album Punk that I’m going to put out soon is probably going to be the best album, because it really teaches you, gives you life situations, it’s teaching I’m human. I am you,” he told Rolling Stone. “I am him. It’s very verbal. I think it’ll probably be the best album even though it’s not out.”

But first he will hit the road with Machine Gun Kelly. Their joint tour kicks off Sept. 30 in Toronto and wraps Nov. 18 in L.A.

Watch a Rare Interview With Tupac From 1995

In honor of the 23rd anniversary of Tupac Shakur’s death, MTV News reaches in the vault and unearths a rare interview with the late rap legend.

In the 20-minute clip, which was filmed in 1995, one year before his death, Tupac and MTV News correspondent Tabitha Soren take a stroll down the Venice boardwalk for an in-depth conversation about his past and future.

He starts off by explaining the origins of his name before discussing his move to the West Coast and why he dropped out of performing arts high school.

Tupac also opens up about his mother Afeni Shakur’s cocaine addiction. “I love my mom. She the bomb to me so I love all her mistakes,” he says, while admitting, “It was hard ’cause she was my hero. She is my hero.”

During the interview, Pac tries on sunglasses (“I ain’t my style. They not Gaultier”), gets a tattoo, and signs autographs for fans while reflecting on his childhood. “I was the total opposite of what I am right now. I was quiet, withdrawn, I read a lot, I wrote poetry. I kept a diary,” he says.

He also gets candid about his biological father (“I still don’t know who it is. I have never taken any blood tests”) and how his life would have been different if his dad was around. “I’d have some discipline. I’d have more confidence,” he says. “Money gave me confidence. The screams of the crowd gave me confidence. Before that I was a shell of a man.”

Elsewhere, he admits that he tried selling drugs for two weeks, but stopped because he didn’t know how to do it. He also shares his desire to have kids (“I think I’ll be a very, very good father because I love kids”).

At the end, Pac is asked if he will ever be able to live a normal, happy life. “No, but I’m going for it. I’m trying for it,” he says. “And until then, I have to make the life that I do live as happy as I can and try to do the best with what I have.”

Watch the full interview below.

J. Cole, DaBaby, & Lute Team Up in Dreamville’s ‘Under the Sun’ Video

The Ville is back.

J. Cole hits the streets with DaBaby and Lute in the video for Dreamville’s “Under the Sun.” The clip, directed by Scott Lazer, Aisultan Seitov, David Peters, and Chad Tennies, opens with Cole eating a sandwich in a bodega with DaBaby and Lute. He then gets pulled down the street by two dogs on a leash, while Lute raps on a fire escape and DaBaby reps the Charlotte Hornets outside an NYC housing project.

The track, which also features vocals from Kendrick Lamar, appears on Dreamville’s chart-topping compilation Revenge of the Dreamers III. The album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 in July and was certified gold.

“Under the Sun” follows Dreamville’s video for “Sacrifices” with Cole, Smino, Saba, and EarthGang, whose album Mirrorland dropped earlier this month.

Kevin Hart Sued $60M Over Sex Tape

Kevin Hart is facing some legal trouble while recovering from his highly publicized car accident.

According to TMZ, Montia Sabbag is suing Hart for $60 million for conspiring with a friend, J.T. Jackson, to record their sexual encounter, back in 2017. In her lawsuit, Sabbag claims that Jackson set up a hidden camera in the Cosmopitlian Hotel suite. Four months ago, Jackson was charged with two counts of extortion for allegedly trying to keep Hart’s tape under wraps.

Although Sabbag feels differently, Hart denied having any knowledge of the tape. Following the scandal, Hart issued a public apology directed towards his wife, Eniko Hart, and kids.


View this post on Instagram


Sending so many apologies to my wife & kids. I gotta do better and I will. I’m not perfect and have never claimed to be …I love you all.

A post shared by Kevin Hart (@kevinhart4real) on

“I’m at a place in my life where I feel like I have a target on my back,” Hart began. “And because of that, I should make smart decisions. And recently, I didn’t. You know, I’m not perfect. I’m not going to sit up here and say that I am or claim to be in any way shape or form.”

He continued, “And I made a bad error in judgment and I put myself in a bad environment where only bad things can happen and they did. And in doing that I know that I’m going to hurt the people closest to me, who’ve I talked to and apologized to, that would be my wife and my kids.”

Earlier this month, Hart was involved in a car accident in Malibu with his friend, Jared Black. After undergoing successful back surgery, Hart is expected to make a full recovery. Last week on Thursday (September 12), Eniko stated that her husband will bounce back soon. “He’s amazing,” she said. “He’ll be back on track in no time.”